21+ Passive Income Ideas to Make Money on Autopilot

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

Do you need passive Income Ideas to Make Money? Have you ever heard about times when the pilot puts the plane on autopilot mode? Ever thought Why?

The pilot also needs a break and wants to relax while the plane automatically flies the distance for a certain while. Just like that we also wish in our financial life, that our income goes on an autopilot mode while we are working our regular jobs.

Well, the solution to this is Passive thorough incomes. But are we aware of the basic passive income definition? Or How to generate or get passive income ideas?

passive income ideas
Make Money While You Relax

Well, there is a time when we don’t want to do work or invest our whole and soul time into one thing, so we start planting seeds and keep nurturing them so that after a period of them these plantations, start generating income with any efforts. Such income is Passive income.

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Best Passive Income Ideas to Make Money:

Doing Surveys for Money

If you have enough free time to do surveys online, you can register on PanelPayDay.

The platform helps you make $1 to $25 by taking just taking online surveys. Moreover, you can also participate in focus groups from which you can rack from $30 to up to $100.

Sign Up on Swagbucks

Moreover, there is Swagbucks where you can try to watch videos on the platform, shop through affiliate links, surf the web, and also take surveys to earn money passively. This helps in make real money in my spare time.

Write and Earn Royalty

Away on how to get passive income ideas online, is utilizing your writing skills to gain royalty for a lifetime.

Now writing a book/eBook may not promise you to make rich and that too instantly.

But yes, it does become a regular source of income where you don’t have to invest your efforts, and yet the money keeps coming in.

write an ebook

The main steps here to be followed are, to choose a topic, and research if you have a reasonable audience for the chosen theme. Lookup for online sites that easily publish your books/eBooks create a marketing plan and start writing.

On average people get up to 10% royalty for every book/eBook that gets sold.

You can make your books available on Amazon, and your eBooks can be published through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Program.

Just remember the more you market such as Passive Income Ideas, the better are the chances of earning more money.

Renting your Stuff

There are multiple top residual income opportunities through which you can rent and earn like: Renting your Household items

There are so many people who on a regular basis want a variety of items and look out for rentals. How about changing this into a money-making idea?

zilok rent anything online

Get registered with sites like Craigslist and Zilok. Start advertising the things you can rent. The list can consist of extension ladders, unused furniture, any electrical equipment like a chainsaw, etc.

Just make sure that you sign a proper rental agreement with the person you are dealing, get an advance with a photo ID and any additional proof if possible for your peace of mind.

Earn from Ebates

If we say that you can earn from shopping? Or you can convert your love for shopping into a passive income option?

As crazy as it may sound but with Ebates you can get a rebate when you shop at a surprisingly wide variety of online retailers.

All you need to do is, start an Ebates account, activate the Ebates browser extension, and start shopping!

Now when you visit, an Ebates referred retailer, a popup appears informing you about the percentage of cashback you can get.

The percentage usually ranges from 1-22% or even higher. And at the end of the month, you will get a check. The bigger the purchase is, the more is the chance is for you to earn better.

Rent your Room or Apartment

It’s one of the simplest money-making ideas. Visit the site Airbnb, register your place and start renting.
There are millions of people using Airbnb, who prefer staying in a cozy apartment instead of a hotel room or lodge.

rent your stuff

Although it is a passive income idea or source but does require an initial effort as you will have to market and look for the correct tenants, the returns after the rentals are very promising.

This will solve your problem of, how to create passive income with no money.

Create an Online Store with Dropshipping

With the explosion of e-commerce, dropshipping has been becoming very popular. This is one of the popular Passive Income Ideas that require the use of your residual income from other things.

Here’s an awesome explanation of how Dropshipping Model Works, Kudos to LaunchTip!

Steps to Start Dropshipping: 

Create an online store on sites that let to offer products from certain manufacturers.

Research where you can source your products from. It can be from wholes sale sites like AliBaba.com or go directly to manufacturers who can produce the products for you

Market and advertise your products and your store.

Now there are two things that can be done, either you send your products directly registered site, they can store it in their inventory and get the orders ship in case of demand.

Or you could opt to directly take the orders and get them shipped through the online site team to your customer.

Although this process may not guarantee 100% passive income ideas or sources and it does require an initial investment and research, in the long run, you have a business of your own.

*Note – You can use online platforms like Shopify and Amazon. Amazon has this department known as the “Fulfilled by Amazon Business” (FBA) that allows you access to the entire Amazon marketplace and allows drop shipping items directly.

Create an Online Course

Online courses are also becoming a popular choice for passive income ideas nowadays. In today’s competitive environment, everyone wants to learn and specialize in them.

