50 Ways to Get Paid to Write Reviews

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Reviews are essential for any service-based company. Nowadays, writing reviews on various websites is also an excellent stress-free job one can opt for. This article accumulates 50 ways to get paid to write reviews.

You can get paid to write reviews for websites and apps like:

  • Slice the Pie
  • ReviewStream
  • User Testing
  • Swagbucks
  • Inbox Dollars
  • My Survey
  • Online Book Club
  • Get Reviewed

Reviews are essential for a company’s good ranking. Now, you can help them achieve their goals and earn extra money. This article will guide you by detailing the 50 ways to get paid to write reviews.

How to Get Paid to Write Reviews Online?

1. Slice The Pie.

Slice The Pie is one of the most important parts of paid review companies. Being one of the original ones who started the initiative, Slice The Pie originally aimed for the profit of those who listened to music.

The community of listening to music people got their payment after listening to particular music and providing a rating.

But today, you can write reviews from clothing to the latest trends in music, all covered. Your honest reviews help new singers and businesses overcome the barrier of underconfidence by providing better platforms.

Payments are made on PayPal, and with a minimum wage of $10, Slice The Pie’s simplicity has made it #1 on our list.

2. ReviewStream.

Want to get paid to write reviews daily, then ReviewStream is for you. The best thing about this platform is allowing users to report on everything.

review stream

The sky’s the limit here. Here, the number of upvotes on your reviews determines the amount you will get in your pocket. Bonuses and payments are separately distributed among users through PayPal.

3. User Testing.

Through this platform, it is much easier for those interested in tech. You have to sign up to visit a website or an app website or an app and complete a provided set of instructions.

Write reviews about your experience and get paid—people on $60 per task and $10 for a 20-minute video and 20-minute video made by you.

4. SoftwareJudge.

SoftwareJudge is another tech-savvy website where you can get paid daily by reviewing listed software. You can get $50 per review. The base price starts from $1 per review and increases hurriedly.

5. Swagbucks.

With so many great reviews of Swagbucks, it needs to be here. It pays users to write online by rewarding them with tons of points.

These redeemable points are earned by work you do regularly. Providing feedback on the items you choose can make your gift cards from Amazon and Walmart.


A rewarding website like Swagbucks offers Swag Bucks points(SB) for completing video reviews, playing games, and online shopping. You can opt for money transfers through PayPal or cheque mode.

6. Story Cartel.

Story Cartel is the platform for all the book lovers out there. You must sign up, provide feedback or reviews about your desired book, and voilà! Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon are some of their top platforms for review systems.

7. Net Galley.

Net Galley is another excellent platform for book lovers who want to get paid to review online products. But here, the books aren’t published in the real world.

Authors publish their writings to get an overview of the audience. They exchange their copies for your valuable feedback. After the complete read, you can recommend some significant points or remove any errors.

8. Inbox Dollars.

With a 4-star rating given by ‘Trustpilot,’ Inbox Dollars provides rewards and money for reviews on online shopping. Their main aim is to motivate mid-level business ideas and make them bloom.

inbox dollars

9. Vindale Research.

Vindale Research is famous for its service reviewing schemes. Users can sign up for free on their website and get $1 instantly in their accounts.

Opening emails and watching videos can get your PayPal account heavy. You can opt for a cheque payment mode also.

10. My Survey.

My Survey has been the top recommendation from many people. Thanks to their feasible conditions and partners like Amazon, CVS, and Applebee, My Survey has been on top since its launch.

You can write reviews on new products from manufacturers, help them remove flaws, and get paid.

11. FameBit.

FameBit is a platform that offers people opportunities over Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. The website sponsors these platforms, which you can sign up for. You can send proposals on social media and create modifications.


Endorsement List will make you money online when frequently shared with your followers.

12. Qmee.

Like Swagbucks, Qmee also allows users to get paid to write online by rewarding them with tons of points. Providing feedback on the searches you made, you get gift cards that you can directly redeem over a certain period.

Qmee lets you earn money over a PayPal account on surveys of shopping items and market searches.

13. Crowdtap.

On Crowdtap, users contact brands, arrange collaborations, and complete missions. Missions range from polls, photo reviews, or online writing missions.

14. Influencer Central.

On Influencer Central, you can review any product that intrigues your area of expertise. You take surveys, share your thoughts, and get paid through PayPal.

15. Online Book Club.

Online Book Club offers free books on completion of their exercises. They provide reasonable amounts of work if you do it regularly.


16. Moms Meet.

If you want to share reviews on organic and natural products, then Moms Meet is your stoppage. Home deliverable items will be the main aim for you.

There are four significant programs on the website: the Group program, the Blogger program, the Express program, and the Influencer program. You can choose one of them, sample the products, provide feedback, and receive payment.

17. MyPoints.

Ranging their various working areas, MyPoints help you attain your daily needs by offering simple tasks. You get paid to write reviews of shopping products, services, and online games.

You’ll receive payments over PayPal and Gift cards for 70+ restaurant and retail brands available; MyPoints pay you up-front.

