4 Best Places to Sell Shoes for Cash (Near You & Online)

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You can certainly try selling sneakers for cash if you love shoes (or are a “sneakerhead”, as the cool kids like to say).

There is a sizable market without new, lightly worn shoes online and in your neighborhood.

So, if you’re looking for fresh side business concepts and trying to find an answer to “how to sell shoes near me”, you could always try reselling new or old pairs of shoes to earn some quick cash.

Knowing which website will help you locate buyers, get the most terrific deal, and have a positive selling experience overall is crucial, and that’s where this post comes in.

Continue reading to learn how to transform your pair of shoes into hard cash by learning about the best places that buy shoes near me.

What determines the condition of shoes?

The factors which determine the conditions of shoes are as follows:


Buyers will be discouraged from making high-priced purchases if there is wear and tear. It should go without saying that a brand-new pair of shoes that have not yet been worn will be worth more than an identical pair with scratches or marks.

shoes condition

Does the internal lining have any holes in it? Stains on the leather or fabric? Are the soles worsening? With the correct solution, dirt and stains may frequently be removed, but some wear will necessitate lowering your offering price.


Look into the shoe company; if it’s you or an expensive designer, you can charge more and sell the shoes more quickly. However, it will be challenging to sell low-end brand shoes rapidly.

A Limited edition and Trends

Specific footwear is in high demand due to the time of year or the collection it belongs to. Due to this, many people profit by flipping more expensive or exclusive brands like Supreme.

limited editions or trends

Purchasing items to resell is typically most profitable when you concentrate on items that are in demand and trendy.

Demand And Supply

Have you recently tried to purchase a pair of vintage New Balance shoes? It is not doable without spending three times as much.

That’s because demand for a pair is exceptionally high, and supply is relatively low. This proves that supply and demand are important considerations when setting the price of your shoes.


Because a more significant number of people have feet with comparable, some standard sizes, they tend to sell better than others. Therefore, a pair of shoes that is both rare and available in a standard size can command a higher price.

Where to Find Shoes to Sell Online for Money 

There are numerous locations where you may sell your unused shoes online. This segment will answer your question: “Places that buy shoes for cash near me”.

Here are some of the top ones:


Poshmark is one website that is undoubtedly effective for selling online. It is among the top locations selling clothing, shoes, and accessories.


Poshmark is a company that only deals with fashion, unlike other businesses on this list. It has a group of consumers, making it an ideal location for advertising.

Happily, listing an item on Poshmark is entirely free.

Additionally, shipping your items when they sell is free. You receive a pre-paid shipping label from Poshmark.


eBay is a fantastic platform for online shoe sales.


Although its costs may be hefty, the volume of traffic it receives somewhat outweighs this.

Since eBay is such a well-liked website, you can sell shoes there for cash. You should know the site’s costs if you sell on eBay.

For some listings on the internet, there are costs. Additionally, it deducts a portion of your sales revenue. It charges a commission of about 10%.


You can buy and sell everything there, from athletic goods to books. Additionally, you can list shoes there.


It resembles Craigslist or eBay in several ways. Customers can buy your shoes if you list them for sale there. The best thing about iOffer is that listing an item is free.

Similar to eBay, it charges a final value fee.

Flight Club 

On the web marketplace Flight Club, you may sell your sneakers. This is one of the greatest sites to sell extra sneakers if you want to make money from them.

flight club

Flight Club is the place to sell your sneakers, whether they are for men, women, or children.

Sell shoes near me 

Where can I sell my shoes for cash near me?

There are places where one can buy shoes for cash near them. Making some additional cash by selling your shoes for cash is a simple and efficient method. Your lightly used shoes might sell reasonably if you find the proper buyer.

shoes near me

Additionally, cleaning up your closet will assist. Therefore, you’re lucky if you want to profit from your shoes. You may quickly and conveniently earn some extra money because there are several sites to sell your shoes nearby.

Post a classified ad in your neighborhood paper

Setting up a newspaper ad is an excellent approach to contact potential customers who have restricted Web access or have trouble using modern technologies, even though it’s a traditional and rather expensive strategy.

Tell a friend or family member

A sneakerhead, you know? You can text, email, or meet in person to transact business. How about some easy cash?

Browse a consignment shop 

Your items can be sold through consignment shops in exchange for a commission.

Show an employee your shoe as you enter. After inspecting them, they’ll set a price and keep the shoes on display until someone buys them. This method is not the greatest to employ if you urgently need money because it could take weeks or months.

Visit a pawn shop

Unless you barter for a higher price in pawn shops, you typically receive less than an item’s market value. It is a quick method to earn extra spending money, though.

Tips for Protecting Yourself When Buying and Selling Items Online or Offline 

Here, we’ll go through some basic measures you may take to safeguard yourself while selling locally or online.

buying and selling shoes

Although there are many online shopping scams in which scammers appear as genuine vendors, you don’t have to worry about scams or other safety concerns if you sell your items straight to a trusted organization. You should take several measures if you sell an item online and the buyer picks it up from you.

There are some hidden dangers.

If something sounds too worth a try, it probably is to borrow a phrase from a well-known proverb. If someone makes you an additional offer for something, this is typically proof of fraud.

Some individuals will issue you a cheque for a more significant sum and request that you transfer the money back to them.

Many people are susceptible to this type of deception. It would be beneficial if you were falling lying about these scams. It will help if you exercise caution regarding the chosen mode of payment.

Beware of customers who ask to pay you with a method other than the one supported by the platform you’re selling on.

Avoid having meetings alone with potential customers.

Never arrange a meeting in your home. Any busy area, like the street in front of your local Walmart or the police station across the street, is ideal.

Connecting with strangers alone is not advised, so take someone with you to the meeting if you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it beneficial to start an online shoe store?

A typical internet store that sells shoes online generates roughly $800,000. The company's net income is over $100,000. In other words, you may bet on a significant return on investment (around 50%). So indeed, the idea of selling shoes online seems to be quite profitable.

Why are resale shoes so expensive?

Because of their scarcity and demand, these sneakers will skyrocket in price once they hit the secondary market. The retail value of their packaging will thus increase dramatically. If you plan to sell your sneakers, then be ready to pay a portion of the profit since everyone wants a cut.

Is there a method of making a living off of selling shoes?

Self-starters with a passion for the sneaker industry can find success. If you put in the time and effort, you could even be able to earn enough to quit your day job. If you're going to establish a business, it's easier to put in the work if it's something you're enthusiastic about.

How can I sell shoes near me for cheap?

You can save money by purchasing in bulk or at a discount from close friends at garage sales or flea markets. You'll have to hunt more than your competition to acquire cheap sneakers at the proper price. It would help if you initially looked in your closet for affordable shoes to resell. Try looking at second-hand stores if that doesn't work.


Finally, selling shoes near me for cash can be an excellent method to earn extra income quickly. It is simple to select the finest choice for your needs with local and online options. Whether you want to sell used shoes or start a business, studying and contrasting various platforms will help you make sure you get the most out of your transaction.