How to make Money on Hay Day: Best Tricks and Tips

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The best ways to make money on Hay Day will be covered in this article, including using wheat, growing trees, utilizing newspapers, doing errands with Tom, and many other ideas and tactics. Alternatively, you can learn some genuine ways to make extra money without a car.

By stocking your farm with many trees that can yield money, you can make a tonne of money on Hay Day. It is complex, though; to outperform the competition, you must be able to maneuver the platform’s earning opportunities.

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How to Make Money on Hay Day?

Let’s see how we can make quick money using the following tricks:

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Use wheat

How to make money fast on hay day? Wheat is a crop that may be planted rapidly and sold after ten years.


The planting of wheat takes a few minutes, and it grows rapidly. You can use it to earn some money quickly.

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Run Your Errands With Tom

Tom resembles an errand boy in specific ways.

Run Your Errands With Tom

When you achieve level 14, you receive Tom. At that time, you are free to utilize him all day. Use that to your advantage! Then, for 15 diamonds, you may hire him for a day.

Tom is a fantastic Hay Day money-making strategy. Diamonds are given out regularly in the game, so save them up and sometimes hire Tom to work for you.

Trading of newspapers

To apply this strategy, you must start with some cash; 5,000 coins should be plenty.

Trading of newspapers

It takes a few minutes every minute to check the newspaper for items other players sell for less than the asking price. When you do, act quickly to obtain it so you may sell it at your roadside shop for as much money as possible. 

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Put in a Lot of Trees

Plant many trees instead if you don’t have the means to produce bacon and eggs.

Put in a Lot of Trees

The fruits that result from this may then be obtained after a few days, and you can sell them wherever you wish. Although this is initially relatively inexpensive, keep in mind that you’ll have a lot of dead trees, so be sure to also get a few axes and saws with it.

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Produce The Most Expensive Item You Have In Mass

This method is similar to trick #4, but you’re less lazy and make these things yourself instead of needing Tom’s help.

Produce The Most Expensive Item You Have In Mass

Once more, choose the most costly item on the list of lucrative things for each series of hay days that corresponds to your experience level. Produce it in large quantities and sell it in your road store.

The most costly items up to level 17 are bacon and eggs. Choose the bacon and eggs. They are easy to create and bring in 201 coins. If you have it set up to earn a lot of money, you’re lucky since this may add up quickly.

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Watch advertisements

There will be something like a movie ticket on the side of the road by the mailbox. If you click on it, you’ll be asked to view advertisements in exchange for a fun reward.

Watch advertisements

You only need to donate to Hay Day for them to return the favor! Play as many advertisements as possible while relaxing and sitting down to earn items you can sell for money.

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Benefit from Newspaper Ads

The Hay Day newspaper is chock full of items for sale, many inexpensive items. Spend some time looking through the papers for deals. Purchase them and resale them for more money.

Benefit from Newspaper Ads

There are virtually always new adverts in the newspaper. Change the language in the settings if you have trouble finding what you’re searching for. This will open a brand-new newspaper with new advertisements! This is a fantastic little tip to utilize whether you’re looking for anything specific or inexpensive things.

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Employ Rose and Ernest

You’d be shocked at how much Rose & Ernest in Hay Day facilitate your life! The duo may do marvels on your farm and maintain it even if you are not there.

Employ Rose and Ernest

While you’re away, they will assist you in continuing to manufacture things. These goods can be sold or used to create even more pricey goods.

Employing these two can help you generate rapid money on Hay Day, and if you don’t want to spend gems on them, you may wait for a free service or gather their cards.

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Should I spend diamonds on expanding my farm or increasing production?

Generally, it's best to reserve diamonds for farm expansion and essential purchases rather than for production speedups. Put long-term investments first when utilizing diamonds.

How can I efficiently trade with other Hay Day players?

Trading with other players nearby is profitable. To guarantee that both sides profit from the transaction, carefully organize exchanges with your neighbors.

How do I manage my resources on Hay Day?

Resource management needs to be done effectively. Ensure that your farm's output balances the orders' and events' requirements. Make generating products that will sell rapidly and bring in high earnings your priority.

How can I raise the level of my farm in Hay Day?

Concentrate on growing your farm, earning accomplishments, and taking part in derby events if you want to raise the level of your farm. You can access new features and receive prizes as your farm level rises.

Is it possible to play Hay Day without using real money?

Hay Day is intended to be played without using real money, yes. Although in-app purchases are an option, successful play may be achieved without them via careful planning and clever play.


Consequently, learning “how to make money on Hay Day,” the wonderful agricultural game from Supercell, involves careful planning, resource management, and ingenuity.

You may dramatically increase your in-game revenue using this tutorial’s incredible hacks and strategies.

Hay Day’s success depends on maximizing output, keeping your farms in good condition, and using your resources best. Other ways to earn coins and diamonds include fulfilling orders, selling produce at the roadside store, and participating in events.

Applying these tactics consistently will ensure your virtual farm and money account prosper. Happy farming and success in learning “how to make money on hay day”!

Remember that your efforts in Hay Day convert into virtual wealth, so continue planting, harvesting, and trading to reach your financial objectives.

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