Who Buys Car Batteries? 8 Best Places to Sell Car Batteries 

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In this article, we’ll walk you through the range of potential purchasers for your used vehicle batteries and list eight locations. We’ll look at who buys car batteries to optimize your earning potential. 

Some locations where you can sell car batteries include auto repair shops, car dealerships, scrap yards, online marketplaces (eBay, Craigslist), battery retailers, specialty battery shops, online marketplaces (BatteryJunction.com, BatteryStuff.com), and selling directly to mechanics or technicians.

car battery

But there’s more! Whether you’re an experienced seller or brand-new to the market, we have insightful information to support you in making wise choices and maximizing your selling potential. We’ll also detail the crucial elements to consider when figuring out how much your battery is worth, offer professional advice on how to get your battery ready for sale, and address any worries you might have with answers to commonly asked questions. Continue reading to learn more and ensure your vehicle battery sale is successful!

Who Buys Car Batteries? Top Recommendations

Car batteries are crucial parts of every vehicle’s electrical system. Working automobile batteries provide the required electricity to start the engine and operate several electrical accessories.

Car batteries, however, have a finite lifespan and ultimately need replacement. Because of this, there is a growing market where people and companies are eager to buy new and old automobile batteries. In this post, we’ll look at the many types of people and businesses who buy car batteries and provide a thorough list of eight locations to sell your car batteries.

Auto Repair Shops and Service Centers

Auto repair shops and servicing facilities purchase most automotive batteries. They are a dependable source for buying automobile batteries since clients frequently need upgrades or replacements. These companies often purchase new or refurbished batteries to ensure that the products their customers receive are of the most excellent standard.

auto repairs and service centers


Car Dealerships

Another potential market for selling automobile batteries is auto dealerships. Dealerships often check and replace worn-out batteries while preparing used cars for resale to guarantee optimum performance and client satisfaction. Since auto dealerships frequently purchase batteries in volume, selling to them may be lucrative.


car dealer

Scrap Yards and Recycling Centers

Recycling and reusing various automobile parts, including vehicle batteries, scrap yards, and recycling facilities, are critical in fostering environmental sustainability. You can profit from your used vehicle batteries by selling them to these businesses, lessening their environmental impact. They buy used or expired batteries to recycle, reusing important components like lead and plastic to produce new batteries.


Online Marketplaces

In the current digital era, online markets have become famous for buying and selling various goods, including vehicle batteries. People can sell their old vehicle batteries to interested purchasers directly through websites like eBay, Craigslist, and Facebook Marketplace. These platforms provide you with a broad audience, let you determine your pricing, and let you bargain with prospective clients.

online marketplaces

Battery Retailers and Distributors

Battery distributors and merchants are specialist companies that only work with batteries. To restock their inventory, they frequently buy automobile batteries in large quantities from producers or other vendors. Selling to these merchants or wholesalers might be beneficial since they have a loyal clientele looking for dependable battery solutions.

battery retailors and distributors

Mechanics and Technicians

Potential purchasers of automotive batteries include independent or mobile mechanics and technicians. When handling repairs on-site, these experts frequently have a stock of batteries for quick swaps. It might be advantageous to sell directly to mechanics and technicians since these customers could be ready to pay more for convenience and rapid access to high-quality batteries.

mechanics and technicians

Car Battery Specialty Stores

Car battery specialty shops offer a variety of battery solutions to consumers and specialize exclusively in battery-related requirements. These shops could provide brand-new, used, or refurbished batteries. Selling your vehicle batteries to these specialized businesses guarantees that your product reaches a niche market that understands the need for dependable power sources.

car battery speciality stores

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Online Battery Marketplaces

A unified marketplace for consumers and sellers interested in various sorts of batteries, including automobile batteries, is offered by websites like BatteryJunction.com and BatteryStuff.com. Specialized online platforms and ordinary internet markets are concerned with batteries and related accessories. The vast consumer bases these platforms frequently have increase your chances of finding a buyer who is expressly looking for batteries.

online battery marketplaces

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Some frequently asked questions in “Who buys Car Batteries: eight Places to Sell Car Batteries” are as follows: 

How can I figure out how much my old vehicle battery is worth?

A used automobile battery's worth might vary depending on age, condition, brand, and capacity. The warranty, performance history, and additional items may also impact its worth, and one should research local market prices for comparable batteries to estimate their value.

Is it possible to sell a broken automobile battery?

Unusable or dead automobile batteries can be sold, yes. Because these batteries include valuable elements like lead and plastic, scrap yards, recycling facilities, and specialist battery recyclers are frequently interested in buying them. However, keep in mind that you will generally pay less for a non-working battery than you would for one that is.

Is it better to sell my used vehicle battery locally or online?

Whether you sell your used vehicle battery locally or online relies on several variables. Online marketplaces like Craigslist and eBay have a broad reach and the opportunity for access to a wider client base. However, selling locally through local classified advertising or community organizations can save shipping costs and allow customers to buy from you in person. Consider the convenience, prospective customers, and related expenses when determining the ideal alternative.

How should my used automobile battery be prepared for sale?

The handling of a used automobile battery is crucial. Clean out any rust or dirt from the battery box and terminals. Try to charge it fully. Transport requires appropriate packing, such as containerizing a durable container.

Are there any limits or laws governing the sale of automotive batteries?

Depending on where you live, there may be different rules governing the selling of automobile batteries. Check your local regulations and ordinances, especially those governing the transportation and disposal of hazardous items. Ensure you abide by all legal obligations, including supplying the appropriate papers or certificates as necessary.

When the warranty on a car battery expires, can I still sell it?

An automobile battery with an expired warranty is nevertheless still marketable. But be aware that the lapsed contract can impact the battery's perceived worth. When selling, be clear about the battery's warranty status and emphasize other factors like the battery's performance, durability, and brand reputation to draw in customers.

How can I sell a used vehicle battery for the most money?

Present your used vehicle battery in the best light possible to increase its worth. If necessary, clean and repair the battery. Give precise details about the product's age, brand, and existing warranties. Include the battery's maintenance history if you have it. Additionally, it may assist in drawing new customers and raising perceived value by providing competitive prices and top-notch customer service.


There are many chances to sell new and old automobile batteries on the broad market. Understanding your target market and their demands is essential for a successful sale, whether you want to sell to auto repair shops, automobile dealerships, trash yards, internet marketplaces, battery merchants, or specialist stores.

Increase your chance of success in sales by investigating the numerous possibilities out there and using digital channels. To locate who buys car batteries and maximize your transaction, think about the eight locations suggested in this article the next time you have a vehicle battery to sell.