How to Make Money on Instagram in 2023

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Do you have an Instagram account? Wondering how to make money on Instagram? Also, how to become an Instagram influencer!? Then you have stumbled upon the correct page! Welcome! And let’s get started on the ‘guru-guide’ on how to become an IG influencer and make money!

You may be very well aware of Instagram and what it actually is. It is a social media platform that debuted in October 2010 and supported sharing photos and videos. Along with that, you can tag people, mention websites, sponsor products, promote your or your affiliate business, blog, put up stories, text, and much more.

travel blohger

So far, so good.!? Now how to get started with ringing in cash through Instagram. The very first thing you should do is question yourself, ‘What is going to be my content and page all about?’.

To put it into simple words, pick/find your forte. Select the field or area or the trick or talent or product you want your audience to know about. This is the most important step because it helps you reach your goal and also makes you happy in the near future if it turns out to be helpful and fulfilling.

Instagram has reached the two most important milestones which any or every company dream of having. They are ‘reach’ and ‘influence.’ For companies to have both, a vast reach and huge influence are rather tough to accomplish.

It is not easy to be a popular Instagrammer, and it is not impossible to. All you need to keep in mind when running an Instagram business page is ‘engaging’ with your followers.

Ask their opinions, and their ideas, listen to their criticism and work on what is in demand. This will help you garner more followers and also a lot of love and respect. Now enough with the introduction part. Let us jump to the actual guide:

How to become an Instagram Content Creator in 2023

To make money, whether online or offline, you got to have a good strategy to work on. For becoming an Instagram influencer, merely taking your phone, clicking pictures, and posting them won’t do enough. When you focus on each step and work as planned, then your page will reach heights, and you will not be worried about how to become an Instagram influencer successfully.

If you use Instagram, you might have come across many Influencers/Instagrammers who have followings in thousands and millions. They make lots of money through their posts. They either collaborate or run their own businesses. Some of them are even retiring early just by making enough through Instagram.

All thanks to their careful planning, strategy, hard work, patience, quality, and consistency. This section effectively speaks about how to become an Instagram Influencer, how to make money on Instagram, and how to get paid for Instagram posts:

1. Pick your Forte/Niche

The first step into becoming an Instagram Influencer requires you to pick a Niche or Forte in the area in which you excel.

For example, if you are an expert or really into beauty products, your forte/niche is ‘Beauty,’ or if you like being fit and exercising on a regular basis, your niche becomes ‘Fitness.’ If you love to visit places and click pictures, ‘Travel Photography’ is your forte.


Your niche reflects you, your interest, and your personality and makes sure you stick to the interest. Your work and posts should reflect your ideas, creativity, interest, and much more. It should be proficient in garnering attention and followers and also appreciation.

It is not difficult to pursue perfection, but it is the outcome of constantly trying to improve one’s work from the previous one. If you are serious about starting a blog, then check out this page to get a successful blog to work!

2. Instagram Business Account Setup

How to make money on Instagram? Step no. 2, get an Instagram business account. This is all about getting seriously involved with your (page’s) analytics. An Instagram Business account aids your feed to be renowned as that of a business and not an individual feed by your followers and visitors. To know more in detail about the business account visiting this page will be of great help to you! You now have an idea about the business account, but why will you need one?

business account instagram

A business account on Instagram provides you tools such as ‘Insights.’ The Insights help you know about the follower’s data demographically. It helps you know about profile views, audience activity, followers fluctuations, top locations, likes, and shares on your posts and analyze what your followers love more, etc.

You can use this feature for your individual posts and for your overall account. To become a good Instagram influencer, you definitely need to have a good strategy and follow it. Setting up a business account already!? Take the guide’s help & start!

3. Write an enthralling Instagram Bio

The third step is all about learning how to write an effective bio that evidently echoes the spirit and goal of your page/business. The length of the bio is 150 characters in total and seems to be too short. But it is the elevator pitch for your page.

garyvee bio

Keep the bio clear, crisp, minimal, and accurate to what is your page/business all about. As an Instagram influencer keep this in mind a proper introduction to your page/business takes you places. Nobody fancies attention to an ineffective and vague bio.

You are mentioning important keywords that reflect your brand/page/business accurately, which assures the followers that they are following the correct and authentic page. Finally, never ever forget to mention your website(if you have any blog or shopping site) in the bio!

