How to Donate Plasma? (Make Money Donating Plasma)

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It seems kind of wrong to sell plasma for money, but a lot of people do this for some extra income. Sometimes the normal pay isn’t enough. People sell their body parts for money, and we just tell you how to donate your plasma and make money donating plasma. Doing so, you save lives and make some money.

If you earn by donating blood or plasma, it may be possible that your blood is not in good use. The federal prohibits using blood from paid donors to be used in hospitals for transfusion. According to Blood Assurance, plasma gathered from paid donors is more often used by pharmaceutical or cosmetic corporations.

But the question stays that how to donate plasma and make money out of it. You can get more paid by donating your plasma over your blood.

Donating plasma is a more intense procedure, less pleasant than giving blood, and more pay. It compensates for the hardships.

Blood Plasma is the transparent liquid part of the blood. It primarily consists of water, some enzymes, antibodies, and proteins. The plasma is used to create products that help people with blood clotting and other disorders.

The whole procedure takes around an hour and a half to get the clear liquid part.

The whole procedure goes like

  • Blood is taken from our bodies.
  • The plasma then separated from the blood.
  • The blood is put back in our body later.
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There is one problem with this problem, and you don’t donate to the Red Cross. You donate to business. They sell it to companies, and they make products out of it. Do they compensate for your time and blood? Now the question lies on how to donate plasma.

Before thinking about how to donate plasma, who can donate it.

Who can donate plasma?

People from the age group of 18-19 and weigh over 110 pounds. These are the center requirements; overall, the states there are few more laws of the state. In the state of Nebraska, you must be 19 years old.

There are many more technicalities that you need to learn before jumping over to how to donate plasma.

So, if you’re just looking for a way to earn money, then maybe donating plasma might not be the best way for you. However, you can find good online jobs or even ways to make money online if you’re looking for financial aids.

How much do you get paid?

In simple terms, you can expect to get around $20 to $50 per your donation. The FDA has set some guidelines, and it is around, 110-149 pounds, 150-174 pounds, and 175-400 pounds.

These guidelines simply state the more poundage, the more the money.

How often can you donate?

It all varies from place to place. The America Red Cross allows you only to donate once in 28 days. The private centers will allow you to donate at least twice in 7 days. This is the only reason why people end up making around $300 a month.

There are a lot of various requirements, on how to donate plasma.


  • You should be at least 18, and you should bring the following documents:
  • A valid identification
  • Your social security number, provided by the federal government
  • An address proof that you live in the United States

You cannot sell your plasma if you are ill, you need to normal and fit. You must weigh around 110 pounds.

If you have recently got a tattoo, or permanent makeup, around last year, you are not eligible to sell your plasma.

A physical is required before the donation to check your health, your protein, and hemoglobin levels. If it is your first time, expect a trained specialist to test your blood.

You shouldn’t have any HIV or hepatitis.

If you went through a surgery in the recent past, you most likely aren’t able to sell your plasma.

A certain diet must be followed if you want to donate plasma.

Most importantly, you should stay hydrated before and after the plasma donation. You should at least have eight cups of water before you donate plasma.

No alcohol a day before you donate plasma, or at least 4 hours before you donate plasma.
You should also ignore fatty food and fast food. It might cloud your plasma. Try to focus on the iron-rich protein diet.

Have a strong meaty protein-rich diet, and you can incorporate meat, fish, dairy, eggs, beans, and pulses, they are a rich source.

Keep your protein intake regular.

Most of the time, they turn away people without donating because of the inadequate plasma protein levels.

This will happen every time because testing occurs each time you visit to donate. So we’ll recommend eating a protein-rich meal no more than 3 hours before your donation appointment.

If you wish to become a frequent donor, it’s necessary to keep your protein levels to maintain good health.

A standard daily protein allowance will ensure acceptable plasma protein levels. Try for 46 grams for women and 56 grams for men.

Make sure to include the foods listed above in your diet and stay hydrated.

This won’t only make you a better candidate for donating plasma for money. It will give you more energy and help you recover from the donation.

There are some more requirements before the night to be cautious.

  • You all need a good sleep, for at least 7-9 hours. It is essential if you plan to donate the next day.
  • You should drink some extra water before the procedure, to avoid dehydration. The ideal amount of water keeps your veins in better condition.
  • Take a well-balanced diet before you donate your plasma. You should be well-nourished before you donate your plasma.

Is donating plasma painful?

Many people have asked this question, is donating plasma painful? The only pain you feel while donating plasma when the needle is injected inside.

It is okay to say that donating plasma is not pain-free. The needle stays inside you around 40-100 minutes.

Some say it is more painful, cause the needle is injected twice. You might experience some signs of bruising at the injection site.

If you believe that this is not right for you, then you can try other quick ways to make money or some good work from home jobs. There are a lot of things that don’t require you to face a needle.

Are there any side effects?

