How To Make Money On Social Media (Even With 1000 Followers)

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

Do you like Social Media? Do you want to know how to make money on social media? Well, here are the best ways to do so!

Social media is such a dynamic platform that brings the entire world to an individual. There are all kinds of stuff on social media, from post to promotions to creating your brand and business. You can sell products, market brands, and even get paid for social media posts. Below are some ways that will show ways to make money on social media.

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Make Money On Social Media – 11 Simple Ways

If you have a really good fan base and more than 10k loyal followers, then these tricks would allow you to make money with Social Media within 1-2 weeks. However, you can use all these methods even if you have less than 1000 followers. So, let’s get started:-

Start Affiliate Marketing

A great way to make money on social media is by Becoming an affiliate that, too, without having a large follower count.

In a nutshell, you are responsible for promoting products and brands using affiliate links. You get these links when you sign up, and after that, when a follower clicks on one of these links and makes a purchase, you earn a commission in return.

At Amazon where you can earn 4% to 10% commission per sale. Other networks like ClickBank, Rakuten, CJ Affiliate,, etc. offer lucrative affiliate commissions.

But there are some points that you need to be careful of if you want to make money on social media. 

Always select product that is relevant in context to your niche. Add disclosures about your affiliate links with authentication as it attracts the trust of your follower. 

Have a healthy ration from general information to promotional posts.

Just remember to keep your ad costs less than the money you earn, and If you are good at building social media communities and can promote affiliate products using social media ads, then you can earn make money through social media.

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Earn via Your Own Products

One of the popular ways to make money on social media is by becoming a seller, i.e., is creating your own products.

Once you have created your products, whether physical or digital, then you can sell it directly on different social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. or you can sell it through websites like Etsy or any other e-commerce stores which allow such selling.

Products can either be digital like eBooks or physical like normal products.

social media addiction

Although digital products are faster to create and involve less investment at the beginning of the development with an advantage of the easy promotion.

Like registering your book on Amazon Kindle and then promoting the same on other social media sites, and once the sales start rolling, you have to do nothing but collect the payment.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of physical products, do keep in mind it requires a larger capital as investment and development.

Products like designer jewelry, crafts, and other home and living products are relatively easier to develop and sell online.

Do keep in mind that If you decided to sell directly on social media on your own, then you will have to take care of shipping, customer care, logistics, etc., while other e-commerce stores, they take care of these aspects. It is up to you how you want to make money on social media.

Make Money from YouTube

Well, as tempting as it may sound, but YouTube is the most popular yet not that easy source to make money on social media.

Becoming a successful YouTuber requires a lot of planning, persistence, hard work, and creativity before you can make money through social media.

After you have created your channel, you need to have at least 10000 views and followers before you are deemed eligible to apply for the YouTube Partner program, after which you start getting paid on a per-view or video basis, and you can make money on social media.

You can visit to check your channel’s total view count. All you need to follow are some basic steps to get registered for the YouTube partner program.

Firstly, you need an authenticated YouTube account, and then under your account icon section, select create a studio.  

Once you have reached a good number of views, go to the channel under your account and click on status and features. After this, enable the monetization option, and after this, all you need to do this is agree to the terms and conditions of YouTube.

Today there are a million YouTubers out there making a significant amount of money, but all these shorts down to how you market your videos after they are set up.

Promote your videos as much as you can on social media and by running ads on other social media like Facebook and Amazon.

This way, you will get additional views on your videos. And in the process, you will make money from the Ads which get displayed on your videos by Google.

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Sell Photos to Earn

Here we will be talking about a way to make money on social media that speaks about your creativity and does not involve a lot of product and marketing hassles.

Yes, if you are a big Instagram buzz or you leave no stone unturned for the perfect picture on your Facebook and Snapchat, then this is the option that seeks you.

You could even use your iPhone or DSLR to take quality photos if you have a few basic skills, and with the availability of Instagram filters and apps like VSCO, you can make your pictures truly appealing and attractive.

But the catch here is to maintain consistency and regularity, i.e., it is important to be posted regularly and keep adding an update on a regular basis, only then you can make money using social media.

As there can be many interested buyers looking for readymade portfolios.

Now, if you are not selling your photos to a site, then do make sure to add your personalized watermark so that your photos can’t be misused and also to keep the original copies with you as you can sell them when you will them to or are required to.

Now, if you don’t want to depend on readymade portfolios or self-sealing of photos on Instagram, then you can visit sites like SnapwireMobileprints, Twenty20, Flickr, Shutterstockand Foap to find buyers.

These sites not only give you a chance to show off your pictures but also display your work to a broad audience who are willing to pay good money for excellent photos.

Even if your photos are breath-taking and appealing, the work does require effort and time investment for a good kick start. These are just a few ways you can start to make money on social media.

Become a Social Media Manager

Another way to make money with social media jobs is by becoming a Social Media Manager.

There are many companies and individuals out there that are offering positions or jobs to people for just handling their social media page and activities.

So, if you know about all the latest trends in the popular social media networks and you are aware of all features, then you should look for such postings on various job boards.

Just type social media on the job board search, and there will be many options listed. Although many of the openings are internships, there are many job openings with freelance work.

facebook laptop

Social media is constantly evolving. The average business owner finds it time-consuming and challenging to stay updated with the best practices that can boost their digital presence.

Hence, they post such jobs or internships for people who have got the time and inclination toward social media.

