How to Sell on Poshmark: Expert Tips to Make Good Money

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Being a seller on any eCommerce marketplace is not easy, especially on the sites like PoshMark that lets millions of people to sell goods, which maximizes the competition between the sellers and create an enormous variety of options for the buyers. In such an environment, it becomes very challenging for the sellers to perform on PoshMark effectively, but with the help of good marketing strategies and a good analysis of the customer behavior on the site does the trick. Here are the best expert tips that will help you sell your clothes on Poshmark easily and more effectively:

Getting Started

Poshmark is an online selling app that features used clothes and fashion accessories for a mere fraction of their original price. To get started, download the free app available for both iOS and Android users.

poshmark sell clothes

The first step is to create a user profile. Create an engaging profile that has all the fields filled. Fill out the size profile that matches a large customer base. Also, list the brands that you wear and the fit that the customers will match most. Now, start uploading the products and its time to interact with the customers.

10 Expert Tips on How to Sell on Poshmark

Create the best Titles & Descriptions

The first thing that a customer will engage in is the title of your deal. Use a title that is captivating and engages the customer into the product. You can use brand names, their year of the trend, or the fashion it portrays. Users are most likely to search with brand names, and it will make your product list above others in the algorithm. Try to use adjectives after the brand names and then the name you wish to give the product. Keeping the most interesting part before is the key.

After the title, keep the description of your product as informative as you can. Give them all the information so that they have no questions to ask. You can include measurements, style, material, and the time it was trending in the market. The key here is that you leave the customers with no room for query and quick decision-making psychology.

Upload Photos Smartly

The next thing a customer will see in the photos. Using photos that are not clicked in good light or maybe without any presentation will kill your chances for a good deal. To attract more customers, use bright, clear photos, and use the filters in the upload menu. It is observed that customers tend to engage in products that had good quality images with even minute details.

Try adding as many photos as you can by making a collage and then uploading them. This will make your customers believe in the quality and authenticity of your product. Some people are even styling their products and then uploading the products. Why leave the chance? If you really want to grab a deal, work a bit on it.

Set a price, they can’t refuse

Now that they have decided to buy your product, they will surely be curious to make the best bargain. Pricing is very important as the customers in Poshmark aren’t looking for expensive and hefty deals. Going with the psychology of human beings, use a price that will seem lesser than most of your competitors but will be a moderate profit to you. Poshmark earns its commission by your sales.

It takes a straight 20% if the sale is above $15 and a flat rate of $2.95 if below it. So to make the most money, tag your products between $15 and $40 and watch out for sale. Most likely, the customer will be seeking an offer if they offer you a bundle. A bundle is an indication that the buyer is willing to take more than one of your items at a discounted price. Try to negotiate when they put an offer keeping the quality and usage of the item in mind. Do settle for good and steal the deal.

Customize Your Product

One of the best tips on how to sell on Poshmark is to customize your product. Your customers will always return to you if you give them an extra tip. Adding something that customizes your product and adds value to your sales is the best trick to let them coming back for more.

Moreover, the add-ons won’t be any pressure on your budget as most of the items can be bought easily and at very low prices. You can take ribbons, colored sheets, or napkins. Make your product look clean and new, as it just got upgraded to a newer version.

Always keep in mind that Poshmark has seller scores. You can only get a high score if the reviews and ratings are high enough. Moreover, you can’t delete the comments customers leave on your profile. So make sure each of them is good.

Be Proactive

Poshmark features millions of buyers and sellers. You need to be proactive with your posts and customers to make good deals and profit from them. People follow those who are constantly updating their lists and keep up with the trends.

Try to share as many products as you can, and if you see a ‘Posh Party,’ don’t leave the chance to share all your items. Always respond to your customer’s queries as soon as you can. Follow the ‘Poshers’ that have the same listing as yours. This will increase the engagement and appearance of your products.

Use photo options

Poshmark provides you with 4 photo options. You should utilize all those four photo options. The photos are of good quality and perfect as well as presentable. The photos should be clear and bright, which can attract customers. You should click the original photos of the items by wearing the clothes by yourself.

This will give a clearer idea about your item to the customer. You can use all four photo options by making the collage of the images, which clear the minute and small details of the item. By doing this, the buyer can actually see the product details and decide that he/she should buy the item or not.

Titles and Descriptions

You need to write a proper title and description of the product. The title should be in capital letters in a descriptive manner. The title should be in a way that attracts the customers, and he/she thinks to buy the item just after reading the title.

Give a detailed description of your item. The fabric, measurement, color, etc., should be exactly mentioned in the description of the item. The title should include the brand name of the item. Mention more information than the buyers need. 

Tips of wearing and styling items

In the item description, give the tips to the customer about the wearing and styling of the item. Give information about how you can style the item, with what color clothing item you can pair the item, etc.

This is the important part as Poshmark provides no-return policy. Brief about the versatility of the item. You should encourage the item which you are selling by saying about the good value, design, color, fabric, etc. 

Careful about negotiation

The customers who buy the item from Poshmark have the right to do bargaining or negotiation. Be careful with the negotiation of the items and write in the description No Negotiation.

As you also have to make some profit from the item you are selling so the items which are having no chance of negotiation then write in the description. The right customer will buy the item by seeing the values of the item and not the price or negotiation. You have the option of rejecting the bid by the customer.

Offer discounts

Poshmark offers you to create your own item page where you can sell the products easily. On this, you can also offer some discounts to the customers’ time to time. The sale of the items attracts more customers, and the bumper discount will ready the customer to buy the item.

You can put a discount on buying the bulk items by the customer. This will make a good profit for the seller as well as the buyer. You can brief about this in your description box. You can also give a discount to the customer privately at the time of bidding by the customer. 

An extra touch

Add an extra touch of your item to the customer. Make a special and innovative packaging of your item, which will impress the customer more. Put a thank you note for buying on the packaging.  

How to sell on Poshmark? Negotiation Tips

  • Customers are allowed to negotiate with the sellers to down item prices on Poshmark.
  • It’s good to have a little discount but not as much that you would not get any profit after the selling. Otherwise, efforts will be pointless.
  • There would also have some items that you don’t want to down the price; in that case, be sure to mark them as a firm, telling that there is no room for negotiation in this item.
  • The right buyer always comes along who values your item’s worth. Recognize such users and treat them well.
  • If a customer needs your item indeed, stay firm with your price, and he will definitely buy the item with your price offer.
  • You can offer a discount to your customer if he would buy your item more than one in quantity. It will make your image in the customer’s mind, and he may suggest others to buy your item.

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So, these are all the expert tips to know about selling on Poshmark. We personally recommend you to create a unique store to attract customers.

If you any other great recommendations on how to sell on Poshmark then definitely let us know in the comment section below.