Another question frequently asked is, are there any side effects.

There are very few side effects related to plasma donation. These are significantly minor side effects.

Pain-related to blood is drawn, maybe a slight chance of infection if someone an inevitable chance of dehydration and fatigue.

There are some allergic reactions situated with plasma donation. During the whole process, the liquid part of the blood is removed, leaving the other blood components, sterile saline solutions.

The trained medical staff is always ready for any allergic reaction. You should also let the medical staff know about your allergies.

In the whole process, some citrate reactions maybe are experienced. Citrate is one necessary component that prevents the blood from clotting, and it might cure some other reaction to some people.

Responses vary from tingling in extreme or a temporary loss of sensation. Allergic reaction symptoms include a change in pulse, short-breath, and maybe seizures.

How to find a Plasma Donation Center? 

After learning everything about plasma donation, let us move on to how to donate plasma?

People get mail for donating plasma, and you might drive by some billboards of how to donate plasma.

You aren’t sure which place to select or which place pays well? Simply do a Google search for “plasma donation centers near me.” That will do the trick.

There are a lot of go options to choose from. More than 100 donation centers open every year. So you have many locations to make money donating plasma.

You have to be sure you are going to the right place, and many places have different names.

Octopharma Plasma

You can donate plasma here for money; Octopharma has over 80+ centers across 26 states. Their website provides all the information about what our donation is used for. It will also have stories of donors and a plasma donation FAQ.

You will receive your prepaid debit card on all successful donations. The first time donors can earn around $100 through donations. The compensation varies from state to state.

They award donors with yearly incentives, prizes, and bonuses.

Opctopharma plasma believes in “making moneybag making a difference” and how you “save up for the things you want while saving lives.”


DonatingPlasma is an educational site sponsored by Plasma Proteins Therapeutic Association. They provide knowledge to donors on the biology of the blood, and steps on how to donate plasma. You will learn about the life-threatening moments where your plasma is used.

They have more than 600 licensed and certified donation centers across the United States and Europe.

CSL Plasma

CLS Plasma situated in Boca Raton, Florida. It recently inaugurated the 200th plasma collection center. They operate in 36 states, and they operate for medicines to treat hemophilia, immune deficiencies, and neurological disorders

Their website shares stories of how CSL is an integrated part of their communities. It also shows how their employees and donors raise funds for a variety of important issues.

Grifols Plasma

Grifols Plasma is a plasma center that lives to the tagline “Pride for Donors. Passion for Parents”.

They are a part of a global healthcare company with a US network of 150 plasma donation centers. Also, they create medicines for life-threatening illnesses and distribute them around the globe.

They also pay by Visa Debit cards with your pay on successful payments. They also educate on how to donate plasma through their website.

ADMA BioCenters

ADMA BioCenters is located in Georgia. They allow you to donate twice a week, and they pay approximately a total of $400 a month. They also pay via cash card.


KEDPlasma is located across six states, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Nebraska, Ohio, South Carolina, and Texas. They allow you to earn more, twice a week, with a gap of 24 hours.

Also, they allow you to make around $400 a month. They follow the payment method of a Wirecard and Prepaid card.

Physicians Plasma Alliance

Physicians Plasma Alliance has a headquarters in Tennessee. They also allow you to donate twice a week with a gap of 24 hours per donation.

Their payment can be around $150 to $300 per donation, and maybe up to $500 for specific antibodies. They via prepaid debit cards. They also provide referral bonuses to donors.

Benefits of Donating Plasma for Money

There are two-fold benefits, you earn some money and fill your pockets, and the other is you play a nominal role in helping someone’s life. You might pay your rent, or any outstanding payment and save some life. On the other hand, it is a win-win situation for each and every one.

Not at all bad for the money, you save lives.

The blood plasma is used in various treatments and making medicines. Also, they primarily create medicines related to previous issues, immune system problems, bleeding, wound healing, and blood transfusion.

Many companies and websites offer coupons for the first-timers who donate blood. You can get around $70-$100 extra on your first donation. Now, this is one big amount and who says not to such an amount.

You should always ensure that you must carry one identity proof, with your address and photograph on it. Your social security number provided by the center is also essential.

Many questions are raised, is donating blood ethical. The answer is simple.

Yes, it is simply and perfectly ethical.

It is your blood, your body, your choice to do whatever you want to do with it. People earn easy money by donating plasma. Many paid off their debts.

Back to You

All in All, this was everything you need to know about the idea of how to donate plasma. You can learn even more on the same, and maybe if you do, you might save some lives. I hope it was enough for you all to know how to donate plasma and earn money.

Next is your choice; you want to donate to not. You can either do in order to make some money and might save some lives. Also, not just one life but few lives.

So, I again say, these corporations take your plasma and put it to good use, unlike some companies with a dark side. We are here with only the bright side of the world, and we help you to know right.