4. Instagram Aesthetics

This is the step where our actual talent and work are showcased. The way your posts speak volumes of your content. You have to ensure that the photos that you post are of high quality.

You can make them more exciting and striking by adding after-effects. When you take a look at the pages of top influencers, one thing you find common is their page aesthetics.

instagram aesthetics

Instagram Influencers who are a part of the fashion, food, beauty, or makeup industry make their page look more ‘Aesthetically Pleasing.’ As said earlier to make the page look more aesthetically pleasing, post photos that are of high quality.

Take a look at your feed, feel it, and observe what are you missing out on. So, how to make money on Instagram!? This is one of the important steps to focus on!

5. Captions reflect the Brand

Bio, checked! Photos, checked! Quality, checked! Aesthetics, checked! Caption… let’s see how can you make it a driving point in the Instagram Influencer journey!

How to become an IG influencer successfully? Well, a good caption is one that reflects your personality as well as the page’s purpose. A page with an okayish bio, Nah, no one is interested!

Similarly, posts with ‘dull’ captions, sorry people got a lot of other exciting stuff to look up to! Sounds a little mean, but trust me, a good caption will make your brand/page/business more interesting. A caption reflects an Instagram Influencer’s persona and gives it a voice of its own.

You can always try witty, funny, and creative ways to write captions. If the language and tone is funny and ingenious, thousands of people will like it and end up following your page! The creative, witty words will tempt viewers to know more about you and your business.

As it is always said, the first impression is the best impression, just think about the good impact an excellent caption of your post will be having on a new visitor! There there! You scored another follower and another way how to make money on Instagram.

Sked-Social is an all-in-one social marketing platform that with its multi-channel posting capabilities makes it easier to post your content simultaneously on multiple other platforms such as Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, etc., besides Instagram. Thereby helping you out to score more and more popularity, buzz, and followers

6. Hashtags-Choosing the right one! :

The next step demands you to focus on keywords, features, uses, companies, affiliates, etc., in order to put these attributes into work as ‘hashtags’! They help in more public engagements and also in growing your followers.

It is so because they make it easy to search for your page/product/business. If your product is related to food, then the hashtags that go well are ‘#food,’ ‘#health,’ ‘#healthyfood,’ etc. Users can easily find your profile using these hashtags.

7. Post Content regularly

One thing that needs to be there is YOU being CONSISTENT in POSTING. This way, one can expand the base of followers and also the business.

If you are regular in posting stuff related to your niche, people will love you more because of

  1. They want to know more about you or your business,
  2. They want themselves to be updated,
  3. It keeps followers hooked, likes, and shares increase, and your post appears to be trending.

Always keep in mind that the frequency of posting does matter. On average people post 1-2 times a day. You can limit it to your ease and efficiency. Amidst posting the content, don’t forget to track expenses and manage the budget regarding the content. Most influencers often spend more rather than make through it.

Also, if you don’t have time, no worries. You can schedule your posts using the Sked Social tool.

8. Interaction with followers

To amass a good following, you got to be social too. Instagram is a social media platform, and it is used to interact with people directly and indirectly. You can find users easily when you stick to your niche.

You can reach out to new people who have the potential to become a follower by visiting their page, and leaving a comment in their comment section. Make it a point to interact with your existing followers. This can be easily done by replying to their queries and reacting to their comments. This helps you gain potential, respect, support, and followers.

9. Contacting Brands and promoting them

Since this article is all about how to make money on Instagram and how to become an influencer, this step is far most important step. You can contact brands and promote their product on Instagram once you have thousands of followers.

You can get paid for Instagram posts that include their product/service. Also, you can use hashtags or @ them to come under their radar. You can also contact them either through DMs (Direct Message(s)) or email. You can tell them why and how their collaboration with you will be beneficial to them.

Make Money on Instagram (Top Ways in 2023)

Since we are done with the steps on how to become an IG influencer, let’s check out the ways how to make money on Instagram.

So, got a niche? Want to become Instagram Influencer!? Had set up an Instagram account already!? Flaunting a splendid bio with a huge following?!? Wow! You’re almost there on how to make money on Instagram!

