7 Best Ways to Get Free Air For Tires In 2023

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If you own an automobile, there is a good chance that you know how annoying tires can be. We are not just talking about the care they need, but even small and unavoidable tasks like inflating the tires, applying patches when there is a small rupture, etc. You can inflate tires, and some of you might even choose to go to a mechanic to get it done. That is neither pocket-friendly nor necessary. So it’s understandable that you’d look for ways to get free air for tires.

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Best Ways To Get Free Air In Tires

This guide helps you find the best way to get free tire air.

Buy An Air Compressor

This method requires a little starting investment, but it pays for itself in the long run. Usually, at the gas stations, you need to pay around 2$ to use the air compressor. Now, consider this, if you own an air compressor, you’d be saving all that money that you would have spent at the gas stations. 

If you have an air compressor, you also don’t have to worry about having a spare tire in the back all the time. Of course, it is recommended since the deflation of tires is not the only problem you might face. 

Having an air compressor is also beneficial in a lot of other ways. You can even use that for your friends’ cars. So you can pool some money with your friends to buy a good portable air compressor. 

Check For Free Gas Stations

This might be a long shot, but a lot of regions have gas stations with free air. However, not many national gas stations offer these services, so it might be a little hard to find them. There are many websites to help you find all the gas stations near you that offer free air. So be sure to check them out. 

gas station
Gas station

To get free air at a gas station that offers it, all you need to do is ask the cashier to turn the air compressor on. Now, some gas stations always keep them so you can get air there all day long. 

Some gas stations offer free-to-air only for bike tires. It will help if you are careful about choosing the right gas station. If you are using standard maps available on Reddit, you should look out for pink-marked gas stations rather than the green ones. Green marked gas stations mostly offer free air services only to the bike tires. So this is a great way to get free air for tires.

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Go To Your Oil Change Shop

If you get the oil in your vehicle changed by someone else, it is pretty normal for them to offer free air for the tires. Most oil change places offer free pressure checks for your tires, fluid top-offs, and free air for the tires. This could be a way to get free air near me.

oil change
Oil change

Some national oil change brands offer free services as such on your every visit. Pep Boys, Valvoline, Jiffy Lube, offer free fluid top-offs, free pressure checks, free air, and a lot more free features that make you want to go back to them. 

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Check Out Your Tire Shop

 This is the most obvious method of all the methods. If you got your tires fixed in a shop nearby, there is a good chance that they offer free tire services to you. However, if you bought the tires online, you will have to check if they offer you free services at the service centers. 

Tire shops Free air for tires
Tire shops

Some tire brands like Discount Tires offer free air for the tires to everyone. You need not be a customer for this amazing feature. Some brands also offer free tire checkups every month or two. So, it’d be pocket-friendly to get free air for tires and also free tire air near me.

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Check Out Your Car Trunk

If you own a car, the chances are that you already have a small air compressor. Just check out your Car’s trunk once. If you didn’t get an air compressor with your car, you must’ve gotten a tire repair kit when you bought your tires at least. 

car trunk Free air for tires
Car trunk

These tire repair kits contain small air compressors that you can use to inflate the tires. However, these air compressors might be a bit less strong than the dedicated ones you can buy online. So you might have to spend a little more power while pumping in the air. Nevertheless, it is free and pocket-friendly. 

If you didn’t get a tire repair kit, it would save a lot of your money and effort if you buy one. With a. Tire repair kit, you will also get a tire patch set and other necessary items to repair the tires. 

Use A Bike Pump

Now, this method is sweaty and involves some muscle work. If you have a bike pump, you can use it to fill your car tire. It’s hard, but it’s exercise, and it’s a free air pump near me.

bike pump Free air for tires
Bike pump

Using a bike pump takes a lot of time since the pressure inside a car’s tire is far higher than that of a bike’s tire. However, if you don’t mind working out for a few minutes, you will have exercised today and inflated your tire for no money, a double bonanza. It’s a cheap way to get free air for tires.

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Portable Car Air Pumps 

Imagine you are stranded with no nearby workshops. Instead of waiting for help to arrive, having a tire inflator would be helpful and saves time. Many e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and shopclues provide affordable tire inflators. Amazons’ best tire inflators are the TUSA car tire inflator, iBELL IBL tire inflator, RNG, WINDEK, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get my tires aired up for free?

There are several ways you can get your tires aired up, like by buying an air compressor, checking out for free gas stations nearby, using a bike pump, buying a portable air pump online, etc.

Can I use a bike pump to fill the tires of my car?

You can definitely use a bike pump to inflate your car's tires, but it would be a very hardworking task and also take a lot of time since it will fill up the tire very slowly. But since it's cheap, you can go for it.

Where can I buy car air pumps?

At affordable prices, one can easily find portable car air pumps on shopping websites like Flipkart, Amazon, and Shopclues.


Getting free air for tires can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a gas station nearby that provides free air. However, if you’d want to have more benefits or get free air for the long runs, we suggest you either get a portable air compressor or a tire repair kit. 

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