Fun Things To Do For Kids | 13 Things You Should Try

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The real essence of life begins as soon as we are born. When life starts blooming in the human body, it spreads its arms and legs in the body as babies spread their arms for the first time. Life flows in this tiny body as blood flows in veins and arteries. This tiny little human undergoes a transition from being a baby to a child from child to adolescent, and so on. We need to keep them occupied with fun things to do for kids.

Here in this article, we will be focusing on that phase of a life that is characterized by a high amount of energy, filled with immense curiosity and which also puts an adult’s brain into a dilemma to how to use this energy and curiosity creatively optimally and that phase of life is when we are kids.

fun things to do for kids
Fun things to do for kids

Kids whew! they are a bundle of joy for everyone around them, but the trouble begins when we as an adult need to find some alluring ways to keep them busy 

It is a little hard to decipher which thing might keep them busy for hours or might turn out to be boring for them within a few minutes. 

Here we also need to take into consideration the fact that while kids appear to be tiny innocent, exuberant creatures, this the time for their brain’s neural connection formation, which increases brain’s efficiency, the brain can be regarded as soft clay, we can mold in any form we want it to be, it is our responsibility to make sure that the activities we choose for them helps them in increasing the cognitive function of the brain.

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Cheap and Fun Things To Do For Kids

We will have a look at how to have fun with kids and a few fun things to do for kids, which will be fun-filled as well as neurologically stimulation-activities too:

Solving Puzzles

 Puzzles are an intriguing way to keep the mind busy irrespective of age, and for kids variety of puzzles can be arranged from picture puzzles to numbers puzzles. Even we can create few puzzles at home. For example, we can teach them words by creating a few alphabet cards and disarrange them for the kids to figure out the words.


We can also bring jigsaw puzzles for them, which can be pictures of some important places from history or portray an important personality. And while solving puzzles, we can tell them about the place or person or how that place or that person is important to history. This will also develop photographic memory in their brain, which will help them remember these things in a detailed manner and longer. 

And if we have kids who are at the age of 12 or above, we can give them 3*3 sudoku to fill in the numbers. This will immensely help them in increasing the analytical function of the brain. It is also a cheap family fun activity.

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Origami is a craft-making art from Japan that involves only two things: origami paper, the square-shaped paper of varied colors, and the second is imagination.

It is paper folding to make various colorful, creative shapes that can range from birds to elephants to butterflies. We can make anything to everything using origami papers.


Origami will help kids to kindle up the imaginative parts of the brain. It will help kids turn their imagination into reality because it will compel them to think in different dimensions to form the shape they desire. It helps kids by increasing hand-eye coordination, which will improve their concentration too.

Though it might result in a home filled with various paper arts, which is trouble for adults, we can discuss it on some other day. It’s fun things to do for kids and educational at the same time.

Camping On The Terrace Or Garden

Camping as we have commonly seen is done on mountains or any other location we adults want but, kids also deserve the fun of camping as we can not take them to places which can be little inconvenient for them, we can surely go to our terrace or our garden for camping.



It can teach kids to understand what essential things they need to carry while going away from home, how to live in a place without modern gadgets, etc.

During camping time, we can help them develop a new hobby which is star-gazing or star-spotting. To make sure we can do this, we need to check the atmospheric conditions that align with our goals. Camping is super-fun, especially during the winters (with woolen clothes). We can show kids the moon, the stars, various patterns, which are called constellations. The hindsight effect of camping is: kids will learn to live in a natural environment they will start relating to natural elements. 

Treasure Hunt At Home

This is cheap stuff for kids and the most fascinating activity we can plan for kids, and this activity won’t bore them at all. For treasure hunt, all we need is paper chits, and if you are willing to reward your kid, you can buy his/her favorite chocolate or toy for which you think he wanted when you last visited the toy store. Now we need to make a few paper chits that will have the hints, and we need we few arrows to make it more dramatic for the kids to find their way to the treasure. Click here to view Best Baby Freebies.

Write A Story

We can tell kids to make up a story in whichever way they want, and we can help them by correcting them where ever correction is needed.

write a story
Write a story

Creative and fun things to do for kids.

