How Much Money Can I Make on Disability? Full Guide

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Numerous millions of needy Americans have benefited from Social Security since it got established. These perks are primarily reserved for people with severe disabilities who cannot make a living wage. We’ll discuss “how much money can I make on disability” in this article.

how much money can I earn while on disability

For 2024, there will be higher Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) salary thresholds. The cap is $2,460 for blind people and $1,470 for non-blind people every month. Additionally, beneficiaries must be familiar with the monthly income thresholds that could result in a trial work period (TWP). 

To discover how much an individual with a disability can make, continue reading. 

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How much money can I make on disability? Social Security Disability 

The program needs at least 1.5 years of contributions from workers under 24 in the three years preceding the impairment. For employees over 30, the threshold is five out of ten years ago. You need to be employed for at least half the time between turning 21 and the quarter in which you became incapacitated if you are between 24 and 30. Even if your disability prevents you from working, you could still qualify for SSDI if your income falls below the program’s ceiling after paying disability-related costs. 

how much money can I earn while on disability with social security

While the SSDI program has no restrictions on your earnings or resources, it does have guidelines for wages received through employment. You run the danger of losing your eligibility if you are not diligent. Learn about the Social Security Disability income restrictions for 2024 to avoid that. Let’s find out “how much money I can make on disability” immediately. You can also check out 10 Different Ways You Can Make Money by Drawing.

How Much Money Can You Make on Disability Social Security in 2024? 

how much money can I make on disability

The question “How much money can you make on social security disability” has an answer here. Even though SSDI is helpful to many people, candidates should give the program great thought before applying. Your monthly disability benefit cap will increase to $3,627 in 2024 from $3,345 in 2024. But the typical beneficiary earned about $1,483 monthly (up from $1,364 in 2024). You may need more than that economically, particularly in light of the established income ceilings.

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What they do and their response to “How much can I make on disability” are as follows:

Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)

how much money can I earn while on disability through sga

Social Security paid disabled workers an average of $1,483 monthly in benefits in 2024. 

Even while it can serve as a supplemental source of income, more is needed on its own; at $14,580 ($13,590 in 2024) alone, such a level of assistance only maintains a person above the poverty level in 2024.

As a result, many people attempt to increase their income while receiving disability benefits. They might achieve this through earned money, an inheritance, or passive income through investments. However, any occupation that makes more than the disability income cap is considered significant gainful activity (SGA). If you participate in SGA, you risk losing your benefits. 

Nevertheless, the regulations for SGA vary according to your level of handicap. SGA applies to SSI and Social Security benefits for non-blind impaired people. The SGA amount for members of this category in 2024 is $1,470 ($1,350 in 2024). However, it solely has an impact on Social Security for blind people. The SGA for those in this category is $2,460 ($2,260 in 2024).

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Trial Work Periods

how much money can I earn while on disability through twp

You could eventually wish to reintegrate yourself into the workforce. The option to do so exists. If you currently receive benefits and want to try working again, you can sign up for a trial work period (TWP).

You have no income restrictions during the nine-month duration of this term. As a result, you can continue to receive monthly payments without suffering SGA repercussions. However, this task shouldn’t be incompatible with the kind of impairment you have. For instance, you should avoid working a physically demanding job if you start receiving disability benefits due to a physical injury. 

There is no requirement that the trial period lasts for nine months straight. SSDI applicants may choose a rolling 60-month term instead. You can stop working and keep getting benefits if you determine the task is impossible. One month will be added if you make more than a particular amount during this trial. To qualify for SSDI in 2024, the beneficiary must earn more than $1,050 (an increase from $970 in 2024). You can also check out 10 budget planner books.

The SSA analyzes the applicant if they work throughout the trial period and earn more than $1,050 monthly. Until that point, they can keep receiving benefits; after that, it ceases. A trial employment term will probably begin if you earn more than your SGA amount. With the help of this, you were able to estimate “how much money can I make on disability.”

Eligibility Period Extension

how much money can I earn while on disability through this

Other beneficiaries can fit into a different category. They make more than $1,050 throughout their trial time but less than the SGA for non-blinded people, which is $1,470 (up from $1,350 in 2024). People may be eligible for an eligibility period extension under certain conditions. It occurs following the expiration of your trial period and lasts for 36 months. You only get them if your earnings fall below the SSDI income thresholds for 2024.

Your payments will expire after 36 months if you earn more than the SSDI maximum. However, you can reapply for benefits. You can reapply if you cannot work at any stage in the ensuing five years. The term “expedited reinstatement” (EXR) of benefits refers to this process. Your advantages and approval, therefore, resume significantly sooner than they did the first time. You know, “how much money can i make on disability”

How to Qualify for Disability Income

 disability qaulifications

To evaluate your eligibility for disability payments, Social Security considers a few different variables.

First, you need to have worked a covered job by Social Security. In essence, this implies that you contribute to Social Security through self-employment taxes or straight from your paycheck. According to Social Security Administration data, 89% of employed U.S. citizens between the ages of 21 and 64 who are also nationals of other countries fit this requirement. In the process, you accrue Social Security work credits that can be used to your advantage when applying for disability payments.

A different sum is necessary for a work credit in various years. From $1,510 in 2032, you can get one credit for every $1,640 in income in 2024. You can earn a maximum of four credits per year, the annual limit, by making $6,560 in earnings or self-employment income. You are now aware of the contributing elements and “how much money can I make on disability.”

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How many hours a week can you work when disabled?

If you're self-employed and receiving SSDI, Social Security authorizes up to 45 hours of labor each month. It equates to roughly 10 hours every week.

How much money can you make and still get SSI?

You can earn up to $2,460 monthly in 2024 before your income affects your benefits. You are still qualified for a disability 'freeze' even if your income is too high to qualify for disability benefits.

What happens if we don't tell SSDI about our income?

You must disclose any money you earned or that you have started working again as soon as you become eligible for benefits and receive them. If you do, you can avoid receiving an overpayment, penalties, and disqualification for making a fraudulent declaration.

What qualifies as a permanent disability?

Permanent disability (PD) is any ongoing impairment brought on by a work-related sickness or accident that interferes with your capacity to support yourself. If your illness or injury results in PD, you are eligible for PD benefits even if you can resume working.


We hope you find the information in this article on “How much money can I make on disability” useful. SSDI is a crucial source of revenue for someone with disabilities, despite its limited benefits. And thanks to their taxes, nearly 183 million workers with jobs qualifying for Social Security can access it.