How To Make Money While Pregnant? 8 Ways for Extra Income

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Are you an expecting mama looking to earn extra cash for your baby or yourself? We understand the stress you might have. In this article, you will learn how to make money while pregnant. Here is a list of some top side hustles for pregnant moms.

Here is a list of ways for pregnant moms to make money: 

  1. Proofreading Gig
  2. Virtual Tutor
  3. Language Interpreter
  4. Transcriptionist
  5. Sell Books Online/Offline
  6. Sell Handmade Goods Online/Offline
  7. Sell Clothes Online
  8. Website Testing

If you want to save for the birth of your baby or add to maintaining your financial responsibilities, keep reading to learn how to make money while pregnant.

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10 Ways to Make Money While Pregnant

There are multiple ways in which you can do so during your term. While you prepare for your baby’s arrival, we understand that things can get financially heavy. We are here to ease that stress by presenting you with ten ways to make money while pregnant.

Take on a Proofreading Gig

If you have an eagle’s eye for spotting mistakes, especially grammar mistakes, then this side hustle is for you. The requirement for excellent written content is constant throughout industries. To add to that, you get to control your workload and hours.


As a proofreader, you can benefit from your language and correction skills while working from your home. This will make it an ideal choice for pregnant moms looking for remote employment to get that extra bag.

Virtual Tutor

Becoming a virtual tutor is one potential way to make money while pregnant. Virtual tutoring continues to rise in popularity as the demand for online education has grown. As an expecting mama, this choice enables you to make extra income from the comfort of your home, which fits nicely into your changing lifestyle.

virtual tutor

It enables you to earn from your skills in a particular field or talent by turning what you know into a profitable business. Because work is online, you can decide your working hours to accommodate the changing requirements of your pregnancy.

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Language Interpreter

In simpler words, a translator. If your speaking proficiency is decent, this side gig is for you. You can use your skills to get extra cash without stressing your body out. You can pursue a translating gig online through various websites or even agencies.

Language Interpreter

As an interpreter, you’ll be able to eliminate language barriers, improve interaction, and open doors to various possibilities in various fields, all while having the flexibility to adjust your schedule to your pregnancy requirements.

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In this side hustle, you will be asked to listen to audio files, videos, or even podcasts and put them on paper. You’ll get to turn spoken words into written text and sell your services to healthcare, reporting, and legal industries while remaining in the comfort of your home.


Being a mom is hard, and sometimes even small side gigs can look like too much work, so make sure you can do the job when you’re as comfortable as possible. We don’t want to strain the baby in the belly.

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Sell Books Online

If you are selling your books online, it helps you earn money while pregnant and allows you to share your love of reading with others, especially if you are an avid reader. The flexibility that this gig offers is that it will enable you to prioritize your health, too.

Sell Books Online

This is a remote side hustle; you can do it online using various websites or set up a yard sale and add these books up for sale. Pricing these already-owned books less than the original will attract more customers to buy from you.

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Sell Handmade Goods Online/Offline

This is for you if you have a knack for crocheting or knitting things ranging from tiny stuffed animals to long scarves during your free time. Like the previous one, you can sell handmade goods online or offline.

Sell Handmade Goods Online or Offline

Your items will be highly valued because of the personal touch you put into each one. Your homemade jewelry, art, apparel, or home décor will appeal to clients searching for something original and exclusive.

Sell Clothes Online

If you have old clothes that you mostly won’t fit into anymore, you can sell them online. Start your clothing line significantly since today’s e-commerce websites are rising.

sell clothes online

You can sell your pre-loved dresses or unused thrift clothes and the clothes you make for fun! Try using platforms like Etsy, Redbubble, or even eBay. You will have a secure income and the joy of exploring your love for fashion. It’s a path enabling you to enjoy your pregnancy while growing your business spirit.

Website Testing

Because you can conduct tests on websites from the comfort of your home, it is a good choice for pregnant women who value flexibility and convenience. It is very similar to reviewing a website where you can comment on the working of it.

web testing

You can give the website developer constructive feedback based on what you saw and what they aimed for.

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While pregnant, can I get a job?

While getting income on maternity leave, you can still land on small side hustles that do not have a lot of workload or pressure. You can still land an actual job as an employer is supposed to hire you regardless of your pregnancy.

What jobs can I do eight months pregnant?

Since you are close to your entire term, you should not strain your body a lot. You can try some of the work-from-home gigs listed in this article on how to make money while pregnant.

What jobs do you avoid while pregnant?

Anything that has to do with harming you and your baby. Avoid heavy workloads, physical labor, chemical fumes, or radiation.

How can I maintain my enthusiasm while working on a side hustle?

You can stay motivated by setting defined goals for the side hustle to keep a feeling of direction. Maintain your enthusiasm for your task and celebrate your small wins.


In this article on how to make money while pregnant, we explored eight ways for expecting mothers like you to make extra cash for your baby. We have discussed ways ranging from Website testing to online tutoring!

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