18. Socialix.

As the name suggests, Socialix works over all social platforms. To work as an influencer, users must have a minimum of 5K followers on their social accounts. But the best part is that you work with the latest talents and working names.

19. PinchMe.

PinchMe is one of the best service providers on online platforms. Sign up for an account, create your profile, and start researching.

When you enter your areas of interest, the company will ship a box of sample products you may like for FREE. You provide reviews of the products and make money at no cost.

20. LibraryThing.

LibraryThing is one such platform where you can read books and write reviews without any count per day. Any number of books can be received and reviewed online. You get paid directly in your PayPal account at minimum hassle.

21. Smiley 360.

Want to work with influential consumers and get paid by reviewing online; then Smiley 360 is for you. Founded in 2009, the company recently included the Smiley Missions.

Users can add as many missions as they want and start reviewing. The amount of money you make is proportional to the time you keep yourself online.

22. Tryazon.

Tryazon is a nitrifying platform as the company allows you to sample and review products on an individual order. You can host a party if you want to. After signing up, browse through the contents of the website for the latest party events.

After selecting from brands for you, The company will send you TryaBox. It is a party product sample. This is the easiest way to get paid by reviewing products.

23. InstaGC.

For InstaGC, you don’t need to be a blogger, a YouTuber, or have any amount of followers there. You sign up and watch videos and provide feedback under particular deadlines.

reviews for money

24. Panel Pay Day.

Panel Pay Day is one of the highest-paying platforms on the internet. People earn from $25 to $75 per Survey here. Provide feedback to new websites and get paid to write reviews.

25. Any Subject Book.

Any Subject Book offers its users a free copy of the book and reviews them. Post your response over Amazon and Goodreads and get paid through PayPal for every review you give.

26. BlogExpose.

If you are a blogger, you want to make some cash with it. And this is the answer for you. BlogExpose lets you make deals with companies who wish to advertise their products.

You must sign up and search for the best brands that suit you. You send them proposals and share your writing experience and knowledge — a good business idea to pursue all bloggers.

27. Get Reviewed.

Get Reviewed. Pays users for writing content online. You can register and get paid for any blog content, from travel to motivation.

You can collaborate with brands and write reviews about their product. Not only will the company pay you, but the number of views also makes some bucks.

28. SeedingUp.

SeedingUp is a top-ranked platform for creativity. Mainly used by Youtuber and Instagram Influencers, SeedingUp will pay for your content on social media.

29. QuickRewards.net.

Completing offers and surveys, playing games, and reviewing products from different companies, QuickRewards pay you maximum yet straightforward.

The best thing about QuickRewards is that you can encash your earnings from PayPal, starting from a penny.

30. SectionFromBlog.

LinkFromBlog pays people to write product reviews. You can share opinions with advertisers after the usage of their products. This is a blessing for those who want to take a hand in blogging.

31. SponsoredTweets.

SponsoredTweets is a derived Company of PayPerPost. The website pays users for tweeting reviews of products from new and old manufacturers.

32. PayPerPost.

The parent company of SponsoredTweets, PayPerPost, lets you drive with imagination. They give you brand content writing missions in exchange for money. This money can either be hard cash through PayPal or significant gift cards.

33. EarningStation.

A simple and delicate website for making little money to a large lump sum in minimum time.

34. BookLook Bloggers.

BookLook Bloggers is a mixture of blogging and book reviewing. People who sign up get free copies of the books they want to write about.

They read it and write reviews and recommendations on their blog. But there’s a catch. Your thoughts have to be around the 200-word limit. If the crowd loves your studies, there will be a flow of cash that awaits you.

35. Blogvertise.

Blogvertise is an ad-based website. You can make by there simple tasks:
1. Write paid blog content.
2. Make money with pay-per-click advertisements.
3. Presence of Pay per sale links over your website or blog.

36. Opinion Outpost.

At Opinion Outpost, people get paid from online surveys in exchange for significant amounts. You can enter a contest or a draw to get $10,000 in your pocket.

37. OXO Blogger Outreach.

OXO Blogger Outreach coordinates people in the blogging and advertising field. The company’s ‘Blogger Outreach Program’ lets you make money.

You will receive free OXO products if a brand chooses your blog/ website. You write reviews for the products and then get paid regularly.

38. Best Buy Influencer Network.

Best Buy Influencer Network is another website working on the same models as OXO Blogger Outreach.

You earn Best Buy Gift Cards or money through PayPal after completing the target. People also get major products from companies if they like your work. How cool is that?

39. Cooperatize.

With Cooperatize, people engage in social media influencer programs. You can sign up and apply for the influencer program.

After Providing proposals, Brands will reach you consequently. From $150 to $800 per project sounds great. Having many social platform followers would be best to maximize your returns.

40. QuickThoughts.

QuickThoughts provides simple tasks, day-to-day life activities, and missions. You will earn daily rewards from $10 to $100 per Survey. Through PayPal, you can encash your amounts per $10 increase in your account.

