How to Get Free Stays at Hotels: 6 Ways in 2024

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When you see images of friends and family visiting significant areas like Hawaii, it might give you a case of FOMO (fear of missing out), which causes you to wish that you had the financial means to take trips of that caliber. Perhaps you are unaware that you have the financial means to purchase it at this time.

There is a chance that you won’t need to spend thousands of dollars on annual travel expenses. This may happen. You might be able to find methods to stay in hotels for free. If you use your credit cards in the appropriate way (or almost free).

How to get free stays at Hotels

The following are some straightforward credit card strategies that, if implemented, can completely transform the way you go on vacation. Read on to find out how to take more trips without breaking the bank.

How To Get Free Stays At Hotels

Many young travel bloggers and influencers cherish the hope that one day they can travel without cost. Collaborating with local hotels in exchange for complimentary stays is one component of this plan. 

This might seem like a silly idea. But we sincerely wish to share with you all the secrets on how to get free hotel stays in this post. You can try reaching out to hotels and combine work and leisure!

Join A Loyalty Program At Your Hotel

You can earn points (through hotel accommodation, flights, and card payments). Then redeem those points for free nights at almost any major hotel chain.

The vast majority of the major hotel companies own loyalty programmes since they are extremely profitable. So if you are thinking about how to get free stays at hotels, loyalty programs are a good solution.

Additionally, members of these reward programs are eligible for additional advantages, including complimentary upgrades, breakfast, and WiFi. 

How to get free stays at Hotels:

The only requirement is that you arrange your stays at the hotel either on the property’s website or through a travel agent. It is part of the Virtuoso network. The following four considerations will help you choose the hotel loyalty program that best suits your needs:

The number of hotels that are under the chain’s ownership (as the larger chains offer more options to earn and redeem points)

The advantages that are most significant in your eyes.

Obtain A Credit Card That Bears The Name Of Your Hotel

If you prefer a specific hotel chain, purchasing a card with their name on it may be a good idea. Generally speaking, you will earn more reward points at a branded hotel. Credit cards can be a good option if you are thinking about how to get free stays at hotels.

You may earn 17X credits at hotel chains by participating in the Marriott Bonvoy program with the Marriott Bonvoy Boundless Credit Card. 3X points in supermarkets, service stations, and food outlets on the first $6,000 you invest every year; and 2X points on all other transactions with the card.

How to get free stays at Hotels

You might be able to earn a free night for as low as 6,000 points, depending on the hotel you stay at and the date of your reservation.

On your card registration anniversary, the Boundless Card provides you a complimentary night’s stay at a property of your choice, valued at up to 35,000 points. 

There is a possibility that the $95 annual cost for this card will be justified for some individuals. Due to the ease with which points can be accumulated and the complimentary night’s stay provided each year.

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Cashback Card

Consider getting a cashback credit card if you want something more adaptable than a co-branded one. You can get cash back on your purchases using a credit card that offers cash back incentives. 

The best thing is that you cannot spend this money in any way you see fit. Therefore, don’t exclusively concentrate on a specific hotel chain if we are talking about hotels.

How to get free stays at Hotels

Cash backs do not immediately earn you free hotel stays like the co-branded credit cards discussed in this article. However, you can always rely on any cash back you generate as travel money that you can invest in hotels. 

At any time, you can choose to do this. Credit cards with cash-back incentives are plentiful for customers with fair credit.

While the hotel credit cards mentioned above are typically only made accessible to customers with exceptional credit, there are exceptions.

Cashback cards are also helpful because they favor ordinary purchases over hotel expenditures more often than other transactions. 

It cannot be easy to accumulate points with hotel and travel cards if you do not frequently stay in hotels. However, if you use a cashback card, you will receive points for ordinary expenditures like food and gas.

Frequent Flier Program

Most airlines present their loyal customers with the opportunity to participate in frequent flyer programs. These will earn you miles, which you can then exchange for free hotel stays, additions, car rentals, and flights. You may also be eligible for other free stuff.

There are a few instances where redeeming your miles for free hotel stays is the most financially advantageous way to spend them. Even though this is not always the case. 

frequent flier program

The following are some of the most beneficial frequent flyer programs available to obtain a free night’s stay at your preferred five-star hotel chain.

