20 Best Ways for Proofreading Jobs from Home (Updated 2020)

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Look for Proofreading Jobs from Home? Before digital media grew leaps and bounds, there weren’t many work opportunities apart from the usual 9 to 5 desk jobs. Work from home was not a known concept, and many homemakers, old aged men and women, and young students didn’t have a platform to display or recognize their skills or talent. Now, many can take up side hustles to earn extra money and sustain their lifestyle.

Digital media has changed the scenario and opened doors to work and earn in the comfort of your home. There are many jobs like freelancing, blogging, writing, gigs, virtual assistant, photography, and the list is long. Find out your skills and turn it as an opportunity to make extra income for yourself. Work remotely as there are many legit online jobs available to match your skillset.

Do you have an eye for details or instantly catch the typo errors and do a quick mental correction of spellings, punctuations, or grammar? There are ample “Proofreading jobs” online that match your skillset where you can work almost from anywhere in the world with an active internet connection.

Online Proofreading Jobs are in high demand; why?

With the rampant growth in digital publishing, demand for online proofreading jobs has increased, and online proofreaders are regularly hired. Proofreading used to be done exclusively by the writers themselves for their content.

However, the sudden shift in the trend is due to the nonstop production of the content required to match the growing demand for information on the internet leading to the beginning of a standalone profession “Proofreading.”

Today, there are many legit work-from-home proofreading jobs where you can actually earn real money. They might not get-quick-rich money schemes but are well-paid jobs and is a great option for work-from-home. Many a time, proofreaders can set their own work hours and pace.

If this tempts you to take up proofreading jobs but not sure how and where, to begin with, here is a step-by-step guide to become a proofreader and earn extra money.

What is Proofreading?

Proofreading, in simpler terms, is reviewing content written by someone (blog or article or book) to detect and correct errors before the final publishing.

Contrary to the belief, proofreading is not the same as editing and completely different from freelance writing.

Both proofreading and editing require reviewing written content for errors, but Proofreading primarily focuses on minor errors like grammar, punctuations, spelling, and typos.

Proofreaders review any material in the final step of publication.

On the other hand, editing requires major changes like reordering or organizing information, doing in-depth research, striking out the material, or changing the tone of the content. Writers and editors work together and make revisions.

Editors can be proofreaders, but not all proofreaders can be editors. However, both roles are equally important, skilled, and professional.

Proofreading jobs are plenty in the online world of content, and bloggers, companies, and small businesses do require proofreaders who have an eye to review content closely, catch errors, and correct them.

Skills to do work from home Proofreading Job:

You don’t require any English degree but particular knowledge and skills to excel as a proofreader as below:

  • Command over the English Language: You should be good with grammar, syntax, spellings, punctuations, and modern vocabulary.
  • Reading: You should enjoy reading, and as the job requires a lot of fast but careful reading.
  • Specialization: The material to proofread can be a transcript, academic papers, white papers, blogs, books resumes, marketing material, and others. Specialization in all or either of them helps you to create a niche.
  • Details: You, as a proofreader is required to be meticulous in finding and correcting errors which a regular person might not be.
  • Symbols and Notations: There are standard symbols and notations used for proofreading documents and should be known by a proofreader.

Even though there is software available online to proofread any content, but they are not able to catch certain errors, and so human involvement is needed.

How much do you earn in Proofreading jobs?

At the Entry level, you can earn $10 per hour. As you gain more experience, you can earn $15 to $20 per hour. According to GlassDoor and Bureau of Labor Statistics, Proofreaders earn around $36,960 on average for full-time work. The pay and work vary depending on the proofreader’s skills and work.

Work-from-home proofreaders earn per project, and freelance proofreaders decide their own fees, projects, and working hours.

How do you train to become a Proofreader?

There is no degree for proofreading, but it will be useful to attend a training course for proofreading to update your grammar skills and learn how to find clients and promote your proofreading business.

