50 Ways to Get Free Stickers (Online Websites & Companies)

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Are you looking for free stickers?! If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place that gives you an idea about free stickers and how you can get them.
Everybody loves to collect stuff, and it becomes more interesting when it is available for or given to you absolutely free! Yeas, you read it right, absolutely free.

There are many youngsters who like decking their belongings with stickers, especially electronic gadgets, bikes, cupboards, etc. most of the time, and you may find the electronic gadgets full of stickers. Stickers have many uses, and they are used to decorate the gadgets, toddlers love them, they can put on to projects, can be placed on cars or bikes, etc.

You may perhaps wonder how are the free stickers actually free and how one can get them. The answer is simple. These free stickers are sent out by the companies, on request, and they mail it to you totally cost-free. Now you might think why the companies are sending free stuff as such. Just so you should know, the free- sticker deal is a part of the business.

It helps the company to promote itself without actually paying for promotion. If you own those free-stickers and flaunt them around, you are actually promoting the company. It is a win-win situation for both you and the company. You get the stickers free of cost, and the company enjoys its promotion free of cost too! Here are a few places or companies where you can place your request to get your set of free stickers.

How to Get Free Stickers (50 Simples Ways)

By now, you know what free stickers are and why they are free. Now let us make you capable of ordering one on your own! There are ways through which one places orders for the free stickers or requests for free stickers. To know them, read on!

The first way is the simplest one. You are required to fill out an online form on the company’s website. This may, of course, ask your basic details such as name, age, address, Email, etc. these forms can be called the ‘sticker request forms.’

how to get free stickers

The second way is called the SASE (Self-Addressed, Stamp Envelope), which requires you to address an envelope to yourself, stamp it, leave it open, and put it into another envelope, which is addressed to the company. When your free stickers request reaches them, they send them to you by putting them into the very same self-addressed envelope which you have sent earlier.

The next method is also mail. But it is the Email we talk about here. There are few companies that accept the request for free stickers by mail. You simply have to send an email to the company requesting for free stickers and mention the details that are required. You can enjoy the rest then!

Let us now start with the companies which send you stickers when you request the free stickers through the online form, Email, or SASE.


Annie’s is a food company which is specialized in processing organic food. It has a bunny on its logo, and it is present on every sticker. All the stickers this company provides are absolutely endearing. The only requirement is that you have to fill the online form. If you want to send a free-sticker request, please feel free to visit this page.


AMKS stands for Autism Mom Know Safety. It an organization that works for people with ASD and is unable to identify danger. This company actually sends out an autism safety kit to the families with Autism, and it contains over 15 items, including stickers, pins, badges, etc. The company’s site provides you a PDF that can be downloaded, and from it, you can print out your own stickers. Send the request now?


Apple sends stickers too. The problem is that the stickers which it sends are only for business purposes. Sadly it is not available for the common people. If you own a related business and want to get free stickers, click here. You can also get free apple gift cards through our article.

Bayview Prep

It is a coastal clothing brand from Tampa Bay, and it delivers fashion clothes inspired by the Florida fashion. This company’s site requires you to fill online forms in order to get free stickers. To place the order, click here.


It is a clothing brand as well as provides outdoor gear for trail running, mountain biking, camping, mountaineering, etc., all under one roof. To get you free stickers, you have to fill the online form, and place your free stickers request. You will receive stickers with the Backcountry logo on it.


This is a project that was started in order to cherish the moments in life by capturing them. This site has an online form that is to be filled by you if you want to get free stickers. ‘Spread the word’ as the page says. Go ahead and get yours by clicking here!


Chaco is a footwear brand that produces fashionable flip-flops and sandals. It sells a variety of other footwear too. It also requests you to send in a free sticker request. Click here, fill the online form, and get yours!


This company sells clothes for active outdoor activities such as t-shirts, jackets, shorts, tank-tops, etc. To get their free stickers, click here and fill out the online form.

