How To Sell Breast Milk Online And Earn Money

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Biologically speaking, breast milk is not just healthy but also pivotal in the growth and development of the newborn.

Some of the best websites that have a proven record when it comes to buying and selling breast milk online include the likes of –  Only the Breast, Craigslist, Mothers Milk Cooperative (MMC), Breastfeeding Moms Unite

Biologists and physiologists say breast milk contains antibodies responsible for providing immunity to the newborn child.

Why Is Breast Milk Important?

For the unknown, a newborn has a fragile immune system and, therefore, is very susceptible to infections that can be fatal, even though their intensity is not as tremendous as one may expect it to be.


Apart from this, breast milk is the best source of nutrition for an infant. All these facts make breast milk an invaluable human biological product with its own need and necessity.

Why Do People Buy Breast Milk?

You see advertisements and articles designed to convince you to sell breast milk online. You may wonder why anyone will want to buy someone else’s breast milk.

Sell Breast Milk Online

The answer lies in the unfortunate instances you may find related to childbirth.

Reports in many cases state that after childbirth takes place, the woman is in an unstable health condition. This is primarily because pregnancy and childbirth put tremendous stress on the body’s physiological systems.

In such a state, you cannot expect the mother to breastfeed the child as it is unsafe for either of them.

In other instances, one may expect a gay couple is looking for artificial sources of breast milk so that they can provide the child with the essential benefits that breast milk has in store.

Artificial Breast Milk

While with technology it is possible to put artificial breast milk for sale still, people want to buy real and natural breast milk for their children.

This is because although artificially created breast milk has all the components, at the end of the day, they are all artificial and human made. This makes these ingredients very difficult to digest by a relatively weak digestive system of a baby.

artificial breast milk

Therefore, due to this rising demand, you find breast milk for sale today and women convincingly selling breast milk. Selling breast milk, in turn, has become easier since one can sell breast milk online.

What WHO Has To Say?

Reiterating the need for breast milk and justifying why people are interested in buying and selling breast milk online. We can quote a statement issued by the World Health Organization.

The statement stated that even if the mother cannot breastfeed the child, breast milk remains the best food for the child and should be provided within half an hour of delivery.


Seeing human milk for sale can be weird for once. But as the need for breast milk makes it indispensable for the child, parents need this biological product. Therefore, you see human milk for sale these days.

How To Sell Breast Milk?

Now that you have been introduced to this modern idea, you should also know how to sell breast milk.

As a woman willing to sell her breast milk, she can either contact milk banks where she can sell breast milk in return for money or the other way of doing so is to sell breast milk online.

Milk banks are a relatively old venture that has existed since the 1990s in Europe.
Today, women are ditching these milk banks to sell breast milk online.

This is because most milk banks do not offer money, while if you sell breast milk online, you can expect to earn a fortune. This has turned into a business idea that is also entirely legal and practical.

You may also find some milk banks refusing to accept breast milk because they might not be posed with an immediate need, but when you sell breast milk online, no such vows are present.

Some of the best websites with a proven record for buying and selling breast milk online. These include the likes of – Only the Breast, Craigslist, Mothers Milk Cooperative (MMC), Breastfeeding Moms Unite, etc.

Standards And Payments

People involve money, and it turns into a trade. There must be a standard that the sellers use to calculate the value of the breast milk you are selling.

If you involve in this trade, you receive payment using a standard based on the cost of breast milk for an ounce.

Sell Breast Milk Online

Some of the most popular platforms where you can sell breast milk online have fixed around 12-15 dollars for breast milk for an ounce.

With growing popularity, the trade and the business will hopefully grow, indicating a lucrative future for women willing to sell breast milk online.

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Features Of Breast Milk Available Online

As a customer, you can expect to find breast milk suitable for your child’s age online.