41. BrandBacker.

Driven by more than 30,000 Influencers, BrandBacker is based on a social platform. The platform refreshes new opportunities in your account every day. You take up surveys and missions and submit your projects. Earn rewards. As simple as that.


42. Readers’ Favorite.

Readers’ Favorite pays you for writing content. You must have excellent skills and knowledge about writing good content. Per a review of the book can land $100 in your PayPal account.

43. SquishyCash.

The best thing about SquishyCash is that they pay out fast and soon. Gift cards and payments are made on 2nd day of survey completion.

44. Pinecone Research.

Pinecone Research pays you for searching online. You attend surveys, complete them, and get rewarded.

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45. NewPages.

NewPages compensates your reviews with free books. You send in a sample of your work. And soon enough, they will contact you.

46. Darwin’s Data.

Darwin’s Data per Survey salary is the maximum on our list. They pay you $25 per Survey. Along with this, you get Tango Gift Cards as incentives.

47. Blogging For Books.

Another excellent example of writing book reviews and getting paid online.

48. Testzon.

Testzon pays you for writing reviews over Amazon. You write checks and make recommendations.

49. Private Facebook Groups.

Private Facebook Groups let you attend reviewing sessions. These are mediocre to find. Do searches according to your locality and interest. And get paid to write product reviews and articles.

50. Start Your Blog.

This is our last but the latest trend in the air. You want to be a blogger if you have it. Small ideology and passion for wiring are the maximum you’ll need.

Make arrangements, set up meetings with brands, and make online money. It will take time to become noticeable. But if you keep the consistency, it will become fruitful.

Here is a complete guide on how to start your blog and make money out of it.

Suggestions for Maximizing Paid Reviews

While it’s true that writing reviews will only net you a little bit of cash, it can still be a strategy to boost your wallet’s contents. The following are the top methods for earning money by writing reviews.

Paid reviews

Use Your Free Time

You can convert part of your idle free time into valuable time through reviews. When traveling by bus or rail, consider posting reviews. Instead of focusing on a Netflix show you’ve watched a dozen times after work, play it in the background as you write a review.

Go over the items you already use.

The products you use are the ones you know the best, so start by reviewing those things. It will be easier to write evaluations for other customers if you are familiar with them and have used a product for a long time.

Beware Of Con Artists

Sadly, there are a lot of con artists online. Although many others aren’t, the websites mentioned above are all trustworthy.

con artist

I’m talking about websites that collect private user data and profitably sell it to other parties without doing anything for you or your businesses.

Utilize websites with caution to prevent falling victim to fraud. When trying to make a few dollars online, the last thing you want to happen is to have your identity stolen.

Examine Reviews

Read peer reviews, investigate service providers, and try well-known websites whenever you can to avoid problems. It’s good to look up survey businesses on Trustpilot, the Better Business Bureau, and Consumer Affairs.

Never Send Money. Something else to consider is that nothing should ask you to send money or pay for a service.

Never Give Out Your SSN or CC Number

It would help if you didn’t have to give out sensitive information, including your SSN or credit card details.

When a website starts requesting this kind of information, you can be confident that it is fraudulent and that you should avoid it.


Additionally, to be safe, when it comes time to redeem your incentives, be sure to gather money using secure payment systems (e.g., PayPal, Venmo, or Zelle).

Review Products With Excellence.

Spend the necessary time to make the evaluations as good as possible to ensure that the business paying you will approve them and that other customers will find them favorable.

This calls for double-checking your grammar and spelling, adding images, and outlining the specifics of each product.

Are Paid Review Sites Valuable?

Paid review sites are excellent to supplement your income, but you will need more time to work from home.

The top websites will pay a fair wage. For instance, UserTesting can pay up to $30 per hour, but the opportunities aren’t enough to fill a whole workweek. When writing reviews, your hourly wage is between $5 and $10.

Watch out for internet fraud while receiving payment to post reviews. The most typical scam is websites that demand payment before you can access prospects to earn money.

If you come across a business requiring reviewers to pay the price, run away.

The companies managing these opportunities should receive a commission from the businesses offering the items or conducting the surveys, which is a big sign that something needs to be more accurate.


Should one write reviews on social media?

Yes, you can, but it is a very tricky process. If you have a massive number of followers, you get highly paid, but fewer followers ensure very little pay. One also needs to be ready to handle all the negative comments.

Do the reviews give a huge income?

Mostly no. Most offer very few payments as it's a review of just one or two books. But to boost income, one could always start a blog or get into affiliate marketing.

How does one recieve payments for these jobs?

Most of these companies give out payments via PayPal, or very few make use of gift cards such as Amazon gift cards. But this is entirely the choice of the individual and the company.

Final Words

So, this is all on how to get paid to write reviews. Some want the money for their loved ones to cherish. Others wish to stability in their sole living life.

Some want to invest in it, so that when they grow old, they can take a sip of the old scotch rather than a cup of green tea. Though these ideas may not make you the next billionaire, they can pay your teenage bills without less hassle.