What Job Pays 100 an Hour? 12 Best Jobs To Apply For

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What job pays 100 an hour? Jobs that offer $ 100 an hour should be on your radar if you want to increase your income. Depending on your annual income and the number of hours you work, you may make more than $100 an hour in one of these jobs. Although these higher-paying positions are available in various sectors, you may need to adjust your professional trajectory to achieve your financial goals.

Some of the jobs that pay an average of $100 an hour are discussed in this article, along with the key responsibilities of each position and the typical level of education needed for entry.

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What job pays 100 an hour?

Some of the highest-paying jobs in the United States (above $100/hr) are listed below.

Freelance photography

The median annual wage in the United States is $38,950. (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Essential Duties

Weddings, conferences, and company parties are just a few events where freelance photographers come in handy, capturing priceless memories for their clients.


Photographers focusing on graphic design and art can expect to earn upwards of $100 an hour, but this pay level typically requires at least five years of expertise.

Mandatory Schooling

High school graduation or General Equivalency Diploma (GED) is preferred but not required to enter this field.

Trainer for the living

The annualized median income in the United States: is $43,859

Essential Duties

A life coach can be considered a hybrid between a therapist and a career counselor; they can help you figure out what you want to do and how to solve difficulties outside work.

trainer for a living

Professional life coaches who charge $100 an hour typically work with high-level executives and business owners.

Mandatory Schooling

To work as a life coach, you must complete an academic study course. You can better assist your clients by selecting a niche, such as business or wellness.

Diving welder

The annualized median income in the United States is $48,746.

Essential Duties

A chamber operated by hand lowers an underwater welder to the water’s surface, where they repair or replace pipelines, typically for the oil and gas industry.

diving welder

If their job is particularly challenging, they may earn up to $120 an hour for their time. The welder may need to spend up to 30 days at sea for specific projects.

Mandatory Schooling

Two to five years of land welding experience are preferred in addition to a high school diploma or GED. You’ll also need to get your welding or commercial diving certifications before enrolling in dive school. It may take anywhere from five months to a year and a half to finish this certification process.

Decoration expert

The annualized median income in the United States: is $54,118

Essential Duties

The interior design of your residence is the responsibility of an interior designer.

interior designer

They collaborate with many customers to fulfill their interior design requirements at home and in the office. Interior designers can earn up to $100 per hour if they provide architectural and technical services for private residences.

Mandatory Schooling

A bachelor’s degree is the standard educational requirement for entry-level interior design positions. It is not required to become an interior designer. However, many employers prefer it.

The Political Speechwriter

The average American family earns $58,507 per year.

Essential Duties

Someone who crafts speeches for politicians seeking or currently serving in public office is known as a political speechwriter.

political speechwriter

Long-term employment with a politician can net a speechwriter $100 an hour, and some speechwriters charge clients for the speech.

Mandatory Schooling

To work as a political speechwriter, you must get a bachelor’s degree in English, communications, or journalism.

Technician in Therapeutic Massage

Salary: $58,328 annually on average in the United States

Essential Duties

A massage therapist aims to reduce tension by relaxing the client’s tense muscles and other tissues.

technician in therapeutic massage

Regular massages help clients unwind, speed up the recovery time for injuries, and boost immunity. Therapists in high-cost areas, such as New York and Los Angeles, typically charge $100 per hour.

Mandatory Schooling

After completing 500 hours of coursework at an accredited massage therapy school, one can become certified to practice massage therapy professionally.

Artisan of the ink

In the United States, the median annual income is $82,529.

Core Responsibilities

Someone who makes tattoos is called a tattoo artist because they are skilled at making designs that will stay on other people’s skin forever. Because each client assigns their significance to a tattoo, the onus is on the artist to develop concepts that resonate with their clientele.

artisan of the ink

Depending on the client, they can earn up to $130 per hour and supplement their income by selling clothing.

Mandatory Schooling

Although a four-year degree isn’t required, getting experience in the field through an apprenticeship is highly encouraged.

Transport pilot

Salary: $134,630 annually on average in the United States (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Essential Duties

A commercial pilot’s job is to ensure a smooth and safe arrival at the destination of an airplane carrying paying customers.

transport pilot

Together with air traffic controllers, they assist pilots in navigating airspace and updating passengers on the status of their flights.

Mandatory Schooling

To become a qualified Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) pilot, you need military experience or a bachelor’s degree.


The annual median income in the United States: is $230,440

Essential Duties

Before surgery or other medical procedures, an anesthesiologist injects to make the patient unconscious. Also, they look at the patient’s vitals to ensure everything is all right with their body.


They earn a median of $102 per hour and are widely regarded as doctors because of their medical degrees.

Mandatory Schooling

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in pre-med or medical sciences, candidates for the medical degree must complete a residency program lasting four years.


In the United States, the median household income is $282,013 per year.

Essential Duties

The specialist takes care of the orthodontic needs of kids. They primarily work on correcting misalignments of the teeth and jaw and may recommend dental appliances like braces and expanders to achieve this.


They also offer advice on how to keep your child’s teeth clean and how to prevent their teeth from crowding.

Mandatory Schooling

Get your bachelor’s degree in something scientific, spend the next three years getting your dental degree, and only then start thinking about orthodontic residency programs. Due to the necessity of passing a written exam administered by the American Board of Orthodontics, the average time it takes to earn an orthodontics degree is 10 years.


The median wage in the United States is $53,297

Essential Duties

Students frequently consult a tutor to achieve academic success. Tutors often create their timetables and many works individually, enabling them to charge as much or even more than $100 an hour. The greater the tutor’s expertise, the more significant the demand for tutoring in their area of expertise, and the more likely they will charge $100 or more per hour.


SAT tutors support students in various ways, including developing study strategies, providing study materials, keeping tabs on their progress, and honing in on the best study habits. An excellent SAT resource, they will have taught themselves various tutoring methods and have years of experience helping students prepare for the SAT.


National Average Salary: $18,704 per year

Major Responsibilities

People who call themselves “actors” or “actresses” perform in various roles in various media such as movies, TV series, and advertising. By embodying the character and showing the right reactions, they bring the part to life through their interpretation.


Actors must rehearse their lines and work together to avoid hiccups during a performance. Most working actors earn well over $100 an hour.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where exactly might one find such employment opportunities?

These occupations are available in many fields, including the arts, sciences, and trades.

Which courses will best prepare you for these professions?

A bachelor's degree is typically required for entry-level positions in the arts and sciences. However, this does not always hold. It would help if you researched the trade-specific credentials needed to enter the industry and thrive.

Who do you talk to if you want to apply for these positions?

If you're enthusiastic about applying for the position described above, check your job listings regularly. You can look at the company's website or a business networking site to find contacts in these fields. You can approach them for interview tips to learn more about their experience and knowledge. After reading that, you'll be able to make a more educated choice regarding your future career.


What job pays 100 an hour is answered. Jobs paying $100 or more per hour can be found in various fields. Freelancing, part-time work, and conventional professions like those in the medical field and its ancillary services all fall under this umbrella. Many people prefer to work on the side or as freelancers since they have more control over their hourly rate.