7 Best Interior Design Side Hustle to Try

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Interior design is an innovative and rewarding subject that permits individuals to transform spaces into lovely and practical environments. While many interior designers work full-time, there are many possibilities to explore interior design side hustles and supplement your profits.

In the ever-evolving world of indoor design, there are continuously new possibilities emerging for proficient designers to show off their abilities. These side hustles include freelance projects, online consultations, selling services on Amazon, and many more.

In this article, we discuss some of the great interior design side hustles you may try to make money. Whether you are a seasoned interior fashion designer or just starting inside the enterprise, those side hustles offer unique possibilities to show off your skills and earn extra income.

Top 7 Interior Design Side Hustles to Try

Some of the top Interior design side hustles include Freelance Interior design projects, Online Interior design consultations, Selling your design services on Amazon, Interior design workshops and classes, Virtual staging services, Home organization and decluttering Airbnb, and vacation rental design.

Freelance Interior Design Projects

One of the most common methods interior designers make cash on the side is taking over freelance design projects.

Freelance Interior Design Projects 

Many people are trying to spruce up their houses, places of work, or retail spaces, and they regularly searching for the knowledge of a professional indoor dressmaker. You can provide your offerings online via Upwork, Fiverr, or your website.

Make sure to exhibit your portfolio and past designings to draw capability clients. By taking on freelance indoor design projects, you could set your costs and select tasks that align with your competencies and pursuits.

This interior design side hustle lets you design on your terms and build a consumer base, imparting you with a flexible source of income.

Visit: Freelance Interior Design Projects 

Online Interior Design Consultations

Thanks to the internet, you can now provide digital indoor design consultations to customers worldwide. Remote consultations have become increasingly popular, allowing interior designers to design with customers without being physically present.

Online Interior Design Consultations 

You can use video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Skype, or Google Meet to speak about design ideas, offer steerage, and provide guidelines for your customers. 

To promote your online indoor design consulting offerings, create an expert internet site and interact in advertising techniques to attain ability customers.

In the vibrant world of interior design, savvy use of operating leverage is key for designers eager to expand their horizons. By smartly managing costs, they can launch lucrative side hustles like virtual staging or online consultations, tapping into their portfolios to boost income without hefty expenses. This strategic move not only showcases their creativity but also turns their passion into a profitable, diverse income stream, marrying financial acumen with design excellence.

Sell Your Design Services on Amazon

If you want a unique side hustle, promote your indoor design services on Amazon. Amazon offers a platform called Amazon Home Services, where customers can locate local specialists for diverse domestic-related offerings, which include interior layout.

Sell Your Design Services on Amazon 

You can create a profile, list your offerings, and reach a sizeable purchaser base. To make money through Amazon interior design jobs, make your profile properly detailed and include evaluations from glad clients.

In this manner, you could attract extra customers who are in search of indoor design assistance. 

Interior Design Workshops and Classes

Another moneymaking interior design side hustle for interior designers is providing workshops and training. Sharing your understanding and know-how with others can be a profitable manner to make cash.

Interior Design Workshops and Classes 

You can organize in-man or woman workshops or online classes, overlaying topics like color concept, furnishings arrangement, or layout developments.

Promote your workshops and classes through social media, nearby community facilities, or instructional platforms like Udemy. In addition, This side hustle not only generates earnings but also establishes you as an authority inside the discipline.

Virtual Staging Services

Virtual staging is a price-powerful and famous answer for actual estate agents and house owners trying to beautify the enchantment of vacant homes. As an interior designer, you could provide digital staging services by digitally furnishing and adorning areas.

Virtual Staging Services 

This includes especially creating a visually appealing representation for ability shoppers. You can market your digital staging services to actual property specialists or people trying to promote their houses.

Therefore, This interior design side hustle is a creative manner to use your indoor layout capabilities and make money on the side. 

Home Organization and Decluttering

Many humans conflict with muddling and disorganization in their houses. Offer your expertise as an indoor dressmaker to help clients organize and declutter their dwelling areas.

Home Organization and Decluttering 

By applying your design feel, you may create greater functional and aesthetically attractive environments.

You can provide in-person domestic corporation and decluttering offerings, or especially provide virtual consultations wherein you guide customers on the way to address muddles on their very own.

In addition, This interior design side hustle not only enables customers to lead more prepared lives but also brings in more earnings for you.

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 Airbnb and Vacation Rental Design

The upward push of Airbnb and excursion leases has created a demand for properly designed, alluring homes. As an interior fashion designer, you could focus on reworking these spaces into inviting and snug getaways.

 Airbnb and Vacation Rental Design

Offer your offerings to property proprietors or Airbnb hosts looking to enhance the visual attraction of their listings.

Create an Airbnb layout portfolio showcasing your preceding projects and market your services through property management agencies or online condominium platforms.

Also, This side hustle lets you make money by turning ordinary spaces into memorable and profitable accommodations.

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Can interior designing be a side hustle?

Interior design as a side hustle is a real opportunity. Many people are expanding their options to become interior designers after completing traditional college.

Which country pays interior designers the most?

Russia pays one of the highest salaries for interior designers.

Where do interior designers get ideas?

Bookstores, museums, art and furniture stores, antique markets, and clothing stores are all good ideas to get you started in the type of layout you're interested in (leisure, traditional, mid-century modern, luxury, futuristic) to create a strong environment for your ideas.


Interior layout side hustles are a first-rate way for designers to leverage their abilities and passion while earning more income. Whether you are an established interior designer or just beginning, there are numerous opportunities to explore.

From freelance projects and online consultations to home corporation services, these interior design side hustles offer numerous approaches. Also, This helps to show off your skills and make cash as an indoor designer.

Don’t forget to recall selling your layout offerings on structures like Amazon Home Services for a broader attain. In addition, With determination and a creative technique, you may flip your interior layout knowledge into a beneficial side hustle.

In conclusion, interior layout side hustles are a possible route to supplement your earnings and construct a thriving profession within the layout industry.

Therefore, embody your innovative spirit, market your services correctly, and begin exploring the sector of interior layout side hustles today.

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