Caitlin Pyle had an interesting and inspiring story as a successful proofreading freelancer and made over $40,000 by doing a part-time freelance proofreading job. From being fired from her job to realize the perfect business for herself, she is the powerhouse behind Proofreadanywhere.com.

She is a professional legal transcript proofreader, now a full-time blogger and trainer, who runs a free training course for proofreaders. This course introduces you to the field of proofreading and business building tips as a freelancer.

Who hires Proofreaders?

  • Bloggers: There are many bloggers who hire online proofreaders to proofread their personal blogs.
  • Small Businesses: Owners of small businesses hire proofreaders so they can focus on other things in business.
  • Marketing: Advertising agencies and social media marketers hire online proofreaders for the marketing material proofreading.
  • Website owners hire proofreaders to check their content before putting up live.
  • Students hire proofreaders for their dissertation and academic projects to proofread their content.
  • Publishers also work with proofreaders for their articles and books proofreading regularly.
  • Project consultants seek proofreaders to help to review the content of their projects.
  • Brands like Coca-cola, Google hire proofreaders for their special projects.

Areas of work for online Proofreading:

Proofreading jobs work from home can be done in different areas of expertise or knowledge to get an extra edge, growth opportunity, higher earnings, and build a clientele.

Below are types of proofreading jobs:

  • Legal transcripts
  • Medical transcripts
  • Blog posts content proofreading.
  • Academic projects or dissertations or essays
  • Social Media Marketing and Branding.
  • Product manuals
  • Website content review
  • Books and manuscripts
  • Other written business communication content for small businesses.
  • Finance and hi-tech transcripts.
  • Press releases
  • Restaurant menu
  • Newsletters

List of Companies offering Online Proofreading Jobs:

After learning about the job, income, and skills, here is a list of verified websites to apply for proofreading jobs work from home:


Job offers for transcriptionists, proofreaders, translators, and writers. Babbletype operates on a daily assignment basis and has a fixed time for posting new work and submission.

It is only available for native speakers based on countries like the U.S.A, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the U.K, and Ireland. They make payments via PayPal.

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They provide editorial and proofreading services to college students for their thesis, assignments, and essays. Kibin has 24 by 7 editorial services available and free writing help resources for students. One needs to keep checking for job postings.

Scribe Writing

It is a unique concept where a team of Scribe Writing writers, editors, and proofreaders come together to help the client write a book. They hire full time as well as freelancers.

There will be a lot of coordination with the author throughout the editing process. They sometimes pay high up to $3000 per project.

Proofreading services

To apply on ProofreadingServices, one has to pass the 20-minute screen test. After clearing it, one can apply for full time, and part-time is proofreading positions. Anyone can apply from any part of the world.

They have competitive pay and flexible hours to work. Also, they provide a guide to search for proofreading jobs work from home. They have a rigorous process, and approximately one in 300 is selected.


This is an editorial and proofreading job hiring platform, and Domainite has a test available on the application page to be submitted for further process. If you pass the test, then they will send you an email to join the team. They make weekly payments by PayPal.

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Proofread Now

They offer jobs who has 5 years of experience as a professional proofreader and appear for their tests. Proofread Now provide proofreading and copyediting services for English, Spanish and

Chinese documents and translation. Many proofreaders specialize in medical, legal, financial, high-tech, and more fields. You need to bookmark this website and keep checking for openings, if any.


Based in Washington, D.C, and their office is in New York, the digital publishing company hires content editors, copy editors, and similar who specialize in niches like finance, business, healthcare, and others. However, SmartBrief requires previous proofreading experience from the writers.


A pioneering 20 years old internet based company offers its editing and proofreading services in all sectors, including business, academia, and publishing. Headquartered in Ontario, Scribendi offers In-house as well as freelancing positions.

A minimum of a university degree is needed in the relevant field and at least 3 years of experience in editing, writing, or language teaching and should have native level English ability. There is a test to pass and complete the application process. The pay varies as per the project.


Guru gives employers and freelancers a chance to connect and collaborate for work opportunities that are flexible and secure. It is similar to Fiverr.com. The company has paid more than $250 million to freelancers. It provides various jobs from writing, editing to proofreading.

