11 Best Places To Get Free Books By Mail

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Reading is known to transport us to another world altogether. We get detached from our surroundings and become one with delicately woven words to provide us with an experience like no other. Knowledge, positivity, and emotion begin to seep into us, and we are left asking for more.

We all know that eBooks are very prominent on the internet. It can be accessed and downloaded at your convenience. On the other hand, some of you might prefer physical copies. What if somebody told you that you could avail yourself of free books by mail to a person who cherishes reading?

The question arises, where can I get free books by mail?

Would you smile endlessly? We know you will! You can get a hold of these books when they arrive at your abode, absolutely free of cost! Whichever kind of book you want, get ready to enjoy it to the fullest.

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Obtaining Free Books by Mail for Children

Making sure your children are interested in books and tales is undoubtedly essential to developing a teen and adult who loves to read.

Many resources are available that distribute free books to youngsters because reading to children is crucial. Receiving them via mail can be more challenging, and Dolly Parton’s literacy-focused foundation is our favorite place to obtain free books by mail for youngsters.

You can win a free book online

The majority of the selections aren’t contested.

In other words, all you need to do to receive free books sent to your home is sign up, adhere to the guidelines, and you should be set to go.

Yes, there are instances where it does resemble a competition, like when there aren’t many books to review.

However, there are plenty of methods to win a book online if you want to feel like you’ve won.

 Find excellent possibilities for this by searching for any combination of “win books” and “competition.”

Get Free Books On iPhone

A large number of the websites on this list also provide free ebooks.

You can utilize these websites to get free books to your iPhone while keeping in mind that the Books app is free.books on iphone

Without possessing a Kindle or other ebook reader, you can access all the free ebooks provided through the websites on this list because Android phones even come with a free book app.

Download free PDF books

Because EPUB is the most common ebook file format, you’ll typically find free ebooks on the websites on this list in that format.

However, if you plan to read your free ebook on your computer, it may be simpler to use these websites, where you can sometimes download PDF novels for free.free-pdf-website

And indeed, only legal free PDF novels are available on these websites.

It shouldn’t need to be stressed, but resist the urge to download books to save a little money.

Otherwise, you’re just stealing that money from the writers’ pockets.

Anywhere in the globe, You Can acquire free books by mail

Not all of these websites, but the majority of them, are solely accessible to Americans. This list includes several instances where you can obtain free books via mail anywhere in the globe (or at least in a few nations outside the US):

  • Amazon (Swagbucks) (via Swagbucks)
  • Fantasy Library
  • This Free Site
  • NetGalley
  • FreeCycle \sBookCrossing

What’s the catch in receiving free books in the mail to your house?

Nothing at all is a catch!

You may need to give your credit card information in some circumstances, for sure. But you can keep your free book if you terminate your account before you’re charged.

Aside from that, receiving free books in the mail is easy. Follow the directions at each website mentioned above, after which you should check your mailbox.

Places To Get Free Books By Mail

We have here a list of places that will send you free books by mail:


If you are an avid reader, the chances are that you already know of this site. Goodreads gives you several recommendations depending on your history of reading. Signing up for GoodReads is free of cost to get free books by mail.


Through the “Giveaways” section of the site, you can avail the books given away by many authors in exchange for your reviews of their work. It is important to note that there are more requests than the number of copies available on GoodReads. Patience and persistence are key to getting a free book on this site. The more giveaways you join, the better your chances of obtaining a book.

Visit: GoodReads

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Free Paperbacks India

A rapidly blossoming platform, Free Paperbacks India is your one-stop destination to avail of all the free books you want. They provide free eBooks and physical copies. The rules of Free Paperbacks India are very simple. You can browse through your preferred section of books. Under each book, there will be a mention of the number of free copies claimed and the number of free copies available for free books by mail for adults.

free paperback site
Free paperback site

If free copies are available, you can obtain one and order free books by mail. You will have to write the name of your chosen book and send an SMS or Whatsapp message to the following mobile number – +91 6204592732.

The volunteers of the site will confirm your message. You can purchase the book from the provided Amazon link. You will then have to send the screenshot of your purchase to the number mentioned above. The amount will finally be returned to you through any preferred mode of payment.

Visit: Free Paperbacks India

The Free Site

The Free Site is another place that sends many freebies by mail. It also provides free eBooks and physical copies.

free site
Free site

You have to create an account on the site to proceed. It is necessary to note that The Free Site does not have many options for free books. However, it directs you to digital libraries, book exchanges, and book programs where you can avail many more free books by mail no shipping.

