How To Make Money On Spotify? 8 Ways

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We all love listening to songs and music; there isn’t a single person who does not! It is one of the biggest platforms for music out there for you as an artist or a listener to use. This article focuses on 8 ways how to make money on Spotify.

The article will cover these: 

  • How much do artists on Spotify get paid?
  • 8 ways to make money on Spotify
  • How to bag more streams?
  • Writing Blogs for Spotify
  • Promoting Your Music On Spotify
  • Selling your merch through Spotify
  • Spotify Royalties
  • How to use Spotify analytics to plan a tour, and more.

Continue reading to find out the 8 best methods to earn through Spotify! Using these methods, you can significantly increase your income as a creator/artist through this popular platform.

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How Much Do Artists On Spotify Get Paid?

Let’s start with the basics. Spotify pays its artists an average of $0.003 – $0.005 per stream. Yes, you read that right. Additionally, your music must be played at least until it hits 30 seconds or more than that.

The platform’s algorithm will count the stream only if played for over 30 seconds. Let us look at some ways to make money on Spotify along with just streaming.

Top 8 Ways To Make Money On Spotify

The top 8 ways to make money on Spotify are mentioned below:

Streaming Income

It is the backbone of your earnings on Spotify. How does it work? It is very simple– when someone streams your music on the platform for more than 30 seconds. The amount calculated is then paid to the distributor of your music.

While separate payouts per stream may seem small, at the end of numerous plays, it can immensely add to your overall earnings through the streams within the platform. Focus on building a loyal listener/fan base. It will increase your streams and your income!

streaming income

How to bag more streams on Spotify?

  • Avoid long-drawn intros on your music. People tend to skip it, and it will affect your streaming count.
  • Low-quality music may not be listened to for 30 seconds or more. Try to increase the quality of your music by joining a good record label or investing in good-quality recording types of equipment.
  • Invest in good and engaging cover art for your album. If the cover of your album is eye catchy, then you will have a good audience coming your way to give it a listen.

Writing For Spotify Blogs


Yes, your read that right. It’s okay if you are not an artist or can’t produce music. You can write blogs for Spotify! It is a practical way to engage with your audience and provide insights into your music journey/the artist you are working for music journey.

You can offer behind-the-scenes written content. While Spotify is mainly a music streaming platform, its blog feature allows artists to connect on a deeper level with their listeners.

Merchandise Selling and Creating Exclusive Content

You can add links to your store in your Spotify profile and playlist descriptions. By doing this, you create a direct route for fans to purchase items like t-shirts, posters, and accessories with your branding.


Try sharing alternate versions of your music, such as acoustic performances or remixes, exclusively on Spotify. Or you can share unseen moments of your content creation. It proves to be engaging content and keeps your audience hooked.

By doing this, you can make money off of the Spotify platform and your websites.

Collaborations and Remixes


Collaborating with new artists can help your music to reach new listeners. Remixing popular tracks or participating in joint projects can increase exposure and a broader fanbase. Bigger fanbase = Bigger income.

Podcasts and Audiobooks

Other than music, you can release podcasts and audiobooks on this platform. Some people prefer listening to audiobooks while looking at their texts, and it will give you prolonged streams.


Your content must be curated, keeping your audience’s taste in mind. It will help you as a creator to attract new listeners who may discover your work, as a result, expanding your reach and potential gains.

Streaming Royalties

Streaming royalties are your main source of payments on Spotify, and they are delivered every time your tracks are streamed. You can gain more streams and continuous income by promoting interactions and repeat listens from your current fans.


Spotify collects money from its users’ subscriptions and shares it with artists depending on how often their songs are played. It means encouraging your fans to use the premium version can help you earn more.

Promote Your Music On Spotify

One effective promotion route is creating and curating playlists by crafting playlists that feature your music and songs that resonate with your style. It gives you a broader listener base.


Spotify also has the option where you can promote your concerts! It will help you advertise your event to more people, sell more tickets, and earn more money with the platform’s help.

Use Spotify Analytics To Plan a Tour

It has proven to be a game-changing strategy that allows you, as a creator/artist, to decide where to perform and how to engage with your audience effectively.


You can understand your music’s popularity across different cities and countries. By identifying the cities where your music has the highest concentration of listeners, you can strategically target those locations as potential tour stops.

It can help you bag a bigger audience and possibly increase your income by a significant amount.


How much does Spotify pay per 1,000 streams?

Spotify pays around $2 to $4 per 1000 streams. As mentioned, Spotify pays the music distributor about $0.003 per stream.

How many listeners do you need on Spotify to make money?

You will require between 10,000 and 50,000 monthly Spotify listeners. It is considered a good count as those monthly listeners can earn you a good amount of money through Spotify.

What are Spotify fans first?

This is an email marketing feature offered by the platform. The artists or creators can sell their exclusive content to their fans.

Is it hard to become a Spotify artist?

No, you will have to join Spotify for artists. You will then have to claim and verify your account so that the platform presents you to potential listeners as a verified artist.


You can make money on Spotify in different ways. This article has covered 8 useful ways in which you can make money off of Spotify. You can write blogs, Promote your music, sell your merch, create podcasts and audiobooks, collaborate with other artists, and more!

We hope you liked reading this article; stick around for more informative articles like this!