15 Ways to Get Free Posters by Mail

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Get free posters by mail. You could be searching for some free posters, whether it be for your house, business, or school.

The internet has many free resources, including wall art, calendars, maps, and wallpaper samples.

free poster

In this article, We’ll discuss another thing you may receive for nothing: posters.

You can receive free posters by mail. Many of these are instructional posters created for teachers, although many are also available to anyone who is not an educator.

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Ways to get Free Posters by Mail

There is a list of resources for getting free posters by mail below. Browse the selection and discover what interests you because many different posters are available.

Discover the World posters

Teachers are the only ones who may use this. Since the address you’re required to include on the form must be a genuine school address, valid email address, and legitimate school name, there is no getting around it.

discover the world

Pick from a variety of fantastic geographic and scientific topics. Since they are coming from the UK, it can take longer for them to arrive if you live in the US.

National Poetry Month 

Visit Poets.org in February or March to be the first to see the organization’s yearly poster design.

national poetry month

A printable PDF will replace the poster if you are late to the deadline. Print it yourself.


Their posters are downloadable and feature

we are teachers

  • School regulations posters
  • viewing signs
  • Recycling posters
  • Motivating posters

And a lot more.

Teachers are the target audience for the posters. These are available for download and printing if you want to foster a friendly and supportive atmosphere in your office or school.

Discover the World of Education

Geographical Association and Discover the World Education have teamed together to increase geography students’ access to the subject of international studies.

The provision of free geography resources, including posters, is one of the features fulfill there.

discover the world education

From Discover the World Education, teachers may order free posters via mail. Additionally, there is a wide range of scientific and geography posters.

Discover the World Education prohibits sending posters outside valid school addresses and email accounts.


The CDC provides several complimentary eye health posters, and you can get extra copies of the posters you’re interested in.


CDC will send you the posters for no charge. If you’re buying at most five, they ask that you download the posters instead.

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Posters about moms’ mental health are available free of charge from the NICHD.

The main message of the poster is health education for pregnant women who experience sadness and anxiety.


These posters, which measure 17 by 23 inches and come in groups of five, are titled Moms’ Mental Health Matters: Happiest Time. 

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory is a research facility that receives funding from NASA, the world’s top organization for studying and discovering extraterrestrial life.


Although you cannot obtain free copies of posters, you may download some stunning posters from The Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

These motivational posters are available for printing and downloading to freshen up your bedroom wall. However, before moving on, please review the JPL Image Use Policy.


On Etsy, a developing online marketplace, independent artists and artisans may sell their one-of-a-kind products.

Beautiful wall art and posters are inexpensively available on Etsy. Options include both colorful and straightforward styles.


The majority of the prints are reasonably priced and come with free delivery.


PosterMyWall You may create original posters with PosterMyWall’s free tool without needing to be an expert in design.

Create an account, then utilize the template posters to make your own. There are several templates available for download.

poster my wall

The photographs of standard quality complement each other. However, access to a high-resolution file design requires payment.

Using our website and opening an account is free. Standard-quality picture downloads are available here. 

Urban Outfitters

An online retailer, Urban Outfitters, has a section for homes that sells inexpensive wall art and posters.

urban outfitters

With costs starting at just $10 per print, you may purchase colorful posters for your house. Some of the designs may be framed as well.


A free online graphic design tool is Canva. You can use Canva to make posters, movies, flyers, presentations, social media posts, and more.


On Canva, you can find and download various posters for nothing. The free copies should be sought out because not all templates are free.

Free WWF Fundraising Pack

Free promotional tools from the World Wide Fund for Nature, formerly known as the World Wildlife Fund, include a pamphlet with fundraising ideas, posters, collection boxes, stickers, and other marketing materials.

wwf fundraising pack

You must complete the form and include information about your intended fundraising strategy. This package was delivered before COVID-19, around 5 weeks after applying.

SleepEducation.org Poster

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s establishment of the program was a component of the National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project.

This “Healthy Sleep Duration” poster is helpful for kids and adults, particularly those who are sleep deprived.

sleep education

Only US addresses are eligible for the complimentary poster, which is 16 by 22. Send an email to [email protected] with “Free Healthy Sleep Duration Poster” as the subject line to receive your free poster.

Remember to include the necessary number of posters, your name, school or workplace, postal address, and location.

National Institute of Drug Abuse

Posters highlighting the consequences of drug misuse and incorrect prescription drug usage are available from the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

national institute of drug abuse

There are several different posters from which to pick. Additionally, they are free to obtain.

Smithsonian Institute Jazz Month Posters

Each year, The Smithsonian Jazz releases a commemorative poster to honor the men and women who contributed to the development of jazz.

The poster will be delivers to your home immediately if you order one for the current year.

jazz month poster

Past posters, however, are only accessible online. However, you may download them and print them on your own.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best way to print a poster?

To get your posters printed, we advise utilizing a reputable local printing company. The tiled configuration, however, allows you to print posters at home.

What poster has the most significant iconic appeal?

The Moulin Rouge poster as we know it was created in France in the 19th century when a fresh approach to promoting goods, exhibits, and events emerged. Jules Chéret sometimes referred to as the 'father of the poster', was one of the pioneers of the brand-new four-color lithographic print technique. This is his advertisement from 1890 for Paris's Moulin Rouge nightclub.


It’s time to freshen up your drab apartment, dorm room, workspace, or lecture hall. The dramatic impact of fine art and paintings may be lacking in posters; however, they are a fantastic way to give your area a splash of color and style.

Although these aren’t paintings or other works of art, they are fantastic.

Suppose you want to add flair to an uninteresting wall in your workplace, garage, or other space. Check out the websites mentioned above for free posters by mail.

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