9 Reasons Investing In Gold During The Pandemic

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For generations, gold has always been a valued asset. During times of economic uncertainty, it’s viewed as a safe haven. As a result, it has maintained its luster through the centuries and continues to be the most profitable investment. So if you are someone who is planning for a profitable investment, you must know these 9 valid reasons investing in gold is the best choice.


Gold And The Pandemic 

The economy took a massive hit when the pandemic imposed a worldwide lockdown in 2020. Stocks plunged as investors liquidated their holdings, and gold declined as investors expected clarity about the economic stimulus to be implemented.

reasons investing in gold
Reasons for Investing In Gold

Due to a rapid economic response to COVID-19, investors started to approach equities with more caution. While many businesses suffered the impact of the crisis, there were massive increases in the value of technology businesses. The isolation restrictions benefit the industry to a larger extent, as many people start to work from home.

In addition, investors quickly returned to precious metals because of their reputation as a hedge against inflation. Gold, commonly influenced by currency fluctuations, has seen an extraordinary surge since the government announced its economic stimulus plan. It has historically performed well throughout instances of economic instability, rising in value amid times of inflation. 

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Especially now, the Covid-19 crisis still shows little sign of abating in other places in the world; gold is still said to stay in the limelight. This is because gold is often inversely correlated with other investments. It also performs better at downside times. It shields owners’ money from unfavorable circumstances that affect investments, like this pandemic.

Investing In Gold 

Acquiring gold isn’t similar to investing in equities or bonds. You can purchase gold coins or bullion to get actual ownership of the metal. Bullion is in the shape of bars, each stamped with a unique serial number. The imprint indicates the bar’s purity and weight in gold. 

Moreover, you may invest in gold mining stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). When investors acquire a gold-focused ETF, they acquire shares of a fund’s gold holdings, but not the actual gold. You can also invest in gold individual retirement accounts (IRAs)

Smart investors wisely purchase gold, seeing it as a hedge in times of crisis. While the jewelry and actual gold market has dwindled, the spotlight has shifted to other kinds of gold investments. Let us now see some of the reasons for investing in gold, which makes it the best.

Reasons for Investing in Gold 

Gold is the asset societies turn to when other kinds of wealth fail. Hence, it’s always believed to retain considerable worth as a hedge against difficult times. In relation, below are some compelling reasons to consider investing in gold amid the pandemic: 

A Proven Track Record Of Retaining Its Value 

Gold has retained its worth over time compared to banknotes, coins, and other commodities. Individuals view gold as a means of inheritance and preserving their riches down the generations. 

Since earlier civilizations, mankind has cherished the valuable metal’s distinct qualities. Gold does not rust. It also has a distinctive and lovely color.  

The Ancient Egyptian people regarded it as gods’ bodies. The Incas referred to it as the sun’s dust. Gold jewelry is also in high demand nowadays, particularly in developing economies. It’s highly regarded in countries like India, where holidays and celebrations often spark a gold shopping spree. These markets had the steepest reductions as a result of the pandemic. 

Nevertheless, a pandemic couldn’t overcome gold’s importance across history. Therefore, you can bank on gold to retain its worth in the coming years, even if the economic crisis dampens the jewelry market. 

Economic Stimulus 

Authorities often put funds into the financial system during times of recession. It’s long been a tried-and-true method for governments to make resources accessible to individuals in urgent need in times of crisis. 

Because the economy is projected to take longer to recover, policymakers throughout the globe, particularly in the US, are anticipated to provide further stimulus. Which often increases the price of gold. And hence, this is one of the best reasons to invest in gold.

Hedge Against Inflation 

Gold has traditionally been a great investment strategy since its price continues to grow in lockstep with the living costs. In the last 50 years, investors have witnessed gold prices skyrocket and the economy collapse amid periods of rising inflation.

reasons investing in gold-inflation
Reasons for investing in Gold-Inflation

It’s because when paper money’s buying value is undermined by inflation, gold is often valued in those monetary units and therefore emerges. Additionally, since gold is regarded as an excellent measure of wealth, it may entice individuals to purchase it when they perceive their national currency is depreciating. 

Lower Volatility 

This is another one of the reasons for investing in gold. Investors draw toward commodities since they’re weakly correlated to equities, which means their values don’t change in lockstep. Numerous commodities have gains that are inverse to those of the equity market. 

Additionally, Commodities are a popular hedge against inflation since their values often increase in response to rising inflation. The value of gold has fared well in the US when inflation exceeds 3%. 