Plus, the best advantage of this way to make money on social media is that it pays really well whether internship or freelance, but you can charge a good sum per month from their clients for daily updates and be responding to customer service concerns across all platforms that their clients are present on.

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Start an Online Coaching Business

Another option to make money with social media jobs is through coaching.

If you are good at teaching and you feel you can teach someone online, then you can start a coaching business and become an online coach on social media to make money on social media.

You can conduct online sessions using video calls on Skype, Google Hangouts, or Facebook Messenger.

But to get started with this, you need first of all to do is to build your brand.

This means that you need to be very specific as to which domains you are providing coaching on as this would ease how you would market your skills.

Like if you are an expert in business coaching, then you should start building your brand around what kind of business skills you have and what you can teach and offer individuals.

Then you should create a social media strategy, create engaging content, and build community on channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

You need to focus on having a good number of followers and, if not, then at least views and likes.

Once you have a sufficient number of fans and followers on different channels, you can even take your coaching service offline too, but that entirely depends upon your business goals.

Just keep the consistency and quality of your work with regularity with your students, and you can easily make money on social media.

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Become an Influencer Marketing Consultant

There are hundreds of brands across various industries that market and indulge in social media and, in fact, hire creative influencer marketers.

But they are a huge number of influencer marketers, and they are hundreds of brands, so who connects the correct ends?

Well, here you can come into the picture and save the day and be able to make money on social media.

As an influencer marketing consultant, you help brands identify the right influencers for their campaign and guide them each step of the way.

Starting from communicating with the influencers on a daily basis to measuring the success of the campaign, you shall strategize all, and when it works out all well, you earn big.

Now, where does social media fall here?

The brands want influencer marketing for brand imaging on the social network for public attention. And if you know the dos and don’ts of social media, you will be able to hire the best influencer for the client.

It is hence giving you the chance to make money on social media.

Now let’s sort down the options from making money from social media to specific sites:


If you have a blog or a website, you can use Twitter to promote it and make money on social media.

Every time you write a blog, get a catchy sharing URL and promote it on Twitter. It is not only restricted to promoting blogs or a website, but this also works amazingly well for affiliate marketing.

You can sign up with a number of affiliate sites online. Hunt down the product or the niche you relate to and create blog posts about it.

Create a couple of landing pages about it, and once you are done, then you can promote it. You can use Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram to make money on social media.

Now, if you really want good money, then you need to have a good number of followers.

Get as many followers on Twitter which can use Twitter tools. They help you to seek out people who might show interest in your products and get them to follow you.

Once you have got a good flow of tweets and followers, then it is possible to have sponsored tweets.

Sponsored tweets are posts from advertisers who pay you to reach the target market or amount of people. You can do a minimum of 2 tweets for $75-100 depending on your followers.


Google+ is no different from Twitter or LinkedIn, and you can create circles in Google+ instead of groups.

With the advantage that it allows you to message out to a lot of people and help you make money on social media. The circle is separable, and specifically, you can target different people of different demographics with your messages.

These circles help you test which messages worked best with whom in terms of your marketing strategies.

Further, it will also help spread the news about what’s new with your brand. You can also be able to bag reviews from participants on your products and services, coupons, and discounts, which can work as feedback for you.

This will really help you to test the social media marketing scheme and help you make money on social media.

Again, this is not a direct source of income, and you may not gain big from the start.  You will need to establish your business first, market it, and once it gains pace, you will start earning.

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When it comes down to LinkedIn, it is the ultimate professional social network. 

We all know just how important testimonials and third-party endorsements are to make money on social media.

And so, LinkedIn gives a chance to build up a brand in a community. LinkedIn is more about businesses connecting with other businesses.

This will not only give a chance to grow but also to gain new ideas and share ideas with others.

Now besides communities, you can also create groups where professionals can all come together and share thoughts and ideas.

Initially, people feel that it is all useless, and there is no money. However, it is all about building contacts, sharing questions and ideas, and in return getting answers.

In this way, you will be able to come across people that whom you can share your business idea. Or, collaborate with them or even work as a freelancer.

This will not only help you make money on social media but also help you expand it.

Start a business with Instagram and Pinterest.

Well, this is the most basic yet creative way to make money on social media.

All you need to do is make an account on either Instagram or Pinterest. And, start posting your work there.

If on Instagram, then post pictures  & videos, and if on Pinterest, then it can be in the form of photos and videos.

The posts can vary from styling to art styles, from cooking to furniture making, and even basic DIYs.

If you have it and you know it, develop it creatively, post, and start to make money on social media.

Like all other social media, you need to focus on your followers and views to promote. Propagate your products and teachings, and you need to hustle for a little following.

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On which Social media platform can I earn the most?

Many business owners suggest that TikTok is the most suitable platform for generating revenue. TikTok is best at attracting audiences which in turn helps users to earn good money.

Can you earn from views on Snapchat?

No. Snapchat doesn't pay its users for views, but you can still earn through affiliate marketing, selling products, or sponsored stories.

What influencers Make the Most Money on Social media?

Reports state that Sports persons are paid the most by sponsors on Social media.

Ending Note

All in All, these were the best ways to learn how to make money off social media. Understand that it is not only about making money for social media posts.

Just remember that no matter whatever you start, it is essential that you have a good number of followers. Also, you must be regular in posting and promotions and always post authenticated work. If you have any other suggestions, you can also contribute them through the page. 

It may start slowly, but in no time, you will be earning big bucks. You can, too, define your own ways to make money on social media. Good Luck.