13 Best Summer Jobs For Teenagers In 2024

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Summer jobs are an excellent way for teens to gain work experience, learn valuable skills, and earn money during their break from school. The highest-paying summer jobs are as follows:

  • Transcriptionist
  • Freelance or Content Writer
  • Proofreader
  • Social Media Editor
  • Camp Counsellor
  • Caddie
  • Surf Coach
  • Lawn care
  • Lifeguard
  • Valets
  • Survey taker (Online)
  • Receptionist

summer jobs for teenagers

Teenagers should target jobs paying higher hourly rates that match their interests and capabilities—looking for a summer job that suits their financial needs? Read on and find the best summer job for you as a teenager!

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Top 13 Best Summer Jobs for Teens

Here are the best summer jobs for teenagers:

Writing Gigs

These are jobs for writing gigs:


Watching a movie or listening to an audio clip and writing down what each speaker says is known as transcription. Working as a summertime transcriptionist suits quick typists with exceptional listening abilities.


It is a reliable method to make an hourly wage of, on average, $29.71.

Freelance or Content Writer

Businesses frequently use freelancers to write blog posts, articles, and other sorts of content. Teens with a flair for creating appealing content and extraordinary proofreading abilities can turn this need into profitable summer employment.

content writer

The typical hourly income for independent content creators is $26.45.


Proofreading is a fantastic choice for kids who prefer reading over writing. Books, essays, and other written materials are edited for mistakes by proofreaders. Excellent attention to detail and a firm grasp of English language and spelling norms are prerequisites for this summer employment.


The typical hourly salary for proofreaders is $22.12.

Social Media Editor

Teenagers should think about working as social media editors for some local small enterprises. For instance, a downtown shop or a well-known local restaurant will profit from a digital marketing plan. The younger generations are well-versed in popular digital platforms and the appropriate material for each.

social media editor

They can take advantage of this chance to take their initial steps into the working world before starting college in the autumn. The typical hourly salary for social media editors is $14.97.

Outside Jobs

These are outside jobs:

Camp Counsellor

In summer camps, counselors must watch after kids and keep them actively involved in indoor and outdoor activities. Teen counselors must easily organize group activities, handle behavioral problems, and work with other staff members.

camp counsellor

A camp counselor’s hourly compensation is typical $14.27.


Enjoy spending the day playing golf? Working as a caddy is a fantastic option to make money while spending time on the golf course in the summer. Golfers receive assistance from caddies who collect balls, carry clubs and do other tasks.


They get paid an average of $14.27 per hour.

Surf Coach 

During the summer, a skilled surfer might supplement their income by working as surf coaches. A surf instructor should be comfortable teaching fundamental safety precautions, closely supervising pupils, and having extraordinary surfing abilities.

surf instructor

They get paid an average of $18.74 per hour.

Lawn care

Landscaping businesses frequently hire teenagers to assist with weeding, pruning, and other jobs. Any youngster interested in this employment should be comfortable dealing with plants, trees, other landscape components, and landscaping tools.

lawn care


The average salary for lawn care positions is $16.94.


Lifeguards must keep an eye on swimmers and execute rescues in public pools and private beaches when necessary. Strong swimming abilities, a high degree of physical condition, and the capacity to maintain composure under pressure are requirements for lifeguarding.


It pays an average of $13.14 per hour for this position.

Retail Jobs

Gain organization and financial skills by working in retail. Stores must be kept as spotless as possible, and clothing must be appropriately folded to seem excellent. Sales associates are in charge of maintaining cleanliness and handling money at the cash register, which might assist them with planning and budgeting when they are on their own.

retail job

It pays an average of $15.28 per hour for this position.


First-year College students might think about working as valets this summer. Valets frequently have positions in the service and hospitality sectors. However, it is a fantastic position to pick up some short-term experience. Customer service skills are helpful expertise in virtually every profession and are frequently required in positions in the hospitality sector. Students will benefit from having interpersonal skills and consumer interaction knowledge in their future employment.


One hospitality job that gives young people significant networking possibilities is valet, which involves interacting with influential clients from many businesses. It pays an average of $13.13 per hour for this position.

Highest Paid Jobs

Here are a few of highest paid jobs:

Survey taker (Online)

Businesses use surveys to learn how customers feel about their goods or brands. Online surveys are a low-stress option for teens to get money if they have a computer and some free time.

survey sites

Online survey takers make, on average, $16.78 per hour.


One of the highest-paying summer occupations is working as a receptionist for teenagers who would rather keep out of the sun. Receptionists answer telephones, welcome guests, sign for parcels, and carry out other administrative tasks. They make an hourly wage of $14.40 on average.


Thus, these were the best summer jobs for teenagers.


At age 14, will Target hire me?

For roles at Target retail locations and distribution centers paying hourly wages: To apply for a job at a Target store, you must be at least 16 years old. To apply for a job at the Target Distribution Centre, you must be at least 18 years old.

A 12-year-old wonders how to get the money during the summer

If your children struggle with their responsibilities, there are several ways to make chores enjoyable. Growing plants in the summer. Your grandparents' and parents' tech support. Selling unused items

Can 15-year-olds hold jobs?

During the holidays, 15 to 16-year-olds are only permitted to work up to 8 hours per day and 35 hours per week.

Which the first job is ideal?

Many young individuals begin their careers with part-time, unpaid work such as babysitting, pet-sitting, mowing lawns, or shoveling snow. Checking with your friends, family, and neighbors is the most remarkable approach to finding a job of this nature. Additionally, you can promote your services in regional social media networks and organizations.


Before starting college or a full-time job, working during the summer is a terrific method to get experience. Teens can find summer employment that suits their skills and interests. The finest summer jobs for adolescents often demand inventiveness and the capacity to work well with others. Speak with school counselors, professors, instructors, or anybody else who can give you a leg up. Find employment that will teach you the fundamentals of the industry you want to pursue. 

Therefore, get an experience at the start of your career with these best summer jobs for teenagers.

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