Visit: The Free Site


An interesting community for exchanging used books, BookMooch is a great platform for obtaining free books by mail. It operates all around the world. You will receive a point every time you give someone a book. Once you receive a book on BookMooch, it is your choice to keep it forever or put it up on the site for another exchange. You aren’t required to pay any amount to use the site.


To keep receiving books, you must ensure to give away at least one book for every two books that you obtain. A fascinating aspect of this site is that you can give away your points to the charities associated with BookMooch so that people from the underprivileged sections can get a free book.

Visit: BookMooch

Standard EBooks

The standard ebook is a platform that produces new editions of public domain eBooks that are free of cost to readers.

standard ebooks
Standard ebooks

It formats and typesets the content of eBooks from across many sites and book projects in a professional manner to be accessed on all kinds of reading devices. Apart from reading these eBooks, you can even report errors and contribute to the formatting process of Standard Ebooks.

Visit: Standard EBooks

Enchanted Book Promotions

Enchanted Book Promotions provides promotion services for authors and book publishers. They do this by spreading the word about books through reviews that the common folk can reach.

Enchanted book promotions
Enchanted book promotions

By becoming a user, you can post book reviews on various blogs, Amazon, and GoodReads. Once you do that, you will receive free books. Enchanted Book Promotions regularly update their list of books so that their users can see the books that are available for review.

Visit: Enchanted Book Promotions

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Imagination Library By Dolly Parton

A successful free book platform in the US, UK, Republic of Ireland, Canada, and Australia, Imagination Library is perfect for kids’ books. Several libraries, preschool programs, and service organizations helped with this program started by Dolly Parton.

imagination library
Imagination library

To avail of a free book for your kid, all you have to do is sign up on the site. You will then be eligible to receive one free book every month. However, Imagination Library is presently available only to particular communities in certain regions. Ensure that you check the eligibility of your region and then proceed to register.

Visit: Imagination Library


One would not even need to elaborate; so popular is the app among children and young adults. This app allows users to sign up with their emails and enjoy the wide array of fiction, non-fiction, and otherwise genres for zero cost.


With app-introduced awards for the best books and a hundred uploads almost daily, one can find anything from the freshly arrived basket to published novellas.

Visit: Wattpad


Dripread, as the name suggests, satisfies the reader’s thirst by integrating the book with the user’s email for a smooth and pleasant experience.

dripread free books by mail
Visit Dripread

It allows you to upload your EPUBs on their server and choose one from, although not huge, but great. Many classics filled the library.

Visit: Dripread

Ebooks Habit

As the tagline says, the site does feed your book addiction.

ebooks habit free books by mail
ebooks habit

It sifts through the various free books offered by Amazon and adds the best ones to its arsenal, posting it to all those who register on their respective emails with the additional deals of bargained prices for some others.

Visit: Ebooks Habit

Library Genesis

Library Genesis is the savior for students who wish to read a vast collection of books, journals, articles, and more for their academic purposes and pleasure. It has millions of books available right at your fingertips. Famous as Lib Gen, those who subscribe to its mailbox can easily enjoy their services as they are sent to the reader’s email. A great way to get free books by mail, especially for college.

Visit: Library Genesis

Book Yards

Book Yards is a free online library made for readers by readers where thousands of e-books are available. Its goal is to be ‘The Library to the World’, where all necessary information is available for those who want it.

bookyards free books by mail

As wisely said, information is wealth. They are doing what they do best and are trying everything they can. With a single click, you can start reading their books sent to your email by providing them in a format – PDF that will be both easy to use, useful, and interesting.

Visit: BookYards

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The contents sent in the mail about freebooks we signed up are they appropriate and proper?

Yes, absolutely as the contents about the book signed up for is 100% accurate without no error and failure.

Are these free sites stated legal and virus free?

Yes they are legal and virus free as they don’t contain any malware in it.

Can these books be accessed from any device?

eBooks from various websites are designed to be viewed on a variety of reading devices. You may report mistakes and help with Standard Ebooks' formatting in addition to just reading these eBooks.


Besides the above-given options, one may also choose to subscribe to sites and read curated pieces on apps like Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. Email subscriptions allow bookworms to fulfill their cravings by supplying them a customized mail filled with poetry, chapters from novels, and personal blogs. These were the ways to get free books by mail.

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