Learn To Play Music

Who doesn’t love listening to music? If you have so much love for music, then I’m sure you’ll love to create music too. Playing music with your kids is an interesting task for sure. Many applications help people in learning musical instruments quickly. It would be better if a parent himself taught his kid. If you as a parent know how to play any instrument, then

play music
Play music

I’m sure you’ll enjoy while helping your kid teach how to play too. Kids can even compose their music once they’ve mastered the skill. It’s always better to learn a new thing at an early age, right?

Do Science Experiments

Your kid obviously wouldn’t want to study on his/her vacation. You can make your kid get involved in Science by indulging in some easy and fun Science experiments.

science experiments
Science experiments

Here is a list of fun-loving experiments you can perform with your kid:

  • Make homemade ice-cream in a bag: Shake some amount of salt, ice, cream, and sugar vigorously in a bag until the consistency is right, then enjoy.
  • You can change how an egg floats or sinks in a glass by adding salt to the water.
  • Turn milk into a material that acts exactly like plastic using white vinegar.
  • You can have your kids close their eyes and hold their noses and see if they can still identify foods by taste.
  • The next interesting experiment is done by mapping their taste buds by dipping Q-tips into different flavors and placing them on different areas of their tongue.
  • You can grow mold on bread by putting slices in different environments (in a bag in the dark, in a bag in the sunlight, out in the open, in the refrigerator) and see which one gets moldy first.

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Fly Kites

This is a fun way to spend a windy afternoon. This is a cheap way to make a way out of boredom with your kids. All you require is an open space to do this task and a strong kite.

fly a kite fun things to do for kids
Fly a kite

If you are teaching your kids, I’d suggest they start with a single-line delta or a diamond kite. And if you are looking for a challenge, then try a dual-string box or parafoil kite. Since you will do this task with your kids, you are expected to be extra careful if you are planning to do this on roof terraces. Provides exercise and is fun things to do for kids.

Bake A Cake And Decorate It

Kids love to decorate cakes. Plus, it paves a way to enhance your kid’s creativity. We have seen kids having a fun time while baking and decorating cakes in TV shows. We all know how much kids love doing this task.

bake a cake fun things to do for kids
Bake a cake

So why not as a parent we should do this task with them? Appreciating them for their baking skills motivates them to do more and better. 

Take Turns Saying Tongue Twisters

Here comes a task that warms-up your kid’s speech muscles. While doing this, you guys can even make fun of yourself. This is a funny and fun-loving task that both parents and kids enjoy. So here we are presenting some fairly easy tongue twisters:

  • Six sticky skeletons.
  • Cooks cook cupcakes quickly.
  • Twelve twins twirled twelve twigs.
  • A happy hippo hopped and hiccupped.
  • Eleven benevolent elephants.
  • Which witch is which?
  • Scissors sizzle, thistles sizzle.
  • A snake sneaks to seek a snack.

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Online Yoga Sessions For Small Kids

Online yoga classes for kids have been prevalent for a final couple of long times, combining physical workout with mindfulness.

yoga fun things to do for kids

It can be precarious to induce small ones all around the descending pooch; there are loads of child-orientated recordings that make yoga fun for kids – utilizing stories, characters, and energy. For example, Cosmic Kids Yoga has plenty. 

Guess The Word

You can trace on the back of your kids simple yet sweet things like “I Adore you,” etc., to urge them up feeling great. This helps them learn as well as pronounce the words.

word game fun things to do for kids
Word game

Considers claim that keeping up a proportion of at slightest three positive intelligence to each negative interaction can make you more joyful, make strides connections, become more profitable, etc. These can be educational and fun things to do for kids.

Watching Educational TV Channels Or Videos

TV can be an educator for children. Whatever your child may be curious about, there’s likely an instructive show on that subject. TV may be an extraordinary way to open your child’s intellect to an assortment of things and offer them assistance to learn all the things left uncovered at school.

tv fun things to do for kids

Television can strengthen what children learn in school. It can give a supplementary strategy to educating children about vital subjects. Without TV, most children would never see astonishing things like extraordinary creatures, diverse societies, and wonderful cities. For instance, nature shows and history programs. They are awesome assets for educating children about animals and places they’ve never heard of. Kids can learn from this sort of media to appreciate and get the world around them. It is a fun and cheap family activities.

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Don’t get sucked into expensive exercises on a day-by-day premise. Instead, utilize a small inventiveness and look your zone for fun cheap family activities that won’t take a toll on a fortune. But will give you magnificent recollections to share along with your kids.

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