Salary Breakdown: How Much Do Chiropractors Actually Make?

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Let’s face it; we’ve all watched these chiropractors satisfyingly pop bones into their places on a loop. But do you know how much money do chiropractors make? Are they living grand lifestyles or simply making ends meet? You’ll find out!

Here is a list of what this article will include: 

  • Who Are Chiropractors? What Do They Do?
  • Why Do You Go See a Chiropractor?
  • What Is Their Average Salary?
  • How Does Their Location Affect Their Salaries?
  • Does Their Type of Practice Affect Their Salaries? 
  • What Are Some Other Things That Affect Their Salaries?
  • Different Job Titles And Salary
  • States Where Chiropractors Earn the Most Money

Continue reading to find out the average chiropractor’s salary key components that aid their income.

Who Are Chiropractors? What do they do?

An authorized professional who practices chiropractic is referred to a chiropractor. It is the treatment of misalignment of your joints. A chiropractor treats back and neck discomfort using spinal adjustments to maintain the correct alignment.


Their main objective is to restore right nerve function, enhance joint mobility, and decrease the distress and pain caused by misalignments.

Why Do You See a Chiropractor?

You visit a Chiropractic practitioner or a chiropractor if you are facing neck, back, or even joint pain issues. Chiropractors check that the muscles which are surrounding the joints functioning correctly.

Chiropractic professionals can also help with your arthritic joint pain.

How Much Do Chiropractors Make?

What Is Their Average Salary?

It depends on the chiropractor’s education and experience. Chiropractors who have been in practice for multiple years tend to earn a higher salary than those just dipping their feet into this line of profession.

average salary

The average salary of a chiropractor professional is around $75,380 per year or $36.24 per hour.

How Does Their Location Affect Their Salaries?

If they are located in an area with high living costs, then their session charges will be high. If their charges are high, then it will add to their incomes, increasing it. The other reasons might be:

Demand and Competition


Urbanban centers and densely inhabited areas are most likely to have a higher need for healthcare assistance, including chiropractic care.

Insurance Reimbursements


Chiropractors may have a more stable income stream in places with a greater percentage of insured patients or regions where insurance companies give better rates for reimbursement.

Population Demographics


Chiropractic care may be in greater demand in places with a significant elderly population or where there is an increased focus on physical fitness and athletics.

Does Their Type of Practice Affect Their Salaries? 

Chiropractors have a large spectrum when it comes to the type of practice they want to establish or join. Each type of practice has its benefits and challenges, and the choice primarily depends on the professional’s preferences, goals, and circumstances.

Private Practice

Here chiropractors own a clinic of their own and have an independent income for themselves. It allows chiropractors to set their schedules, treatment approaches, and business strategies. Along with extra skills, there is a possibility for a higher income.

Group Practice

It is a bunch of chiropractors who work under the same establishment. The model allows chiropractors to share aids, facilities, and organizational duties. Sharing expenses can lower overhead costs and increase profitability for each chiropractor involved.

Mobile or On-Site Practice

Some Chiropractors bring their assistance directly to businesses, sports occasions, schools, or other locations. They choose to operate mobile or on-site practices. The only downside is that their travel charges will be additional.

Specialized Practice

These Chiropractic professionals focus on one type of treatment, and over the years, they specialize in it. For example, some may specialize in sports chiropractic, pediatric chiropractic, or geriatric care.

While specialized practices may attract a good market and potentially command higher fees, they may also limit patient income and may require additional training and certifications to be qualified.

Before making a decision, chiropractors will thoroughly assess each type of practice, as each comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages. By carefully evaluating their personal and professional objectives, they can align their preference with their long-term aspirations.

What Are Some Other Things That Affect Their Salaries?

The number of patients a chiropractor attracts and retains directly influences their income and overall practice development.

A steady and significant patient flow is vital for creating a sustainable practice and setting a reputation for themselves within the community.

Happy patients are more likely to refer others, contribute to favorable online reviews, and become potential loyal clients.

Different Job Titles And Salary

An associate chiropractor 




Associate chiropractors are generally employed by the practice owner or chief chiropractor and work under their guidance and supervision. They make about $75,285 a year.

Chiropractic physician


Emphasizes the role of chiropractors as immediate healthcare providers with expertise in diagnosing, treating, and preventing musculoskeletal conditions, especially those related to the spine and nervous system. They make around $130,775 a year.

Sports Chiropractor 


The Chiropractors specialize in treating athletes and sports-related injuries. They use this title to indicate their focus on sports medicine, making up to $83,713 annually.

Pediatric Chiropractor


Chiropractors who mainly work with children may use the title “Pediatric Chiropractor” to show their expertise in treating pediatric patients, and they make up to $65000 per year.

States Where Chiropractors Earn the Most Money

Here’s a list of states in the USA where the income of chiropractors is high:

  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Connecticut
  • Alaska
  • Colorado
  • New Hampshire
  • Nevada
  • Delaware
  • Massachusetts
  • Maryland

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Is there a demand for this career?

Yes, there is demand for chiropractic professionals, and the career perspective for chiropractors has generally been favorable for this line of work.

Does a Chiropractor Make Good Money?

Experienced chiropractors with established practices can earn competitive salaries. It depends on the type of practice and the amount of experience they have.

Are chiropractors considered real doctors?

No, chiropractors are not medical doctors. They can be addressed as doctors but can not write prescriptions like medical doctors do.

How much will you earn at the beginning of being a chiropractor?

You will make approximately $40,000 to $60,000 annually at the beginning of being a chiropractor.


Here is what we have covered in this article. How much money do Chiropractors make? What are the different practices a practitioner can opt for, which kind of practice brings in a good salary, and what states have the highest-paid chiropractors? And so much more!

Stick around to read more informative articles such as this!

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