To make money on Instagram, your commitment and consistency in posting, brand, audience, and content quality matters a lot. One of the very first ways of making money on Instagram is to become a partner with a brand for promoting it.

a. Work with brands, sponsor their posts

For people, an Influencer is someone who is a trusted expert, trendsetter, and one whose opinion matters a ton to them. Basically, influencers are the people who have an online reputation that they have built up with time by working hard and sharing their stories, tip, tricks, experiences, work, etc., on Instagram.

When an Influencer talks about a product (or sponsors it) the followers really look up to that product/business, and this helps the sponsored company gain reputation in turn, and up goes their sales! The company that will sponsor you doesn’t take any interest in the no. of followers but more in the public’s engagement with the content you put out. You can even become a full-time digital nomad and do this kind of work.

You can be your own boss as you can select the companies with whom you want to work with. There are hundreds of brands that reach out to Instagram Influencers to help them promote/sponsor their products.

b. Selling other brand products and Affiliating

You shouldn’t be worrying about how to become an IG influencer or how to make money on Instagram if you are good at selling. Affiliating or selling products of the affiliated company need you to invest more time and effort than being a simple influencer. It is in fact, one of the best ways to get free money online.

This step not only helps you generate a commission but also helps in spreading awareness regarding the affiliate company and YOU. You will get paid for an Instagram post that has their product highlighted. It is basically the commission that you will be receiving.

To ensure, a trackable link or a unique promo code is used. Many online merchants offer you affiliate programs to participate in. Also exploring popular marketplaces such as Amazon’s Affiliate Program or ClickBank will be of great help.

If you plan to go for affiliate marketing, then you have better chances to succeed. It will also help you expand your online presence through different marketing channels and websites. A popular URL shortener is good to mention the affiliate links in your bio.

c. Selling your work/Photos

One of the easiest and most profitable ways how to make money on Instagram is by selling photos. Photos are one of the possessions that can be you can license, print, and sell.

As people say that when a hobby becomes your work, it doesn’t seem to be heavy on you. Instead of feeling heavy and burdened, you enjoy your work and side by side make money too.

If your niche is photography, then you can approach marketplaces such as Adobe Stock, Twenty20, or 500px to license your photos by brands. You can also sell them by printing them on mugs, bags, t-shirts, etc., and make $1000 easy money through Instagram.

The Teelaunch and Printful may help you out with the printing task! What a great idea to make money isn’t it. Besides that, you get to enjoy the benefit of getting your photos licensed so that they cannot be stolen or sold under somebody else’s name and gain fame.

d. Starting Your Own Brand

How to make money on Instagram!? What more is exciting than to own a business of your own!? You can be an entrepreneur! You can create your own brand, and your products, and sell them online without any interference from others. There are no nagging directions to be given to you to present the product in a particular manner. You are your own boss here!

Kylie's Skin brand

It is totally on you to decide what you want to post, when you want it and how you want it! You can sell digital products such as design templates, online courses, eBooks, etc. You can use your own account page to promote your online business.

Also, you can even sell your talent in the form of services such as paintings, drawings, photographs, video making, etc., by collaborating with other people or as said providing your services in return for money.

A Facebook page, an official Facebook shop, and a business account on Instagram helps you to take it a step further by providing you to integrating product tags and product stickers in your posts.


Does Instagram pay its users for their content?

Yes, Instagram users get paid for sponsored content, IGTV videos, and affiliated marketing. One can also earn money by becoming an influencer.

How many Instagram followers are required before you start earning?

There is no set limit for followers, but creators must need a number of 10000 followers to attract brands to sponsor their content.

How to earn money on Insta without any followers?

If you do not have followers, you can still get paid by becoming a brand ambassador or affiliate marketer. You can also earn through publishing sponsored posts and liking paid posts.

Back to You

All in All, this is

The answer to how to make money on Instagram is to get an Instagram business account. Write a compelling bio that echoes the spirit and goal of your page/business. make your page look more ‘Aesthetically Pleasing.’

A good caption reflects your personality as well as the page’s purpose. Using hashtags helps the users to find your profile easily. Post your Content regularly to keep your followers hooked. Interact with your existing followers.

Collaborate with brands and help them and yourselves to gain followers, popularity, fame, and respect. If you wanted to know how to make money on Instagram, how to become an IG influencer, and get paid for your work, I hope you have found some help through this page, and I wish you ‘All the Best in your future endeavor!