How to Sell Hair For Cash (Online & Locally)

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The beauty of every human comes due to his hair, but some unfortunate people are deprived of it. However, you can help them by selling your hair. But do you know how you can sell your hair? 

You can sell them online through several platforms, such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, etc., or you can also visit local stores and sell them. By selling your hair, you not only help those unfortunate people but can also earn cash in exchange for it. 

Seems interesting and exciting? Let’s have a closer look at this article and learn the ways to how can you sell your hair. Also, you will comprehend whether it is worthwhile to do so or not. 

Hair: A Healthy Investment?

When right, why not sell your hair and make some hard cash? The best set of wigs and extensions are made from raw human hair. This directly correlates to healthy hair being a great deal for those who buy it.

And it is pretty easy to sell these hairs both online and locally. You can make profits of hundreds and even thousands of bucks with the right buyer.

What Do These Hair Buyers Look For?

In order to sell hair for cash, hair in the right shape is the first and foremost condition. This directly increases your chance of selling hair. There are some basic steps you need to take before you can sell them.

  • Hair buyers generally want raw, ‘virgin’ strands of hair. Buyers neglect the hair which is dyed, bleached, and permed — buyers lookout for these strands in pristine shape.
  • Try to neglecting any usage of heat treatment on your hair. Hairdryers, curling devices, and those straightening irons are boon for you. Try avoiding such steps. They keep aside the artificial set of hairs that have been cut into layers
  • If you wash your hair daily, your strands might get reject here. Try washing your hair with a sulfate-free shampoo. This should be done with intervals of two to three times a week. Hairs are left brittle and prone to breaking with Sulphur. Try deep conditioning of your hair once a week to remove dust particles from outside.
  • Always take great health precautions. Eat healthily and stay hydrated. Take an adequate amount of protein, complex carbohydrates added with veggies that result in vibrant hair. Egg, Salmon, Whole Wheat products. These range from cereal and chapati. Take spinach, which adds strength and shine to your hairs.
  • If you are a smoker or alcoholic, there is a fine chance that your hair will land in bins. Because this process makes the hair lose their originality, this also dulls down their color and causes split ends. The longer the hair, the more bucks will land inside your pocket. The length could be ten inches long and longer.

The best hair-growing advice

The following are the finest techniques for maximizing your hair sales revenue:

  1. Be aware of your goals and the challenges involved: You must be dedicated if you want 15 inches of glossy, virgin hair!
  2. Keep your head from intense heat, and remove the hairdryer and straighteners. Utilize goods (hairspray, wax, or whatever) sparingly, wash them out entirely once they’ve completed their task, and gently towel-dry your hair.
  3. Once a week, deep condition your hair with coconut oil overnight (but first, cover your pillows and pajamas! ), or apply one of these at-home hair treatments.
  4. In the sun, wear a helmet or a heat protection spray instead.
  5. Avoid over-brushing or over-enthusiasm when combing your hair because you risk breaking it.
  6. Get healthy on the inside by drinking lots of water, eating fruit and vegetables, and getting enough sleep. 


Of course, your first thought is undoubted, “How much can I get for my hair?”

Before you start chopping off all of your hair and sending it away, it is reasonable to ask this question. If you’re only going to do it for pennies, why bother?’s Marlys Fladeland says hair can sell for anywhere between $100 and $4,000.earn money

Even $100 is a reasonable price for hair you can regrow!

The price you receive for your hair relies on your hair type and the market for buyers at the time.

Rarer hues, such as reds and blondes, frequently sell more than more prevalent hues, such as shades of brown.

Most people find longer hair more attractive since longer hair can be turned into a wig more easily than shorter hair.

Additionally, thicker hair makes it simpler to construct wigs than thinner hair, which could result in a pay raise.

Last but not least, hair that has not been exposed to any dye, harmful shampoos, conditioners, or heating or styling tools can fetch a premium price.

The woman whose hair brought her $1,000 had bright blonde hair, which was incredibly straight and shiny, and the buyer of her hair gladly paid the money.

According to Fladeland, the ideal ponytail can earn you roughly $300.

Of course, it always depends on who wants to purchase hair at that particular moment.

If the correct buyer is searching for it while you post your black hair in a ponytail, you might strike it fortunate.

I’ll mention the hair-selling websites where you should spend the most time.

Browse them to find out what’s currently trending on the website.

Based on the types of hair bought and sold on the website, choose one where your hair will fit well.

Hair donation is worthwhile

Donating your hair is a simple approach to assist those who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy, other medical conditions, or treatments. A well-made human hair wig can help someone manage other symptoms and recover by improving their self-esteem and perspective.

Best Methods Sell Hair For Cash – Online & Offline

You can either sell your hair fo cash in your local market, or you can go online. Both are safe and sound methods. Let us talk about the first one.

Any person who wants to sell their hair may get in contact with a local barber. If not, consult a parlor shop owner. These people generally keep in touch with the people who are in the hair market.

They do the same with the hair being cut off from their customers. The people who are engaged in the business may want a sample of your strands for their observation. If you get the approval of your product, you can provide all the basic details. The Wig companies that you contact will pay for only the usable part.

sell hair online

The amount of hair you want to chop off (the length), the thickness, any medication you take, whether you have diabetes or not, and general discussions would be made. Wig companies have special requests to the hair providers on how they want the package. The style in which the hair is to be cut. All will add up in this. In most of the cases, they pay by weight and length category.