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They are even ready to pay for them to learn, so why not try a hand with these Passive Income Ideas?

If you have good technical skills that you can relay to a bigger crowd or if are proficient and expert in development, financial or artistic areas, then all you need to do is create an educational module from it.

start an online course

You can research many online sites offering such courses for formats and the deliverable that are shared with students. Then plan out and create the content and material for your course. Get registered with sites like Teachable and Udemy as a teacher and add your module and the amount you would be charging it.

Do remember that you shall have to invest quality time initially, and you are required to deliver a quality product as you will be helping someone gain knowledge and create the best passive income ideas for yourself.

Create YouTube Videos

Every day regular people watching a YouTube video are actually helping in making money on YouTube for others.

When someone watches a video ad appear, these people advertising pay Youtuber to show their ads during or between their videos. The key to becoming a successful Youtuber is to increase your subscribers and viewers base.

become a youtuber

Casey Neistat – https://www.youtube.com/user/caseyneistat

It can take a lot of time upfront, but once your videos go live, there is potential for you to make passive income from each video indefinitely that you upload.

Without a doubt becoming a Youtuber is one of the creative Passive Income Ideas.

License your Photos to Earn

Another one of the creative Passive Income idea is by selling and licensing your photographs.

If you click snaps frequently that are appreciated and can be sold, then the most popular sites where you can sell your photos are Shutterstock and iStockPhoto.

If your pictures get approved and licensed, then just for one of the clients to select and download the picture, for which then you get your royalty paid and solve your problem of how to generate a passive income or passive income ideas.

Buy a Blog

There are millions of blogs created every year, and many of them remain unused or are abandoned.

If you could research a little and buy such an abandoned blog that has potential and reasonable web traffic, then it may turn out to be a great source of passive income.

Most blogs with adequate traffic get ads employed by Google, and in return, they pay you for it. Some sites with evergreen content keep a steady income generation even after being abandoned.

Now, these kinds of passive income ideas need investments also. So, instead of buying a blog you could also create a blog, but it will require a good amount of time and effort invested before you start earning.

Develop an App

If you are a technical person and can develop a mobile application, then this is another among the great Passive Income Ideas for you. To start the process, think of a unique idea on which a mobile app can be developed or look for Apps that can be improved.

Then get yourself registered with iTunes or Google Play store that will allow you to publish your apps.
Be sure to put the right amount of thought and time to conceptualize it, and it should be simple and understandable to the consumers.

Once your game starts downloading you start earning passive income online.

Purchase High Dividend Stocks

If not in creativity then how to make passive income online? Or How to make money with the money we have?

Well if you can build a portfolio of high dividend stocks, then you can create a regular passive income on an annual basis. Dividend Incomes are the dividends paid to shareholders of stocks in the form of cash in your bank account.

buy stocks


It is recommended to get educated in this field first as there is always a potential for capital appreciation.

You can earn passive income from two sources, i.e., dividends and capital gains. If you don’t have an investment account, check out Ally Invest and the fee of brokerage are very low over there.

High Dividend stocks have higher regular passive incomes as compared to what you get from your bank investments.

Peer to Peer Lending

This is one of the tricky Passive Income Ideas. Although it does solve your problem of how to make money with money. Peer-to-peer lending is a process where you lend to other people money who don’t qualify for traditional financing or loans, and you may require to use your residual income.

With companies like Lending Club, the investment returns can range from 6% to 10%. Lending Club also gives investors a chance to earn award miles while investing.

Through peer-to-peer lending, you can earn higher income results than a typical savings or money market account.

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Get out of your Debts

Yes, this is not a source of passive income ideas, but we still include it as one of the Passive Income Ideas. Think about it the less money you in interest to creditors, the more money you have in your pockets each month.

So indirectly it is a passive form of income. You can check out Credible as they have low rates up to 4.99% for refinancing your credit card debt.

You can also look for sites offering free services to help you manage and organize your finances on an occasional basis.

Earn Cash Back rewards on Credit Cards

If you’re already a credit card holder, then credit card rewards are a no-brainer to you. But if you are a newbie, then you will be surprised to know that you can earn from 1-5% cashback on your money by almost putting no effort.

Many credit cards are offering different services and have specific offers of their own. If going through them well, you can plan your cashback offers.

Even if you are not a spender, still we all do spend money regularly on bills, groceries, insurance, etc. Of course, you’ll want to pay down the balance of the card each month to avoid interest charges.

Invest in Real Estate

Just like lending, real estate is also a trick among Passive Income Ideas. Investing in real estate is more of a semi-passive income as it is an active venture a little bit.

