12 Best Spots To Sell Old Car Batteries for Cash

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For those of you who are regular drivers, there must be used car batteries lying around somewhere in your garage or storage that you have not dealt with yet. And why would you? It’s a useless piece of junk. But it is possible to make use of it and sell those old car batteries for cash.

Many of you have not discarded it in hopes of finding some use of it at a later time. But years have passed, and those batteries are still sitting around, gathering dust in your storage.

What if we told you that that piece of junk is worth something? While lying around, it’s a sheer waste of space. You can go out and sell it for money. 

By selling your old car batteries, you’re not only earning extra dollars but also caring for your environment. The places you sell old car batteries to have a proper system for recycling and disposal of the batteries. It is, therefore, a better alternative for both you as well as Nature. 

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The essential question is, where to sell car batteries?

While most of you like to explore options in your neighborhood, there’s a whole range of online markets dedicated to your service. There are a wide array of places that buy batteries. That’s quite a handful which would get anyone confused, wouldn’t it? Don’t worry, we’ve got it covered.

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Sell Old Car Batteries For Cash

Here’re the most convenient places where you can sell used car batteries easily. 

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Recycling Centres 

Recycling is a process where scrap is re-manufactured into something usable. It is an efficient method for reducing toxins in the atmosphere. We generally come across paper or plastic recycling, but there are metal recycling centers where we can sell our products and receive a certain amount of cash.

recycling centers Sell Old Car Batteries for Cash
Recycling centers

You can recycle car batteries for money. This is the best method for selling metal waste such as car batteries as it does not affect the environment in any way, and you receive a good amount of profit in return. 

Auto Part Stores 

We can use Auto parts stores to trade-off old vehicle parts for cash or other parts required for the vehicle. The best place to give away old parts is at auto part stores. We may even give it back to the company that our vehicle belongs to. These stores are available almost everywhere around the city. The only thing that we must be slightly concerned about is if the stores intend to buy the parts or not, we can always approach a nearby store if not depending on the availability and amount of money we get in return. 

Scrap Yards 

Scrap yards are used to buy and sell scrap metal. To get a good amount of cash, we must give them to scrap in bulk quantities.

scrap yards Sell Old Car Batteries for Cash
Scrap yards

These scrap yards take any metal and not just batteries. We must keep in mind the amount of metal present in the material, whether it may be zinc, iron, aluminum or lead, etc. They collect all the scrap available and, in the end, send it for recycling.

Pawn Shops 

Pawnshops are used to receive a loan for any material that we wish to sell. This selling only gives us cash temporarily.

pawn shops
Pawn shops

The product is first taken to the pawnshop and then examined. The owner receives a loan or cash depending on the material sold with a due date to pay back the loan. If the loan hasn’t been paid, then the shop keeps your item and makes a profit out of your product.

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Repair Shops 

Auto repair shops buy old batteries or old vehicle parts, repair them and sell them. They are easily available around the city.

repair shops Sell Old Car Batteries for Cash
Repair shops

The shopkeeper analyses and tests the validity of the material depending on the working and how much budget it might take for a repair. Either you could take cash from these shops or exchange it for a different product depending on your necessity to sell old car batteries for cash.


If you can find the right place or price for your old car batteries, eBay can get you more options. Someone somewhere might need the battery you have no use of and could pay you more than the local stores. 


Post your advertisement on eBay with the price you think is suited for it, and keep your fingers crossed. Your cash might be on its way.


If you’re ready for a little negotiation, Craigslist is your go-to store. It’s the store on the internet where you can get the most attractive offers for your item. Craigslist also has a reputation: items posted on it don’t stay there for long.

It’s an online store where you can expect to find a buyer at the earliest.

The iScrap App

iScrap is an app that provides an all-around metal scrap recycling solution. If you can’t find a metal scrap yard around your area, you can easily find one on the app when you enter your location on it. It finds all the places that recycle metal scrap around your area and fetches their details for you.

iScrap provides you with a much wider range of choices than what you could’ve explored independently. Out of these, you can choose the one best suited to your needs and sell old car batteries for cash.

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Have A Yard Sale

The next time you feel that you have accumulated a lot of junk in your house, have a yard sale! This will be a chance to get all those things you don’t need any more off your hands, including those batteries. You can even advertise your yard sales beforehand and mention what kind of items will be present.

yard sale
Yard sale

Social media like Facebook makes it very simple to share the upcoming sale with your friends and family, and you can also use the brand-new Facebook Marketplace to share the news with those, not on your friend’s list. You can post pictures of some items and gain customers who might be interested.

Newspaper Ads

This again is only suitable if you have a large collection of batteries as newspaper ads can be quite expensive. However, a variety of local newspapers give free listings. You can place all the information about your battery in the ad.

newspaper ads
Newspaper ads

Apart from this, you can search for ads in the newspapers that offer to buy something related. Often people can be interested in buying batteries if they are interested in auto parts.

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Facebook Marketplace

This type of marketplace can allow average people to advertise their used and new items, services, or anything. The biggest benefit of utilizing this platform is that each post of your ad is bonded to reach a wide source of customers as your only goal is to attract a local mass that is interested in buying used car batteries. One of the best ways to sell old car batteries for cash.


Through a messenger, interested buyers will contact you by private messages. As soon as you get a lead, you will have to call up a safe meeting in any location to complete all the formalities related to the product. Most people in Facebook Marketplace go for meeting at Walmart, Depots. etc. 

Visit: Facebook

The Local Business Account Boards

Many of the depots have bulletin boards that allow the public to publicize their services and products. These places can be very helpful, as local businesses and people who need used car batteries and other required parts can appear here to search. You can post ads for your old car batteries on many bulletin boards that you can access.

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What companies do I go to sell my used car batteries?

Because selling an old vehicle battery (or even converting it into a possible side hustle) is a simple option, we usually list and delve straight into a few sites mentioned in here where you may benefit from your extra batteries.

How to Sell Old Car Batteries?

Old automobile batteries are a fantastic illustration of a commodity you can sell for profit. You can still get paid and make anything in exchange for this kind of old auto part, however the amount you can make will depend on the battery's kind, the item's general quality and condition, and how much local demand there is for these things.

Are these online websites trustable for buying and selling of old car batteries?

Numerous websites launched may be found all over the internet. What you need are websites connected to well-known organisations that have a track record of dependability and honesty and have been there for a while. Government entities, nonprofit groups, foundations, and schools and universities may all have such websites.


We do not necessarily need to get rid of our vehicles. We can sell its parts and get a good amount of money depending on the condition of the material. If money isn’t a concern, we could always give it to students interested in exploring the components. There are a variety of options for us to choose from to sell our products as mentioned above.

These are just a few ideas that crossed my mind. There are more things and places for you to sell metal waste apart from these. Recycling is the most environmentally friendly manner of getting rid of metal waste. Using online applications is a very convenient and time-saving method. Pawnshops can be approached if you need money in emergencies. All of the above methods have the same benefit. You get money in return for giving away your product. Do not throw away waste. Sell old car batteries for cash and get a profit.