IXL Learning

IXL Learning is similar to Khan Academy. They have occasional openings for proofreaders and need to check if the position is listed. They mostly look for experienced candidates.

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Lion Bridge

It hires curators, testers, raters, translators and, interpreters and is present in 27 countries. Lion Bridge hires freelancers and contractors and allows them to work from remote places.

Managed Editing

They provide editorial services-copyediting and proofreading for government agencies, publishers, non-profits, and others. Headquartered in Washington, D.C, they provide work in the U.S and worldwide. Managed Editing hires freelancers and gives work from home opportunities.

They look for candidates with a college degree and at least five years of experience and fill the application form. The company will save the information in its database and will call when there is a need for any additional help.

Proofreading Pal

It proofreads and edits all types of documents. Proofreading Pal has a two proofreader model where every document is proofread and edited for punctuation, tenses, spelling, grammar, and capitalization by two professionals.

Typically editors earn between $500 – $3000 per month: a minimum graduate degree and 5 years of experience. Candidate needs to answer a short independent contractor questionnaire, and after qualifying in the test, the next step would be a comprehensive timed exam.


OneSpace website provides various job offers from writing, editing to proofreading content as well as research and data entry.

The proofreading job is at the comfort of your home and provides quick and daily payments. The work schedule is flexible and can work at your own pace.

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Gramlee offers editorial and proofreading jobs like dissertation editing, copyediting, APA editing, proofreading, grammar check, and essay editing service.

Now, you need to fill the Employee Application form providing all the details, and if the company likes it, they will get in touch with you. It pays between $12 to $20, depending on the work.


Wordvice hires freelance editors, content managers, web developers, and marketers. It operates in the U.S, Turkey, Korea, China, Japan, and Taiwan.

Editing and Proofreading job offers to review academic and research papers, essays, and academic writing. Candidate should have a graduate degree and a minimum of 2 years of experience.


Headquartered in Amsterdam with a team of 50 young people and partnered with 500 freelancer academic editors worldwide. Scribbr provides proofreading jobs for dissertations, detect plagiarism, APA references.

Kelly Services

It is a 70-year-old established company offering various consulting jobs. Kelly Services provides virtual proofreading services to different businesses and industries.

Proofreaders across the U.S can find virtual work. Also, opportunities may vary depending on the nature of the work and experience.

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It offers different freelancing projects, which also includes proofreading jobs. Fill up your profile details, and you will be provided with offers matching your profile. The more experienced you become, the more opportunities will come to you.

You can search for clients or respond to them directly. So, write a cover letter explaining your strengths and why you fit the best for the job to prospective clients. The rate per hour differs as per the work and experience.


All the companies listed on the websites are legit. FelxJobs have many proofreading job offers which spread across different industries from healthcare, manufacturing to general companies.

Each job offer is different as some may require entry-level skills and less experienced, and some may need high-level skills. Therefore, pay also varies.

Starting Freelance Proofreading Business:

Starting your own freelance proofreading business is more viable than seeking work as it gives more earning power, flexible hours, set your own rates, and work from home.

Independent proofreading assignments offer a better scope of growth and clientele. You can provide additional services as per your skill and knowledge. Moreover, if you have enough clients, then you can also become a digital nomad and work from different places.

Initially, to set up your own business, bring clients, and serve the deadlines may be challenging, but once you are established, then there is no looking back. It might take 6 months to a year to set up a business but will do not step down as it is just the beginning.

Summing Up 

So, there are various resources available online to get started with your freelance proofreading business. The Editorial Freelancers Association will help you to connect and assist with prospective clients.

Aso, find a niche for your freelance proofreading business, which will offer more growth, higher earnings, and less marketing efforts. Now, dedication, sincerity, discipline, and time management will help you achieve excellence and focus on your work.

Also, proofreading can be a great opportunity to work from home if you a grammar fanatic. Have an eagle eye for details and good with the language, and you can definitely consider proofreading as a career option.


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