The initial investment is huge and does accommodate risk with it, but once you have an established investment property. Then it is a matter of managing the property and maintaining it.

After this, it all depends if you want to rent it or sell it. Another advantage of this investment is that if you have obtained a loan, then you can pay a part of your loan from the money your tenants pay you.

After a mortgage, your cash flow increases dramatically, skyrocketing your finances. You don’t need a lot of properties but a good property to get good passive income ideas. It could generate a lot of money for you and your family.

Sell Digital Printable

How to create Passive income with no money? If you love to design and create decorative items that can be sold as merchandise to people, then you can try selling digital products on Etsy.

This is one of the easiest Passive Income Ideas. All it requires your t be artistic and your work. Printable can bring you plenty of passive income success.

Some popular printables are Greeting cards, Wall arts, organizers, decorations, etc. these are just some examples, but the list is no limit to your imagination.

Digital products require little maintenance, and your customers will receive a link to download them. All you need to do is spend time upfront to create beautiful artwork!

Engage in Affiliate Marketing

If you seek serious opportunities in earning passive income online, then this can be done through affiliate marketing. Now to be a success at affiliate marketing you need an audience, and for this, you need a popular website or a website with good traffic flow.

Before you begin with affiliate marketing, make sure to know well about blogging, SEO, and advertising on websites. If you are already associated with websites, then all this is a no-brainer to you. But even if don’t have one you can easily buy one for less than 3$/month with Bluehost.

Affiliate marketing is one of the great Passive Income Ideas. People click on the affiliate links on your site, and then you receive a commission at no additional cost.

Make an Online Guide

In the case of blogging, creativity or videography is not your cup of tea, and if you want to make just simple money online, then it’s better to try creating an online guide.

Creating a guide is both a creative and technical Passive Income Idea.

By providing specific information, you can make money, as you are creating a guide for the people. And as add-ons, you can also earn through sources like Google AdSense, affiliate links, etc.

If you want a reference before starting the “Security GuardTraningHQ.com” is a great example to understand what a guide looks like for people.

Renting your Car

Well, this could have been covered in the above Passive Income Ideas, but a car can be rented for even Ad services along with generally renting it to someone for a weekend drive.

So, there is a way through which you gain the best passive income ideas by just flashing some advertisements on your car. Visit sites like Carvertise and lookup for companies that are in return looking for people to advertise their products.

rent your car

Just give your permission and acceptance to advertise their brand. Later you will be earning hundreds of dollars just by driving around, with advertisements on your window.

Now if not advertisements but you are ready to share your dear car through rentals with others, then you can visit companies like Turo.

Become a Referral Source

Every small business needs referrals to market its business and boost sales, and this can act as a money-making idea for you. So firstly, create a list of all the small, approachable businesses that you also use on a regular basis.

Contact them and see if they have any cash referral marketing offers. Then refer it to your family, friends, and contacts, and you will earn a fee from each referral that contacts the suggested business.

Don’t overlook any opportunity for referral marketing, even at work or online. It’s practically easy money with virtually no work investment.

Produce an Audiobook

Recently audiobooks have gained popularity significantly as a Passive Income Idea.

It’s easy to stream, virtually from anywhere in the world. As there are people who do not prefer reading, they are turning to audiobooks. But you do need to keep in mind that creating a quality audiobook can be difficult.

In a book, you can add illustrations or expand your context, but in an audiobook depends on your ability to storytelling and has a talent for modulation and voice quality.

After you publish your audiobook, signup with ACX, i.e., Amazon’s Audiobook publishing arm. This is definitely a great passive income stream that keeps ongoing for years.

Although ACX is the best platform for the distribution of audiobooks, there is also a constraint to it. You need to be a US resident or business to publish on ACX. If not, it will get incredibly difficult to publish.

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Which is the best passive income source that pays you the most?

Dividend Stocks, REITs, and selling your products are three significant passive income sources to earn the most money.

How to earn 1000 dollars through passive income sources in one month?

There are several passive income sources through which you can make $1000, but here are some most suitable:

Creating an online course

Making Videos for your YouTube channel

Start Writing a book

Investing in Stocks

Investing in Real Estate

Ending Note

Now that we are clear with the Passive income definition and we have also discussed ways to make passive income, it all melts down as to how to generate passive income with what we have. If you also wish to contribute to this post, please let us know.

No matter what you choose, all these Passive Income Ideas require an investment of your time for sure. And in some cases, your passive income investments also. In any case, we should not stop looking for more passive income opportunities.

After all who doesn’t want to make money on an Autopilot mode! Good Luck!

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