Earn Haus Review: Legit Survey Site or Scam? 

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Earn Haus makes earning rewards for doing simple online tasks in your spare time fun and easy. We’ve been using their survey site for months with no complaints – the payments add up! Try it; you might discover a new way to earn cash with the Earn Haus review.

Earn Haus allows people to earn money by taking surveys online. While some users get paid quickly, others need higher pay and approval issues. It seems okay but has risks, so be careful giving personal details until you try other survey sites.

Over the following sections in the Earn Haus review, we will break down what the site is about, how much money people have reportedly made, and what others say about their experience. This should give readers a well-rounded perspective to determine if trying surveys on Earn Haus is a good fit or if exploring alternatives may be safer.

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What is Earn Haus? How Does it Work? 

Earn Haus is an online survey platform that allows users to make money by completing surveys. It was started in 2021 and is based in the United States. On Earn Haus, people worldwide can sign up for free and start taking surveys to earn cash.

earn haus working

Once you create an account, you will see different surveys available on various topics. These can be about brands, products, current events, political issues, etc. To make money, choose a survey you are interested in and answer the questions. Most surveys take around 5-10 minutes to complete. After finishing, the money will be added to your Earn Haus account. 

Earn Haus pays users using PayPal or Venmo so you can cash out your earnings easily. Taking surveys with Earn Haus is a fun and simple way to make extra money from home in your free time.

Earn Haus Review: Getting Started 

Let us walk you through getting set up with Earnhaus.com reviews step-by-step:

  1. Sign Up: Creating a free Earn Haus account is easy. You need to provide your email address or phone number.earn haus website
  2. Verify Account: After signing up, you will receive an email or text to verify your account. This process usually takes 1-2 days.create account in earn haus
  3. Take Surveys: Once verified, you can start taking surveys right away. A variety of topics are available daily.survey on earn haus

Complete each survey, and the money will be added to your Earn Haus balance. Surveys usually pay between $0.10 to $1.You must earn a minimum of $5 before requesting a payout. This ensures users put real effort in.

When you hit $5, you can withdraw your money via PayPal or Venmo. Payouts are sent within a few days. Take surveys in your free time to earn more cash. The more surveys completed, the more money made over time.

So, signing up is simple, and starting to earn money only requires finishing surveys. Just be aware that individual payouts are small, so consistent effort is needed over weeks to build meaningful balances.

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Earning Potential

So, next in our Earn Haus review is how much money you can make by taking surveys with Earn Haus. The earning potential varies depending on the surveys you qualify for and complete. Generally, you’re looking at anywhere from 25 cents to a few dollars per survey.

Some surveys will be short and sweet, taking just a few minutes to blast through. Those usually pay on the lower end, but it all adds up over time. Then, some more in-depth surveys can cost a few bucks each. Those typically take 10-15 minutes to finish.

The longer surveys are less common, though. Most pay around 50 cents to $1 per survey. And you’ll only qualify for a handful each day or week since Earn Haus has to match you with the right opportunities.


Regarding how much you could earn, most people report making $5-$10 per month if they hop on and do a survey or two each week. But if you dedicate an hour or two daily, $50-$100 monthly is achievable. Just keep in mind it does take some time to build up a nice little pile of cash.

Overall, the earning potential is decent for some fun spare change. But expect it to be something other than your full-time job or pay all your bills. Treat it more like scoring a few extra bucks here and there.

As long as your expectations are checked, it can be worth checking out Earn Haus to see if the surveys fit you. If you’re exploring opportunities for kids to make money online through surveys, Earn Haus could offer a suitable platform.

Legitimacy and Safety

When it comes to whether Earn Haus legit or not, they check out as a real deal. The site earned a perfect 100/100 score on scam detection tests, which means it’s considered very safe and trustworthy.

That said, no site is entirely risk-free. A few things give me a slight pause on the safety front. For one, it always needs to be more apparent when a company shares little info about who owns and runs it. Earn Haus needs to be more specific on those details.


Also, some users report issues like getting spam calls after signing up. That could happen with any site, but it could be better. And asking for ID pics and other private info to verify surveys is a red flag, even if they claim it’s standard practice.