They cut off many inches of your hair to prevent any split ends. You can get an estimated idea of the amount you’ll get for your hair. And the final call will be made. This is the method of “Selling My Hair” locally. The payment will be less, but surely the hair strands will sell, that’s for sure.

How To Sell Hair For Cash?

Now comes the online medium. Whether the mode of selling is changed, it doesn’t mean that there is a window of leniency. The online medium is hectic and crucial both.

A. Finding A Legit Buyer Online

You must find a website that has your credentials being set up along with the description. These are some general discussions of your hair. You enter your information, upload the photos of your hair, and then release it publicly. Your information appears on the listings of the website for the buyers.

If someone comes across your advertisement, they directly contact you through the website. You agree upon the terms and conditions. Then proceed with the funds and cutting and dispatch of your hair. Simple, isn’t it. Now comes the money-making section.

Most of the listings vary from $200 to $800. On average, a lump-sum of $300 is provided for the medium thickness of 8 inches long hair. 24-inch virgin red wavy hair set sells on a $1000 mark. Twelve inches of a good amount of blonde hair is can give you $350. Some of the best platforms to sell your hair are BuyandSellHair, OnlineHairAffair, and HairSellOn.

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B. Craigslist.

It would be very hard if you hadn’t heard about Craigslist. The best thing about the platform is that you don’t have to pay fees for your ad. The specifications that you put are in your hand. So you can add dyed hair, which may sell for a low amount, but you can give it a shot. There are also some craigslist alternatives that you can try as well.

C. Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace is one of the best online platforms to sell anything, both high and low-cost items. Here, the platform allows you to post the ad over the platform along with your Facebook Page.

sell hair for cash on facebook

This establishes a connection to a bigger audience to sell hair for cash online. They even connect to groups of hair buyers and sellers to get in contact asap. So if you find someone nearby, you can discuss them in-person.

D. HairSellon

HairSellon is one such platform that requires long hair. You must cross the criteria of 6-inch long hair. The listings are based on the length category.


One woman claims that her hair sold for $4,000 here. There is no middle factor between you and the buyer. So all that is proposed will be wired directly into your PayPal Account.

E. Why Not Donate Your Hair?

If your residence is the UK, you can donate your hair to Little Princess Trust. The trust provides Wigs and extension to the needy ones. For people residing in the USA, Maggie’s Wigs 4 Kids Of Michigan is on top of the hair donation medium there. Pantene Beautiful Lengths is also available for people living there.

donate hair for good

They provide hair for a woman fighting against cancer. Canadian Cancer Society, Angel Hair, and Wigs for Kids are the top names in hair donation online companies in Canada. Locks Of Love and Children With Hair Loss is one such platform that provides hair for Kids who suffer hair loss from cancer. The company accepts hair from all over the world.

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Tips For Selling Your Hair

1. Always try to keep your real profile low. Never use your real name for all the deals that you make with the buyers. Try avoiding your real identity for listings that you show. Use different E-mail for the featured listing rather than your personal one or the one which contains your actual name.

2. Longer hair is are always a priority. Try growing your hair to a bigger potential before putting the ad to avoid any failures. Never use rubber bands or metal hair holders. This will take out strands of hairs along with them when you release them.

3. Wear hats while you go out in the sun for a longer period to avoid excessive dryness. Prevent heavy usage of pool water. This contains chlorine, which is harmful to your hair.

4. Never cut your hair until the final call has been made. Always wait until you receive the money. PayPal is a better option than Western Union or any other portal for wiring of the funds. Always send the package with a tracking code stick to it. It adds more safety to the package.

5. Always ask professionals to cut your hair. Try avoiding doing it on your own. Tell them to keep the hair dry with a hairdryer. Keep your Hairdryer on low heat to prevent any damage. Make ponytails and then proceed with the cut-off. Use ponytail holders for better results. This will provide a tighter grip to the loose ends. Try zipper bags for containing the lump of hair strands.

6. Always take notes beforehand of your hair. Take proper knowledge of a particular market. Try HairSellon Software for calculating the round-off figure of the hair you think to sell. Just enter your details like hair length, hair thickness, hair color, and the type of hair you have, whether it be virgin or non-virgin.

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How much can you sell human hair?

The amount varies depending on the quality of hair at the time of purchase. But you can sell them for approximately £15 for 10 inches of hair (shorter lengths) to £250 for 30 inches of hair (longer lengths).

Is it safe to sell your hair?

Yes, it is safe. If you are interested in selling your hair, take good care of your hair before selling. If you don't find a buyer, consider donating.

Is human hair worth money?

Good quality and conditioned hair is worth the money. Long, thick, natural red and blonde hair generally fetch a better price. Also, undyed and untreated hair is worth more.

Final Words

Selling hair for cash is one of the easiest ways for some to make fast, hard cash. There is no bad omen in selling your hair. It is a pretty good way to bring help to those who need it.

And what’s easy than attaining some profits on that which regrow on its own and will profit you all along the way in your path. Do let us know if you know any other better way to sell hair for cash in the comment section below.

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