PrizeGrab Review: Is PrizeGrab Legit for Cash Prizes?

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Yes, Prizegrab is a legit site that offers daily, weekly, and monthly prizes. It operates by taking a portion of the profits from product sales to fund its giveaways. Although Prizegrab is not as popular as some other sites, it’s relatively easy to find them on Google and Facebook.

You can enter up to 1,000 times every day without an account. Before entering, you must register with PrizeGrab and confirm your email address (they will send emails with the latest product promotions).

Is PrizeGrab Legit? Overview

Users can enter sweepstakes on the website PrizeGrab to win a range of prizes. The website is free to use, and you’ll never pay anything to enter or to claim your prize. Since 2013, PrizeGrab has chosen new winners at random every day. 

With a “Good” rating on Trustpilot, PrizeGrab is a reliable, safe website. If you receive a message on Facebook, a call, or a text from someone claiming to be a PrizeGrab representative, it’s probably a fake. PrizeGrab exclusively contacts users by email.


Who can play PrizeGrab?

PrizeGrab is available to anyone who can get online and use a computer or mobile device. The site is also accessible in multiple languages, like English, Spanish, and German.

Is PrizeGrab a legit site that gives out daily, weekly, and monthly prizes?

It can be unclear for some people because many different sites offer the exact prize amounts. The main difference is how often you win them; some sites provide daily prizes, while others only have one or two weekends per month where you get to enter for your chance at winning.

Prize amounts vary from $10 to $500. The amount of money will depend on what prize type it is, but they all have equal chances of winning, so don’t worry if you don’t think your chances will change much, even if your entry costs more money than others do (which they won’t).

Is PrizeGrab Legit or a scam site? Here’s what I found out.

When you first sign up to PrizeGrab, you can choose between “Play Now” or “Get Started.” The former is a free game and will allow you to win cash prizes if your strategy works well. Or it’s back to square one with no harm done (as long as you didn’t spend any money).

Before entering, you must register and confirm your email address.

Before you can enter, you must register and confirm your email address. You can register with either a Facebook account or an email address. After writing and confirming your email address, PrizeGrab will send an email confirmation with instructions on how to claim your cash prize.

PrizeGrab uses the funds from product sales to fund its giveaways.

PrizeGrab is a legit site that offers daily, weekly, and monthly prizes. It uses the funds from product sales to fund its giveaways.

They have been around for over five years, and It’s no longer regarded as a fraud or pyramid scheme because they’re a legally registered business in the U.S., Canada, England, and Australia.

Once you register with PrizeGrab, the site will send you emails with the latest product promotions and new sweepstakes.

The prize world is constantly changing, so keeping up to date with it is a great way to stay informed. These emails are also helpful because they provide information about entering sweepstakes that others have already won and how often they happen.

PrizeGrab is an excellent resource if you’re looking for a way to win cash prizes, gift cards, and other free stuff like movie tickets or clothing coupons.

Prizegrab is Legit, but the likelihood of winning something worthwhile is low.

It is a legit site that offers daily, weekly, and monthly prizes, using the funds from product sales to fund its giveaways. The likelihood of winning something worthwhile isn’t great, but it’s still possible if you play your cards right.

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Improve your chances of winning a PrizeGrab

On PrizeGrab, the winner selection process is random, but a few tactics you may employ to raise your chances of winning.

Every day: Entering more sweepstakes will increase your chances of winning. To enter daily for any prize you want to win, visit PrizeGrab.

Send in several entries: There will be a daily cap on the number of entries for each reward. To increase your chances of winning, enter as many times as you can for each prize.

Examine email: Keep an eye on your email inbox because PrizeGrab will mail you to let you know if you’ve won. Also, the business occasionally offers email-only prizes that aren’t visible to the general public on the website.

Keep up with PrizeGrab on social media: Sometimes, PrizeGrab offers prizes only accessible on Facebook or Twitter; follow those accounts. In social media, PrizeGrab further publishes daily notifications and reminders about expired rewards.

With your phone, play: While standing in line at the store, make the most of your free time by playing on your mobile device.

Continually submit entries: Start an entry streak with at least 10 submissions in a single day, then keep up the streak by at least 10 entries daily. Gaining entry streaks will earn you points, which increases your chances of winning. On your account, you may always check your point total.

Amount of money won with PrizeGrab?

The awards range from $10 gift cards for well-known retailers to $25,000 in cash. Even you can even win more than one reward.

You’ll never pay shipping or any other expenses to get your rewards; how you claim your prize depends on what you’ve won. Although tangible prizes are often distributed through the mail, they send gift cards via email. Many rewards also come with a cash option for those who would prefer a check over the actual prize. To ensure that you receive your prize, PrizeGrab has a Prize Fulfillment staff.

Pros and Cons of PrizeGrab 

Get the prose and cons of PrizeGrab from the points below:


  • Friendly website
  • Enjoyable to engage in
  • Good time pass element
  • Potential to win genuine rewards


  • Several users have trouble deactivating their accounts.
  • People often claim their inclusion in the spam email lists of other businesses.
  • PrizeGrab sends emails every day.
  • Some winners cannot collect their awards after winning, despite playing for years with no prizes to show for it.

3 PrizeGrab Alternatives

PrizeGrab isn’t the only way to earn cash rewards. Here are a few alternatives to them that you might want to check out.


It is an excellent alternative to PrizeGrab. A site called InboxDollars will pay you to read emails, do surveys, make online purchases, and perform other tasks. You can earn cash or prizes for completing offers such as signing up for free trials or trying new products. Online shopping, survey participation, and unique offer completion and earned points.


Visit: InboxDollars


Swagbucks is a popular site for earning money online. You earn points called SB by completing various activities on their site, which you can redeem for gift cards or other prizes. Swagbucks gives new users a bonus of $5 when they sign up.


Visit: Swagbucks


MyPoints is a great place to earn gift cards. You get points when you purchase online, answer surveys, or complete special offers. Gift cards from Amazon or PayPal can be redeemed for PayPal cash. Join MyPoints today and get a $5 bonus.



Visit: MyPoints


Is PrizeGrab legit?

Yes, PrizeGrab is a legit site that uses its profits from product sales to fund its giveaways.

What are the requirements for joining PrizeGrab?

You must be 18 years or older and have access to an email account that you check regularly.

Is PrizeGrab safe to use?

Yes, PrizeGrab is a safe site, and you will not be required to enter your payment or any sensitive information when signing up.

How do I win with PrizeGrab?

First, enter as many times as possible. Then await the announcement of the winners. And I hope you're one of them.

How do I contact PrizeGrab?

Email or phone are the only two ways to reach them.

Can I use PrizeGrab from any country?

Yes, you can use PrizeGrab anywhere in the world. However, prize amounts may differ depending on where you live.


The best way to win with PrizeGrab is to follow their instructions and enter as many times as possible. If you think the odds of winning something worthwhile are better than what they offer, consider joining another site or waiting until the next offer.

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