Ventureone vs. Quicksilver – Which one is the best for you?

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Credit cards offered by Capital one for cash and travel rewards are two of the best cards. Capital one venture one rewards credit card and Capital one quicksilver rewards credit card are the two most popular cards, offering a valuable great welcome bonus and benefits for every regular purchase. Straightforward cashback cards are available that let you exchange your points for a fixed sum to cover travel costs and other statement credits. Because of this, cardholders get a predictable rate of return on their monthly spending. In this post, we will draw a comparison in Ventureone vs. Quicksilver to provide you with better clarity of the benefits and rewards both the cards provide.

ventureone vs. quicksilver

Both the cards offer eligibility for a very high credit score which should be between 740 to 850. A candidate must never in the past have declared bankruptcy or defaulted in loan payment, should not have a track record of late payment of more than 60 days for payment of credit card bills such as shopping bills, medical bills, etc., as well as should previously render a loan or holding a credit card for a minimum period of 3 years with a credit limit of $5000, mentioned requirements by Capital One for issuing any of cards.

Ventureone vs. Quicksilver – Rewards


  • Commencing purchases within three months of issuing the card minimum of $4000 to receive a one-time bonus of 75000 miles, which is $750 equivalent in travel terms. 
  • Booking hotels and cars for a rental using Capital One Travel, customers get an exclusive massive number of alternatives to choose from vacation with the most significant discounts from Capital one, allowing them to earn 5X points.
  • Utilize your miles to receive a refund for any travel expenses, or redeem them by making travel arrangements with Capital One Travel.


  • Transfer your miles into travel loyalty programs of your choice at a maximum of 15+ schemes per year.


  • $200 one-time bonus after making purchases totaling $500 within three months of account creation.
  • Capital One Travel offers their customers an unlimited 5% cash back on lodging and auto rentals, where you can find the lowest rates of massive companies as travel alternatives. 
  • There is no limit on the amount you can earn, and no rotating categories or sign-ups are necessary to receive cash incentives. Additionally, throughout the account’s lifetime, cashback will not expire.

Annual Fees and Additional Foreign Charges


The Capital One venture one rewards credit card consists of $95 annual charges, and no international transaction fee is charged. Get Capital One VentureOne Rewards Credit Card to avoid the annual charge. However, this card only offers 1.25 miles for every $1 spent.


The Capital One Quicksilver rewards credit cards come with no annual or foreign transaction charges. Because a cashback credit card does not impose a foreign transaction fee, it is rare. 

annual fee

Both cards provide their customer with 25 days grace period to pay their charges and a cash advance fee of 3%(usually a minimum amount of $10). 

Ventureone vs. Quicksilver – Common Benefits

  • Shop at Amazon, exchange Capital One miles for gift cards, or use PayPal to cash in your rewards. Utilizing your miles towards any purchase using statement credit will lead to different values and can be low as one penny per mile.
  • Travel or enjoyable purchases can be financed with credit card rewards. You can use Quicksilver to save money for gadgets, a luxury item, or a deposit to your equity investment while using the Venture card to accumulate funds for a dream vacation on your bucket list.

benefits of cards

  • Capital One venture one rewards credit cards by removing the application fee every four years over the TSA PreCheck or Global Entry. Each time you renew your security credentials, you can save up to $100 thanks to this perk and Quicksilver for different purchases.

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Additional Benefits

  • Additionally, the card presently features a 15-month promotional period of 0% initial APR on expenditures and balance transfers (the subsequent variable APR ranges from 14.99% to 24.99%).
  • Extended warranties could minimize or even eliminate the costs associated with fixing electronics and other things, which can be an expensive affair. With this benefit, you may save significant money because the coverage can prolong the manufacturer’s warranty on qualified items.
  • Price protection will also feature the Quicksilver card when offered as a Mastercard. Purchase a certified item with your card, and if you discover the item advertised for less than 120 days of the purchase date, you may be entitled to receive up to $250 per claim, with a maximum claim of four per calendar year. 

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Can I Change to Venture from Quicksilver?

You have two options for upgrading from Capital One Quicksilver to Venture: either accept the offer that Capital One has already made or call them at (800) 227-4825 to find out if you qualify. Logging into your online account is the first step to seeing if Capital One has already determined that you qualify for an upgrade.

Is Having Numerous Credit Cards from Various Banks an Intelligent Idea?

By spreading out expenses, having many credit cards may help you maintain your credit line use percentage per card below the advised 30%. Numerous cards may have advantages, such as combining different reward cards to maximize earnings across all spending categories.

Whether a Visa or Mastercard, is Capital One Quicksilver?

A Mastercard is the Capital One Quicksilver credit card. The result is that you can use your Capital One Quicksilver at millions of merchant outlets in more than 210 different nations and territories. It is essential to remember that networks might change and that there are variants of the card for both Visa and Mastercard. The network logo is visible at the top of the online application form.

How does Rental Car Insurance with Capital One Quicksilver Operate?

When using their Capital One Quicksilver card to pay for a rental car, cardholders are protected by the free Capital One Quicksilver rental car insurance. You must turn down any insurance that the rental company offers if you want coverage. It pays out up to the cash worth of the rented vehicle and covers car damage, theft, and loss-of-use fees.


Selecting a single type of credit with huge offers and benefits is difficult, but we would make it simple for users to choose. Professional people who must travel to various places due to meetings could go for a venture one credit card, and people dealing in various other things and require huge cashback to use further for different payments could go for a quicksilver card.

There is probably an excellent credit card for you, even though there isn’t a perfect one for everyone. I hope you get to know which is the best Ventureone vs. Quicksilver card.