Physiologically, the components of breast milk alter with time. Therefore, the kind of breast milk you will require for your child in the different infancy phases will also differ.

breast milk

The online platforms even cater to these needs for those who are into the trading of breast milk. You can even procure breast milk for a premature baby from some of the select online breast milk sellers.

What Is Needed to Be a Seller

To become a seller, you need to provide the details of your diet in an ad and through which someone can contact you to sell your breast milk online.

There are other personal details as well. Any potential buyer can ask that just to be safe. These details can include your recent blood test reports. This can serve as a clinically relevant assurance that your breast milk is safe for consumption by the child.

More often than not, the online platforms that engage in this trade do not ask for such details directly but allow the buyers to inquire about them from the sellers.

Some people feel that this is a significant shortcoming in the business because milk banks always check medical history before taking samples.

After all, if you consider this a trade, then you have to gain the buyer’s confidence to sell breast milk online.

Risks In Buying Breast Milk

Now, the idea to sell breast milk online is gaining acceptance among donors for more reasons than one; for the buyer, it is still a risk to opt for this service over the milk banks.

This is because, firstly, there can never be enough investigation done to check the medical history of the donor and the safety of the breast milk that someone buys online.

Apart from this, even if the website checks these medical details thoroughly, the chances of breast milk becoming contaminated during transportation are high.

The trade is still flourishing despite these risks, and people benefit immensely from the concept.

As a buyer, you must look for a website that provides a platform for the buyers and sellers to engage and takes responsibility for the product on the website.

Scope For the Business

The selling of breast milk online is a reality and will hopefully be flourishing as a business in the future.

As a seller, you may want to know about the business has scope that women can exploit to earn decent amounts of money.

The business has great potential to go global. Through the internet, you can connect with customers living in other parts of the world who require your help to procure breast milk for their child.

The transportation and dealing will be through the online platform you choose to engage with. Therefore, having a global outreach through this business will become easier for you. But these times are probably still very far from today.

Concerning the present scenario, selling breast milk online is an excellent way of earning extra money that is also entirely legal.

The payments that the seller receives are decided based on the ounces of milk they are selling to the customer.

On average, a baby requires around 20 ounces of breast milk daily to have a good growth and development pattern. You can imagine the money you can make if you sell breast milk online to many such babies.

The essence of all these facts remains that this business that requires one to sell breast milk online has a bright future. You can think of becoming a part of it if you are willing to earn a good amount of money.

Donate Breast Milk

Even if you do not want to be involved in this business and don’t want to sell breast milk online, you are still willing to help parents and children by providing them with breast milk. Then you can contact milk banks anytime and donate breast milk.


Although there will be no money in return for the excess breast milk you will donate. It will help a child’s development and can even prevent the baby from slipping into any dangerous health condition so early in life.


Is it legal to sell breast milk on Facebook?

The Facebook marketplace offers Mother's Liquid Gold for sale. You may verify that breast milk sharing and selling are real by conducting a fast search on Facebook Marketplace. It has already begun. It is not prohibited to sell breast milk.

Is there a black market for breast milk?

It is not prohibited to sell breast milk. According to UK experts, the underground market for human breast milk poses a health risk. An increasing number of specialised websites and social media groups provide expressed milk for sale to fetishists, bodybuilders, and cancer sufferers.

Can I sell breast milk on eBay?

After being made aware of the advertisement by the Guardian, an eBay representative stated that the selling of human breast milk is forbidden on eBay.

The Takeaways

In the end, it can just be stated that for those people who were unaware of such a trade going on in the world today. It may sound surprising and even controversial business idea.

But the fact remains that keeping the money aside from this whole concept. The fact that women who are lactating and producing excess breast milk are willing to sell breast milk online. This helps many parents and their babies lead a better life.

For the sellers, it is an excellent opportunity to earn well. In this way, the business carter to the needs of several people together.

In most countries, this trade of breast milk is entirely legal. Now countries are even promoting this trade so that people can benefit from this and secure their children with the benefits of breast milk.

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