Overall, though, most signs point to Earn Haus being up and up. The interface seems legit, and they pay out through trusted payment methods like PayPal. As long as you’re cautious about what data you share, the risk of anything shady happening is low.

Use your best judgment. Only sign up if you feel comfortable with their privacy practices. And don’t put all your trust in any one site – it’s safer to diversify where you take surveys, just in case. But Earn Haus itself seems as safe as any other option out there.

User Interface and Experience

The setup process is pretty straightforward. Signing up takes a few minutes – you can use your email, phone number, or Google account. After that, the website is easy to navigate, so you can start taking surveys immediately.

The interface lets you find new surveys in a snap. You’ll see a list of polls, so picking the ones you’re interested in is a breeze. Taking the surveys is simple, too – just read the questions and submit your answers.

user interface

You’ll need to verify some personal details before starting, though. This part made some folks uncomfortable since it involved private stuff like ID pics. A few people also ran into issues with verification needing to be fixed.

So, just be cautious about what info you share until you feel sure about a site. Besides that, the layout is clean, and surveys are a snap. Finding polls and submitting answers is quick and painless.

Overall, the website makes completing surveys a breezy process. Watch out for the verification stage, asking for personal details until you know you believe in a place. But generally, they keep things simple to use so you can earn money with minimal hassle. Also, one can quickly and easily make money online by playing games on apps like JustPlay

Pros and Cons

Let us look at the Pros and Cons section from the Earn Haus review:

The Good Stuff

  • It’s free to join up on Earn Haus. No fees or charges at all.
  • The website makes it a breeze to find surveys. Just click around, and you’ll see options in no time.
  • You can earn real money! Once you fill out polls, they’ll send cash via PayPal or Venmo.

pros and cons

Things To Watch Out For

  • Some folks said the surveys paid little. It might not be worth your time if they only give you pennies.
  • A few people ran into issues getting their surveys approved. Had to send IDs or something, which felt weird.
  • The selection of surveys could be better. There are sometimes many options so that you might get bored quickly.

So, it’s a free service that lets you earn cash. But money could be low, and the approval process raises eyebrows. Selection also may keep you from getting engaged long-term.

All in all, it’s okay to try out as long as you know the downsides. Just don’t expect to get rich, that is all! It might be better to mix it with other money-making sites.

User Reviews and Feedback

Many folks have tried out Earn Haus to make cash by doing surveys. The Earn Haus review from everyone has been have been mixed.

Review as per Trustpilot

As per the reviews on Trustpilot, Earnhaus has received positive feedback from users. Many reviewers have mentioned that it is an easy platform to earn money by completing surveys.

earn haus on trustpilot

Some highlighted that the payment is processed fast on Earnhaus. Users have appreciated the variety of surveys available. With over 1,800 reviews and an average rating of 4.1, Earnhaus is a trusted website based on what users have shared about their experience.

You have to look at the good and bad Earn Haus survey reviews to decide if it’s worth giving a shot for yourself. Consider both sides before joining up. That’ll help you know what you might be getting into!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Earnhaus?

The best way to contact their friendly support team is through the contact form on their website at earnhaus.com. You may contact them at their email ID [email protected].

How do I earn money online?

There are lots of ways to earn extra cash online. Two easy options are taking surveys in your free time or selling your skills as a freelancer. Earnhaus features many opportunities to fit different schedules and abilities. You can check them out and see which might be a good fit for you.

How can I make money part-time?

Freelancing is an excellent option if you want to make some extra money on the side of your regular job or responsibilities. Skills like writing, customer service, and social media management can often be done remotely in your spare time. You can also earn rewards for searching the web, taking surveys, or testing apps.

Does any of this cost money?

Nope, everything on Earnhaus is entirely free to use! They never charge fees to sign up, complete tasks, or cash out your earnings. The opportunities are there, so you get paid for your time and effort.


That concludes the Earn Haus reviews. The experiences reported vary significantly – some users enjoy taking the surveys and receiving prompt payments. However, the risks may outweigh the potential rewards based on issues others have encountered.

Consider exploring alternative survey sites before providing personal information on Earn Haus. In any case, always take care to protect private details online.

If you’re looking for other platforms to earn cash, consider exploring apps like Field Agent. Please provide feedback if you want to get a review for any other platform.

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