10 Best Places To Sell Video Games

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Do you have a stockpile of video games you do not play and are just gathering dust? No problem. This article has brought you the 10 best places to sell games online.

The 10 Best Places to Sell Video Games are:

  • Amazon
  • Craigslist
  • Decluttr
  • eBay
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Best Buy
  • SecondSpin
  • Trade4Cash
  • The Old School Game Vault
  • The Exchange.

This article will provide valuable insights to help you make an informed decision and successfully sell your video games online. So, let’s start the article and discover the top 10 platforms where you can sell your video games instead of letting them collect dust.

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Top 10 Places To Sell Video Games

Here is a compiled list of the top 10 places that facilitate you to sell video games. The list includes:-


The platform allows you to sell your video games through its trade-in program. First, determine whether your video game is eligible for the program.


Visit the trade-in store of Amazon’s Gaming and search for your item. If it appears in the list, it is acceptable for it, and else you can not sell it.

You can also see the maximum price for your listed item there. But remember one thing: your item should also pass the quality inspection check.


Another platform is Craigslist, which facilitates you to sell video games by listing them on the platform. Here, you can coordinate with the buyers and upload the items you want to sell. When a buyer wants to purchase your item, he will contact you.


You can meet the buyers on the platform and sell your item at a negotiable price. Once you finalize the sale, you can meet with the buyer at a public location and exchange your item.


On Decluttr, you can sell and purchase used electronics. You can also make sales of your video games here. To sell your item, you must download the free app of Decluttr and then scan the barcode.


After you scan the barcode, you will receive an instant quote if Decluttr accepts your item. The platform lets you sell items for cash by giving you a unique and free UPS shipping label.

After the day your shipment arrives, Decluttr pays you the amount for your item. But if your item does not pass the quality inspection, Decluttr will not return your item.


eBay is one of the tremendous and considerable platforms to sell video games, mobiles, and other electronic items. With eBay, you can connect with a big audience. To sell your video game, you must post your item on eBay.


For every item you sell on eBay, it gives you a discount-rate shipping label and also processes all your payments. eBay does not charge any fee for posting items, but you can only post 50 items monthly.

Also, eBay cumulates 10% of the value of the sold item.

Facebook Marketplace

In the Facebook marketplace, you can upload the image of the item you want to sell along with the description.

facebook marketplace

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Best Buy

You can also sell your video games to Best Buy, but its only limitation is that you will not get any cash in exchange for selling your video game. It is the finest option of all others if you wish to get rid of your games and consoles.

best buy

When you sell your video game to Best Buy, you will get a gift card from Best Buy in return, and you can purchase any electronic or new tech with that gift card.


Another best place to sell video games is SecondSpin. The business allows you to trade video games, CDs, DVDs, etc. Also, if you like to purchase anything, you do that.


SecondSpin accentuates providing a quick and easy way to sell your gaming and other stuff you do not want anymore for cash. One significant benefit of selling video games on SecondSpin is that it gives you an excellent price for your property.


It is a small business that facilitates you to sell your video games for instant cash. You can search its website for the game you want to sell.

After that, you must fill in the fields about your video game’s condition. Depending on that, the platform will give you a fair price for your video game.


You can receive payment for the sale through a check, Amazon e-gift card, or PayPal. The best thing about the company is that it primarily focuses on customer service and ensures that every individual gets satisfaction with his transaction.

The Old School Game Vault

This platform is also one of the best places to sell video games. You can search for your game and get an instant valuation for it.

But here, you need a flat fee of $10 for orders lower than $75. You need not pay any fees if your order is more than that.

the old school game vault

Once you send your package and they receive it, you will receive your payment within 2-4 days. There are several options available through which you can choose to get payment, i.e., check, PayPal, or gift card.

The Exchange

It is also an outlet where you can sell your new video games. Primarily, the store carries out its operations from Pennsylvania and Ohio.


But have some regional chains and outlets also in different locations, such as Illinois, New Mexico, Indiana, etc. With The Exchange, you not only sell your video games but can also sell movies and other kinds of stuff. 


Is it possible to sell my old video games on Amazon?

Amazon allows you to sell your video games through its trade-in program, and you can list your item there and get the right and fair.

What is the best-selling video game sold?

The best video game sold in history is Minecraft. Subsequently, there are others, including Tetris, GTA 5, Wii Sport, etc.

Which is the best place to put on sale video games online?

However, all the platforms and places the article outlines are the best ones to sell your video games. But you can prefer to sell it on Decluttr and Amazon.


I hope you have enjoyed reading the article. If you also have old video games, you can earn money by selling them.

All the platforms and sites the article outlines to make the sale of video games are legitimate and authorized. You can sell video games and other stuff there and generate money from that hustle.

Remember not to sell your video games on the first offer you get for them. Always compare several vendors and places and sell your video games at the place where you get the best value for them.

And yes, if you have played any of the latest games and don’t want to play them, sell them immediately because new games sell out faster.

You can also win rewards by playing Tap Champs.

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