Collared Greens

This site sells elite menswear and accessories. To get the free stickers, you have to go with the SASE procedure. To get them, click here.

Defend Our Future

This is an organization which is focused on empowering the young individuals who are interested in making a good change in the environment, protecting it, and also finding many energy solutions to keep the climate clean. To get their “Vote Climate” stickers for free, all you have to do is fill out their online form.


This is a store that sells a wide range of sports apparel such as bike shorts, boat shorts, etc., along with the other accessories such as travel kits, totes, bags, etc. you have to send them a SASE to their address given below:

Attn: Sticker Request
603 Portway Avenue
Hood River, OR, 97031.

Dump Starbucks

You may like Starbucks or hate it too. It rests on the individual’s choice. So if you are the one who doesn’t appreciate Starbucks, you can get your ‘Dump Starbucks’ free stickers here.

Edisto Beach

This site has a simple online form to be filled by and then submit it. You will receive your free stickers with their initials “EB” on them. Click here to get yours!

Element Skateboards

This company sells Skateboards, and it is actually famous for it. Along with the skateboards, it also sells apparel such as tees, shirts, shorts, etc. It also sells accessories such as backpacks, rails, etc. Get your free stickers on this page.

Ernie Ball Guitar Strings

If you may know, Ernie Ball is the world’s leading company that produces guitar accessories, guitar strings, and bass strings. It also sends you stickers on request. Click here to know if they still send free stickers by mail.

Fish Hippie

This company manufactures men’s apparel for outdoors. They are trendy, comfortable, and easy to wear clothing line. They also send you free stickers when you fill their online form.

Freezer Labels

These companies manufacture products that are freezer friendly in their packaging. To receive your free stickers, click here!

Five Hour Energy

This company sends you stickers when you fill their online form in their ‘Contact Us’ section. Click here to get your set of stickers.

Fringe Sport

This is a US-based company famous for supplying gym-related apparel and accessories, and more. Click this to place your order and get a set of free stickers in the mail. Also, if it’s your birthday, then you can much more free stuff on birthdays than just stickers.

Generate Kindness

This company sends you free stickers once you fill their online form and submit it. Your name is added to the list as soon as they receive your request. And once they have enough funds to print out stickers, they will send you yours.

G8 Auto Parts

G8 is a brand that offers high-performance auto parts. They have an awesome logo, and they will ship you one absolutely free of cost. To place an order, you got to select the color of the sticker, place in the cart, and check-out. Visit the site to check-out their stickers.


This electronic company specializes in manufacturing completely submersible wireless Bluetooth speakers. To get your free stickers from this company, you are required to join their crew called the G-Crew. Once you become a crew member, you will be provided with information on how to get free stickers.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson’s website provides limited offers for its stickers. To get yours, click here and register yourselves. Apart from this, if you already own a Harley Davidson, then why not try to get some free gas using our guide.

Hook and Tackle

This company sells various fishing apparel and accessories. Visit the site to know more.

Health Reformer

This site provides you stickers related to health, smoking, etc. it is to spread awareness among people to live a healthy life. Visit its page to get free stickers and to know more.


This is a food chain company which was established in 1948. You can get their stickers in two ways. Either apply online for them or get them directly from their shops.


ICANCHU is a shoe brand that is from the athletes for the athletes. These are shoes without heels and are also known as ‘Zero drop shoes.’ The members are more than happy to send you stickers for free when you submit the online form.

Jeep Beach Jam

TO receive their stickers, submit a request by visiting their contact page.

Jadelynn Brooke

It is a fashion clothes company whose founders are three sisters. The theme of the company clothes is ‘Happiness,’ and it is indeed reflected in their work. Fill up this form and submit it to get your stickers.

Keds Shoes

This is an American company that manufactures shoes since 1916. It will send you stickers, either the normal ones or one with shoe shape when you submit the online form.

