6 Best Companies that Pay for Invention Ideas

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Imagine getting paid for your innovative ideas and watching them come to action. This article will explore the 6 best companies that pay for invention ideas.companies pay for invention

The top companies that are willing to pay for your invention ideas are:

  • Jokari Home Solutions
  • Sharper Image
  • Dorman Products Inc
  • Wilson, Henkel
  • Coastal Pet Products

Don’t miss out on this chance to explore how your inventive ideas can help you make money. Keep reading to unlock the secrets of getting paid for your invention ideas.

Top 6 Companies That Pay For Invention Ideas

To commercialize their inventions, many innovators need help. Not to fear, though; we’ve gathered a list of companies that pay for invention ideas.

Jokari Home Solutions

Jokari Home Solutions is renowned for producing everyday household goods, culinary gadgets, and other home furnishings or storage options.


It is continuously seeking new, original, and creative ideas. So, if you’re one of those would-be innovators interested in pitching them, head to their website.

You must complete the form on the website and provide the required supporting documentation to submit a proposal.

Sharper Image

American company Sharper Image offers its clients a variety of products, including toys, air purifiers, household appliances, and high-tech devices. Their products are available through their website, catalogs, and independent merchants.

sharper image

Sharper Image is one of the businesses on our list that offers payment for innovative ideas. They are constantly seeking new innovative ideas to keep ahead of the competition.

A staff dedicated to inspecting and sorting through the suggestions submitted to Sharper Image by the new inventors was developed.

Dorman Products, Inc

A firm called Dorman Products, Inc. sells replacement components for many types of automobiles, including light- and heavy-duty vehicles. In addition, they produce fastening clips for use in passenger automobiles.

dorman product. inc

Dorman takes any practical proposals from prospective inventors. You must complete basic information online to submit product suggestions or current Dorman Product categories.

The amount the corporation pays for accepted product ideas must be disclosed on its website. Visit their website for additional details on how to apply.


Based in Chicago, Illinois, Wilson is a business that produces athletic items and equipment. Through their website, they examine and accept invention proposals.

The submissions are often carefully examined and assessed to ensure that the suggested items are beneficial and may improve the lives of their customers.


If your concept aligns with their brand’s objectives, they will contact you to set up an interview or request further information about your offering.

To ensure your concept is accepted, you may send your proposal to the business via their website after carefully reviewing it and filling out the form.


Germans founded the business known as Henkel. They are well known for collaborating with top brands and technological advancements in three business categories—laundry and home care, cosmetics, and adhesive technologies.

The Henkel Innovation Partnership Program is accepting product ideas.

They are always looking for new intellectual property that might aid the firm in producing better products and more lucrative business models, such as patents, product concepts, and other forms of intellectual property.


Henkel is unique in that they focus on amateur innovators and professional ones and use their ideas with those of students and regular people.

Coastal Pet Products

An American business called Coastal Pet Products creates products for our cherished pets. For our dogs, they sell collars, harnesses, grooming supplies, leashes, toys, and travel necessities.

This business is the one for you if you have creative concepts or goods that will improve the quality of life for your pet. You can be sure that Coastal Pet Products provides its customers with only the best pet care products.

coastal pet product

The Coastal Pet Goods will contact you if they have products like unique collars, leashes, crates, and feeding systems.

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Promote your concept

Organizations may use your concept as a business concept to create a product, and this routine procedure helped produce many of the goods we use and like today.

These businesses prepare to support creating your concept and can assist you in overcoming the difficulty of implementing your idea with Ways to Travel for Free.


Why Would a Business Buy Your Idea?

The consumer market is fiercely competitive, and businesses constantly seek methods to outwit one another and develop goods that appeal to new markets. They frequently invite independent innovators to share their ideas with them since they understand that the finest ideas might frequently originate from sources other than their teams. Your ideas are precious and have the potential to be very profitable. Therefore, many businesses are eager to get fresh concepts from outside sources and purchase them outright or enter a licensing agreement. Companies may have different submission procedures, but they all value good ideas.

How Can I Sell an Invention to a Firm Without Fear of Them Taking It?

Things might get trickier at this point. Sadly, some businesses will take ideas for fantastic new goods, create them, and then claim ownership. You might demand that the business affixes its signature to a non-disclosure agreement. You might also get a patent to protect your concept.

How Can I Launch a Business Idea Without Any Money?

The idea that you must have money to create money is widespread. Some of the most well-known goods were created without any financial outlay on the creator's part. You typically require a powerful pitch and a persuasive defense of your idea. None of the businesses mentioned here will demand payment in advance from the inventor. Anyone with a fantastic idea may submit it for review and have it developed without them having to pay anything.


We all understand how difficult it may be to develop ideas and creations. There are several reasons, nevertheless, why you shouldn’t quit. As long as you think your suggestion would be beneficial.

There are methods to make your dreams come true. A company that makes inventions is one of them. They may assist you with developing your product concepts into finished goods that the general public would use and like.

In addition, some platforms may assist you in marketing your creative ideas for projects and concepts. They are there to motivate you to create things and products that benefit individuals, businesses, and the entire planet.

Nowadays, it’s much simpler to be an innovator or an inventor.

Speak with these firms about purchasing or investing in your inventions. Surrendering is not an option; pushing your concept forward should be your catchphrase.

What if your concept becomes the subsequent significant development in our civilization if you submit it? Unless you try, you’ll never know. Gather your thoughts, and then put them to the test!

Although finding a buyer might be difficult, we include a comprehensive list of companies that pay for invention ideas to help you start.

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