Cash Carnival Review: Scam or Real? My Honest Review!

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Cash Carnival is a popular mobile app promising that users can earn real money by playing slot games. With beautiful graphics and easy gameplay, it attracts many players. However, several reviews online have expressed doubts about the app. Some users reported they could not withdraw their earnings, while others felt rewards decreased significantly as their balance increased.

Cash Carnival is not accurate for winning cash. Reviews found no evidence of payouts despite promises. Terms contradict claims. Only ads bring profit, not prizes. It is a scam – do not expect real money from playing.

To find the truth, we decided to test Cash Carnival ourselves. We will share our experience with gameplay, the reward system, and the withdrawal process. We will also closely examine the company behind this app and analyze other essential factors. After thorough testing and research, we aim to conclude whether Cash Carnival is a scam or whether there could be some truth to its promises.

What is the Cash Carnival App?

Cash Carnival is a mobile app for slot machine games. It can be downloaded for free on Android phones. In the app, you get fake money called tokens and dollars. You use these to spin the slots and try to win more tokens and dollars.

The app says you can trade $100 of fake dollars for real money through PayPal. But it takes a lot of work to get to $100, and the rewards get much smaller when you get closer to $100. Many players say they got stuck and couldn’t earn more. Some were stuck at $99 or $98! So, it takes work to cash out, like they carnival app

If you collect 10 million tokens, you can get a $2 Amazon gift card. But it takes a long time to get that many tokens, too. The app shows you ads to earn more spins, and watching many ads may use up much of your phone’s data.

So, Cash Carnival is a cash carnival real money slot game you can play for free. But it takes a lot of work to earn cash as they advertise. It’s best seen as a game rather than a way to make serious money.

How to Play Cash Carnival

Cash Carnival is an easy game to play. Let us see how to do it.

  1. First, you download the app from the Google Play Store for free. Then, you create an account with your email or mobile play
  2. Once you log in, you will see different slot machines, such as fruits, gems, numbers, etc. Choose any slot machine you like. Then press the spin button to start playing.
  3. When you spin the reels, different symbols will stop at other positions. If you get matching symbols on the pay lines, you win! spin to winThe paylines and payout amounts are shown for each machine.
  4. You can win virtual coins and dollars. Coins are used for extra spins, and dollars are the main currency in Cash You aim to collect 100 dollars so you can cash out.
  5. While playing, look out for special symbols like wilds and scatters. Wilds act as any other symbol to help you win. Scatters give you extra free spins.
  6. You can watch short video ads for extra coins, dollars, or bonus rounds. This helps you earn more and progress faster in the game.

Be patient, as it may take a long time to reach $100. Also, remember that Cash Carnival is just for fun, not real money. So, play without any expectations of big payouts. Enjoy the game, and have fun spinning the reels!

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Cash Carnival Review: Is the App Real or Fake? 

Cash Carnival review: Cash Carnival is an app that promises to pay real money through playing slot games. However, many users have complained that the app must pay as advertised.

Initially, the app pays well, and you can easily earn $100 to cash out. But after playing for some time, the rewards start decreasing significantly. Many players report getting stuck at $99.80 and earning nothing in different cash carnival reviews.

The app claims you need $100 to withdraw money, but it is designed to prevent users from reaching that target. Some users have waited months without earning a single penny after getting close to $ carnival

A few people have received $2 Amazon gift cards after collecting 10 million in-game coins. But earning those coins through the slots takes a very long time, and you may waste more than $2 worth of your phone’s data while playing.

Overall, Cash Carnival looks enticing with its promises of real money rewards. But it is just a way to keep users playing endlessly without paying them as advertised. The chances of really earning $100 could be much higher. So, it is better to avoid this app if your goal is to make money. Some other legitimate apps and websites can pay you better for your time. Let us read further to determine if the cash carnival is real or fake.

How Does Cash Carnival Work?

Cash Carnival is a simple game to play. First, you must download the app from the Google Play Store for free. Then, you can create an account to start playing. In the game, you will see different slot machines that you can choose to play. 

All you have to do is spin the slot machine by clicking the spin button. You will win virtual tokens or cash if you get a winning combination listed in the paytable. You can collect these winnings as you play. how does cash carnival work

The game aims to encourage you to watch video ads by giving bonus spins. It also uses features like wild symbols and scatters to offer more winning chances.