KSVC Radio

KSVC Radio is a campus radio which works round the clock. It is situated in St. Cloud State University. It is managed by students and provides educational information running on 88.1 Hz frequency. Click here to get free stickers.

The Lucky Knot

It is a clothing brand with clothes falling under the naval theme. The logo has an anchor in the very center. They are cute and preppy. To request the stickers, click here.

Medico Apparel

This company has a rather interesting and different way of awarding free stickers. All you have to do is follow the company on any social media platform, and they will send you three free stickers! Check this out!


This German company sells skis and its accessories. If you look forward to adding this company’s sticker to your collection, just do the SASE step once! Below is the address you send that request letter to:

Marker-Volkl USA
Attn: Stickers
112 Etna Rd.
Lebanon, NH 03766

Moose-Tracks Ice-Creams

This is the official website of the Moose-Tracks flavored Ice-Creams. Register yourselves and get free stickers through the mail.

Mountain Tools

This company sends you a pack of five stickers when you ask them. What are you waiting for!? Go ahead and get going!

Update: Recently, the company had mailed us that they have stopped their free sticker program to a huge due amount of spam & advertisements.


This company provides you with amazing backpacks, travel bags besides providing wonderful stickers. To collect these beautiful and simple stickers, click here.


To collect Over Under stickers just send a SASE to the address given below:

4849 Dawin Road,
Suite 1, Jacksonville,
FL 32207.

Please be careful while writing your address as the company may discard the envelope with the wrong stated address.

Pelican Coast Clothing Company

This is a clothing company providing you with clothes of bright and peppy colors. By filling out an online form, you can receive their free stickers. As the name goes, the stickers have Pelican on them.


This is a sub-organization of PETA and contains information that is suitable for children. If you have kids who are a part of PETA, then they must sign-up for the eight free stickers PETA-Kids is shipping.

Polar Bottle

Polar Bottle company, founded in 1994, manufactures hydration systems such as lifestyle bottles, sports bottles, etc., which keep liquids cool on a long ride. Requests for stickers can be sent here.

Planner Addiction

This site provides you with free planner stickers. They are available in .zip and pdf formats. Visit the site and explore all the free stuff, and it is for sure you will be mesmerized by the striking free planner stickers.


This company is a leading company that manufactures surfaces suitable for skating. You can get your hands on their cool stickers by filling the online form.

Shark love

Shark love was founded in the year 2002 with a simple message and designing a simple sticker. The sticker sends out the following message:

“I recreate in waters inhabited by Great White sharks, so I am sending them good vibes. Because though they could easily swallow me whole, they are not monsters. They are awesome. And it’s an honor to play in their backyard.”

Today, this is a place for shark lovers where they learn, share, and rally. Place your request by submitting this form.

Southern Sail

This is another retailer that will send you free stickers when you complete three steps, the first step being you follow them on Instagram.


This company sells traditional eyewear, sunglasses, snow goggles, etc. to grab a few stickers from them visit their site to fill out the online form.


This site share information on how to grab free stuff online besides free stickers. They have various categories, such as men’s, women’s, kid’s, health, food, etc.


It is a cloud hosting provider and sends away free stickers to those who make an account there. It has absolutely adorable stickers that you might not want to miss out on. Click here to grab the deal!

Watermark Plumbing

The logo as a cute duck swimming in the water. The stickers contain the logo too. To get these cute little stickers, click here.


Zumiez sells sports-related apparel and accessories besides fashion clothing. To get the stickers for free, you can either visit their stores and request for them or can send a SASE to the address given below:

Zumiez, Inc.
Free Stickers
4001 204th Street SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036


Everyone likes free stuff. Whether they are goodies or not.geting one of the goodies, i.e., stickers for free so easy. All you need to do is go online and fill out the online forms, or send a request email, or send a SASE to the company’s address.

Hopefully, you have found the above information helpful for you to add a few more free stickers to your existing beautiful collection. All the best!