Grifin App Review: Everything You Need To Know

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Are you wondering if Grifin is legit? Yes. Grifin is overseen by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and the SIPC will protect your securities and money up to a total of $500,000. As of August 2022, the Grifin application had 444 reviews and 4.2 stars. Reviews for the Grifin app are the greatest, according to users.

Grifin connects to your credit card and invests small amounts of money in stocks of businesses you frequent. It’s free to use, with no commission fees, and offers a diverse portfolio of assets. Give Grifin some patience as it experiences growing pains, but it has received positive reviews overall. 

Read on to learn more about how Grifin operates and where you can invest with it.

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How Grifin Operates

Griffin connects two different financial accounts to function. It first connects to a credit card. Griffin keeps track of each credit card transaction and allows a dollar’s investments in the company’s shares.

For instance, if you go to McDonald’s for lunch, Grifin will notice the cost and instruct you to put $1 into McDonald’s stock. Griffin can still deposit one dollar into your cash account if you purchase something from a business it doesn’t endorse or doesn’t have publicly traded shares. You can then manually invest that money in one of your other businesses.

How Grifin WorksGriffin operates through transferring fractional shares to your account because the stocks you purchase have a share price of more than $1. In other words, Grifin buys one share of stock in McDonald’s, allowing the fraction worth $1 to your account using accounting. You will receive 1/100th of a share if McDonald’s stock is $100 per share. You would receive 1/100th of the dividend paid by McDonald’s when it pays dividends. One-hundredth of the stock’s current price will pay you when you sell.

Griffin secretly distributed portions of that same share to different customers. This requires Grifin to distribute the shares in a firm among a sufficient number of users for the investors’ stocks so it can function without subjecting Grifin to a lot of investments in its customers’ stocks. Griffin only permits investing in particular stocks to make sure this happens. The organization allows customers to invest in more than 200 stocks but still needs a list.

Griffin connects to a second checking account, which withdraws funds to make investments. Only the credit card is under Grifin’s watchful eye in this account.

Griffin only permits users to link one credit card as of right now. The business points out that processing credit card transactions result in expenses. It must keep costs down to keep its product free, which is why it only accepts one card.

Where Can I Invest With Grifin?

Grifin enables you to buy stocks while you go shopping. For instance, when you buy something at Starbucks using a linked card, it will remove $1 from your bank account and deposit it in the Starbucks stock on your part.


Additionally, Grifin deposits your $1 buy from a retailer you cannot invest in into a cash fund so that you can spend it on a different stock you own.

Visit Grifin 

Griffin Investments

A diverse portfolio of generational assets is the Griffin Investments team’s responsibility, which is in charge of strategically seeking, acquiring, and managing these assets. 


The acquisition of properties that strategically improve Griffin Media’s core activities. Griffin Investments is a family-owned private investment firm actively looking for strategic media opportunities and additionally constructs a portfolio of diversified assets, which supports its long-term growth.

Real Estate For Businesses

Putting money into restricted partnerships, funds, and direct ownership of commercial real estate in specified markets.

Gas And Oil

Acquire minerals from both generating and non-producing sources in all the major basins.

Private Equity Limited owns strategic investments in private equity funds, partnerships, and direct investments.

Recent Transactions

 Check below the recent transactions of griffin:

  • Cross, Lavinder, Quinn & Park Family Dentistry uses Griffin as its sole investment banker.
  • Park Sutton Advisors, LLC uses Griffin as its sole investment banker. 
  • Griffin advises Northmark Bank in its sale to Cambridge Bancorp as its sole financial advisor.

Grifin App Review: Works Best For Whom?

Grifin is the most incredible option for shareholders who don’t want to stress about their investment decisions. Every moment you make a sale, you’ll buy shares in businesses you already love and frequent. But this new App will must some patience from you. Despite a few software bugs, most customers appreciate the UI once they get beyond the onboarding process. Grifin app review of customers is good so far.

Costs And Fees

It costs nothing to download or use Grifin. There are no commission fees or transaction costs. There can be a few extra charges, like:

  1. Transfer of securities outgoing fee of $50
  2. $5 per account for tax certification (W-8) fees
  3. $3 for check withdrawals
  4. Fee for ACH withdrawal: $0.25

How Do I Register?

  1. Visit the App Store of Apple first.
  2. Look up and get the Grifin App.
  3. Click to begin your journey after you open the App.
  4. Type in your contact details, including your phone number and email address.
  5. Integrate a credit or debit card with your bank account.