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How Much Can You Win Playing Cash Carnival?

Cash Carnival claims you can win real cash prizes from $1 to $100. However, many user reviews suggest that this may be false. So with this, your doubt on whether cash carnival pays real money should be clear. 

According to users, the game initially offers higher rewards but decreases significantly as your balance increases. Many complain that rewards drop to 1-2 cents when the balance reaches $50. Some users even reported getting stuck at $99 without being able to achieve the $100 cash-out limit. So, relying on or predicting the exact amount you can win takes a lot of work. money

While a few users have received $2 Amazon gift cards, it is still being determined. Considering the low rewards, endless ads, and difficulty cashing out, it is not advisable to consider Cash Carnival a reliable way to make real money. It is best to view it only as a casual game. When looking for the best gambling apps, it is crucial to prioritize platforms that offer legitimate opportunities to win substantial amounts of money, provide secure transactions, and deliver a wide range of games.

Pros and Cons

Let us look at the pros and cons of the Cash Carnival:


  • Free to download and play; no in-app purchases required
  • Great graphics and engaging gameplay as a slots game
  • You can potentially earn small rewards like $2 Amazon gift cardssell amazon gift cards for cash
  • Fixed many technical glitches like the app crashing


  • Not a reliable way to earn meaningful moneymoney
  • Rewards decrease significantly after earning a certain amount
  • Many user complaints of not being able to cashout earningscashout
  • Lots of ads interrupting gameplayfrustrating ads in between game
  • It takes a very long time to reach cashout thresholds like $100
  • Risk of personal data and privacy issues from the app

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Games Like Cash Carnival

Cash Carnival is a mobile slot game where you can win real money rewards. However, many players have needed help to reach the $100 cashout limit. Here are some similar games that may be better alternatives:


Like Cash Carnival, Mistplay lets you earn rewards for playing mobile games. However, Mistplay is known for paying out rewards in cash or gift cards.mistplay You can earn around $0.50 per hour on Mistplay.


Swagbucks offers many ways to earn cash and gift cards, such as playing games, taking surveys, and watching videos. swagbucksPlayers say it’s easier to earn small Swagbucks payouts than Cash Carnival. You can cash out rewards starting at just $3.


Gamehag is another app that allows you to complete tasks like playing games to earn points.gamehag These points can be redeemed for gift cards from brands like Amazon, Starbucks, and Xbox. Players say Gamehag rewards are more consistent than Cash Carnival.

Rewarded Play

Like Cash Carnival, Rewarded Play is a game where you earn cash rewards by spinning slots. However, Cash Carnival Review says reaching the $10 minimum cashout on Rewarded Play is more accessible than the $100 limit on Cash Carnival.rewarded play app

So, while Cash Carnival sounds exciting, many need help getting paid. These alternatives offer a better chance to earn smaller but more consistent rewards.


Can you use cash on Carnival?

Yes, cash is accepted on Carnival cruise ships. However, debit/credit cards are often a more convenient payment option for onboard purchases.

What does a cash account mean on a Carnival cruise?

A cash account refers to adding money to your onboard cruise account before or during sailing. This works like a debit account where you can make purchases from various venues and have the amount deducted.

How much cash should I bring to Carnival?

Most passengers manage well with $50-200 in cash per person for the entire cruise. This covers extras like drinks, photos, shopping, etc. But you can always withdraw money from ATMs on the ship if needed.

How do I withdraw money from Carnival Cash?

To withdraw unused funds from your onboard cash account, visit the guest services desk before disembarking. They will process a refund back to your original payment method, usually within a few business days. No fees apply for withdrawing leftover cash balances.


Cash Carnival review: Despite small rewards and occasional cashouts, Cash Carnival is not a legitimate app. The rewards system is designed to keep users playing without reaching the withdrawal threshold, making it a game rather than a money-making opportunity. 

Therefore, it is best to view it as casual entertainment. However, if you’re interested in legitimate sites that offer payment for playing games online, several options are available. There are also a lot of genuine ways to make money without a car, which you can definitely try out. 

These platforms have established reputations and provide a more reliable and transparent way to earn money through gaming. Here’s the conclusion of the Cash Carnival Review.

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