Marriott Bonvoy has formed partnerships with several different airlines, like Emirates and Skywards, among others. 

Members of Marriott Bonvoy have the option to earn three points for every dollar spent on Emirates flights through the Your World Reward programme.

In addition to the Skywards Miles they have, they can be redeemed by members for free hotel stays at a selection of the hotel chain’s properties. 

Additionally, members are given special privileges within the airport, such as priority booking and priority departure.

As a result of a partnership between Hyatt Hotels and American Airlines (AA), frequent fliers will now receive even more value for their travels. 

Members of the World of Hyatt program can gain extra points for each dollar spent on an American Airlines flight and the AAdvantage miles earned from flying American Airlines. 

Similarly, you may earn 1,000 bonus points with American Airlines for each qualifying stay at any one of the more than 130 Hyatt hotels located worldwide.

Additionally, Hilton Hotels has established ties with several other airlines, the most notable of which is American Airlines

You can accumulate additional Hilton Honors points so long as you have an American Express card that confers membership rewards points. It comprises the AmEx Credit Card, Gold Card, Platinum Card, and Green Card. The ratio of the two is 1 to 2. 

Hence the conversion rate is as follows: To redeem a couple of free hotel nights with Hilton Honors, you will need to convert 1,000 AmEx points into 2,000 Hilton Honors points.

Become An Influencer

You have probably heard of people who, as a result of their popularity on social media, receive a large number of free stuff.

To be eligible for free hotel stays, you must develop a following on a platform where you discuss travel, such as a blog, a YouTube channel, a Facebook page, an Instagram page, or any other available possibilities. Social media is an excellent solution if you are wondering how to get free hotel stays.

become an influencer

There are a lot of bloggers out there who, in addition to making money with their travel blogs, also get a lot of free stuff from hotels, travel sites, and other businesses in the travel industry.

Now, to become influential, you will need time and commitment. Therefore, there is no simple method to get free hotel stays. Therefore, you should be ready to put in significant effort and devotion.

Use Booking Site Points

If saving money on your hotel stays is more important than sticking with a particular brand, you should make all your reservations through an aggregating website such as Expedia. 

These online travel agencies also come equipped with their very own loyalty programs. When you make a reservation through your chosen booking site, you can accrue points that can be exchanged for free hotel stays and other kinds of travel credits.

use booking site points

You will, of course, want to consider this in light of the potential advantages you could derive from being a devoted customer of a single hotel chain. 

Investigate the various programs, determine where you want to go, and then decide whether you would benefit more from using an aggregated booking service and the rewards program it offers or whether you would be better off sticking with a single chain that you genuinely love.


What is a complimentary stay at a hotel?

You don't need to pay for any of the hotel's services even though you have been granted permission to stay there as a guest, thanks to the hotel's offering of complimentary accommodation. If an airline passenger's flight is delayed or canceled, the airline's office will typically be able to connect with a hotel that will accept all of the airline's guests.

Can I check into a hotel if someone else paid for it?

You can use your credit card to reserve a hotel room for another person as long as you make sure to identify that individual as the visitor when you make the reservation. When checking into their hotel room, the individual whose room you reserve with your credit card will be required to present a photo identification document in addition to a credit card that bears their name and is valid for incidental charges.

Can you pay for a hotel in cash?

Cash payments are accepted at most hotels and are typically handled straightforwardly. Most hotels are happy to take cash payments. You must inform the front desk when you check out that you would want to pay the bill with cash. By calling them in advance, you must ensure that the hotel will take cash payments before check-in.


It is possible to get free accommodation in hotels. You only need to be aware of the proper procedure!

Follow the advice given above. You might be able to get free nights at hotels all around the world.

And because you won’t have to spend money on hotel rooms, you’ll have more money to spend on other travel expenses.

Discovering new places and taking in new views is a lovely experience. It doesn’t matter if the journey takes you across the nation or to an entirely different continent.

In addition, it doesn’t need to cost you a significant amount of money, nor should it.

You will be able to get a free night’s stay at a hotel if you put one of our suggestions to use. Such as enrolling in one of the fantastic reward programs we discussed, obtaining a credit card that offers travel rewards, or working with businesses such as this one and this one that pays you to travel.

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