Download: Grifin on iOS


For you to use the Griffin App, you must full fill in the following requirements:

  • US resident or citizen
  • Must be over 18
  • Devices that are iOS-compatible, like an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • A financial institution other than Capital One

Necessary Information

You’ll need to put in the following information to register with Grifin:

  • First and last Names
  • Your email address
  • Telephone
  • The Social Security number
  • Details about a bank account
  • Debit or credit card information

Research Resources

Grifin is an alternative investment where you buy stock in a company to show your support for it.

buy a stock

The platform doesn’t provide research tools to provide insights into the company’s stock information or previous performance because it is designed to let you invest where you shop. The Grifin app review looks excellent.

Cons And Benefits


The Grifin app offers the enlisted advantages:

  • Interest is earned on a cash fund. Your $1 can be used to buy more stocks if you buy something at a business that you cannot invest in, or it can go into a money fund that pays Interest.
  • Partially held shares. Grifin permits fractional shares; thus, if the company pays dividends, you can purchase portions of the company’s stock and receive a fractional payout.
  • Guardrails. Users can set a monthly investment cap and turn off companies they don’t wish to invest in.


Before downloading the App, take into account the following restrictions:

  • Stock restrictions. Before investing in a corporation, you must first unlock it through a purchase. That implies that regardless of how much you wish to invest in Tesla, you first must buy Tesla stock to be able to trade it.
  • Bugs in the App. The lengthy loading and processing times are frequent complaints from users. We were unable to proceed past the signup process’s account verification stage.
  • Limited assistance. Only certain financial assets and cards are supported by Grifin, along with iOS devices. For instance, you cannot access this service if Capital One is your bank.

Grifin, Is It Real?

Yes. Grifin was established in 2017 and had its corporate office in Tampa, Florida. Drive Wealth, a broker-dealer with SEC registration and membership in SIPC, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation, serves as its brokerage partner (FINRA). This implies that FINRA controls Grifin, and the SIPC will protect your securities and money up to $500,000.

It didn’t have any complaints and is not BBB-accredited, based on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) (BBB).

Grifin App Review And Complaints

Grifin remains a new company with few testimonials. Although it has an A grade with the BBB, there aren’t any comments on its BBB page.

grifin app review

The Grifin application has received 444 reviews and 4.2 stars as of August 2022. Users who are familiar with Grifin’s operations and its policies and guidelines praise the innovativeness of this new investment idea. Some investors are dissatisfied with the company’s sluggish customer service and transaction times. Grifin said that because of its enormous social media success, it is mak. Customers are giving Grifin app reviews the best.

How Can I Get Support From Grifin?

The following is how to contact Grifin:

  • Email. On the company’s website, ask a founder team member a question.
  • Online conversation. Click the messaging icon on the application or website’s Help Centre to communicate with a natural person.
  • Twitter. Who can tweet support for Grifin at every effort to serve all of the new users?


How can I Request a Quotation via the Grifin App?

Once you successfully download the application and sign up, you can click 'Check out our prices' on the homepage, respond to a few questions, and check all of the vehicle insurance plans in one place right away.

What Should I do if My Login Information is Forgotten?

Click 'forgot password' after entering your registered email address. After we reset your password, you can update it to log back into the App.

What Methods of Payment does the App Accept for Premium Purchases?

On the App, you have various simple payment options to pick from when paying for your subscription. You have two payment options: card payment or mobile money.

How can I Make Changes to My Data?

Your account on the App allows you to add or edit personal information, and any changes you make will be updated automatically in our systems.

How can I Check the Progress of My Claims on the App?

The App always allows you to keep tabs on the progress of your claim. You can select 'Track claim status' from the menu. Additionally, till the claim is resolved, we will keep in touch with you to let you know how things are going.

Where can I Find a Refund?

If you get a refund, we may transfer the funds directly to your chosen bank account or via M Pesa to the phone number you've provided. On the App's statement page, you can always check the status of your cash transactions.

How can I Terminate My Policy?

You can always cancel your insurance on the App's 'my policy' screen. We will reimburse you for a portion of your premium if you haven't filed any claims and the policy hasn't been in effect for more than six months.

How can I Receive Help With an Emergency Response?

After an accident, hit the red Emergency call on the App for 5 seconds. You will receive a call from our emergency team around the clock asking which service you require (ambulance, fire brigade, towing, or security), and the team will respond accordingly by coming to your aid.

Where can I Find the Service Providers?

You can find all our partner service providers on the App and always see all the nearby services. These include auto repair shops, windshield installers, fire services, hospitals, police stations, and gas stations.


A new funding app called Grifin is revolutionizing how we build our portfolios. Grifin invests in businesses you patronize rather than buying a stock since you believe it will increase in value. However, this company has specific bugs that it is still ironing out. Grifin app review is good.

Consider using a different broker if you prefer a platform that allows you to trade in any security or stock without requiring a prior purchase.

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