However, commodities are volatile since unforeseen events such as pandemics, natural catastrophes, and political uncertainty may cause dramatic fluctuations in market forces. Gold’s value may sometimes be unpredictable for a brief period as market sentiment dictates price movements, but it’s often one of the most reliable assets.

gold volatility
Gold Volatility

In general, gold demand is quite stable. The jewelry industry, which takes half of the percentage for gold use, is a source of rather consistent demand. Though the demand naturally declines during market crises. 

Around 40% of demand is generated by governments and investors, albeit this figure increases during recessions. Due to the difficulty of discovering and developing a gold resource, mining operations are slow to react to price variations, ensuring that supply remains stable. 

Geopolitical Risks

Numerous global disputes were put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Several of these will be likely to emerge back as a result of the vaccine rollout. Investors can’t overlook these geopolitical instabilities. 

Gold sustains its worth not just during cases of economic turmoil but also during periods of geopolitical risks. Gold is a crisis commodity since investors seek its perceived security when global conflicts escalate. 

During periods of geopolitical instability, gold often surpasses other assets. For instance, the price of gold has shifted significantly due to the European Union’s issue. Its value often increases the highest at times of poor government trust. 

Deflation Protection 

Deflation is characterized as a time when prices drop, industry activity decreases, and the economy is saddled by heavy debt, something that hasn’t happened internationally since the 1930s Great Depression. 

Gold’s comparative buying power during this period increased dramatically, whereas other prices fell drastically. People opted to liquidate assets, and gold was the strongest form of currency in that era. 

Interest Rates Are Likely To Stay Low 

Mutual fund investors seek bigger interest rates to safeguard their buying power against rising inflation. However, the present economic climate necessitates low-interest rates. Rates are projected to stay low for longer around the globe. low interest rates

Gold may be an appealing investment choice for some individuals seeking to maintain their buying power since it works as an inflation hedge. The Federal Reserve has indicated it intends to maintain relatively low-interest rates until 2023. As a result, gold’s allure may last years longer. And this is why you should start investing in gold.

Decline In US Dollar 

The United States dollar is the world’s most significant reserve currency. However, when the currency’s value decreases, like what happened between 1998 and 2008, this often causes consumers to rush to the protection of gold. This instance drove the value of gold up.

reasons investing in gold-us dollar decline
Reasons for investing in gold-US Dollar decline

The dollar’s depreciation happened for various reasons, such as the country’s significant fiscal and trade losses. Gold, valued in US dollars, is projected to benefit significantly if the global reserve currency suffers a financial problem. This is one of the reasons investing in gold you must consider.

Expensive Stock Prices 

Over the previous months, investors enjoyed substantial profits on their interest income as stock prices soared. However, concerns of a probable drop weigh on their thoughts at the moment, given the high values of stocks. Some might have difficulty investing since markets continue to rise, notwithstanding recent falls. Given gold’s inverse correlation to stocks, it makes sense to invest some funds in gold to limit your portfolio’s losses. 

When Should You Invest

Now that you have known the reasons for investing in gold, the next question is when should you invest?

The value of gold often climbs during crises. However, it isn’t always true in times of severe inflation. If an economic crisis or depression is looming, it may be prudent to purchase gold. But, if the economy faces rapid inflation, it might be smart to refrain. 

In turbulent years such as 2020, gold may beat equities. If you’re concerned about stock market crashes, sticking to equities and sticking to a longer holding period is a better approach than gold.  

However, if you’re looking for a quick hedge against bad markets, putting a modest portion of your investment to gold may provide some reassurance. The point is that this method is only viable if you purchase before depression sets in. 


What makes gold a good investment?

Basically, it may be viewed as an investment that outperforms inflation. Liquidity is a significant additional aspect that supports gold investments; it offers investors good liquidity. Every investment has both advantages and disadvantages.

What various gold investments are there?

The majority of individuals favour certain traditional and contemporary sorts of gold investing. In its traditional forms, it simply involved buying actual gold in the shape of jewellery, coins, bars, or artefacts. These days, investors have additional alternatives, including gold ETFs and funds, thanks to the changing economic climate.

Is there an investing fee associated with purchasing gold?

There are no investing fees, but if the gold is purchased as jewellery or precious metals, the buyer is responsible for the manufacturing fees. Asset management and trading fees are incurred while investing in gold, thus the returns are less than the growth in gold's actual worth. The administration of the money is subject to a fee.

The Bottom Line

So, these were our list of reasons to invest in gold. Gold will stay focused until the Covid-19 outbreak is controlled and economic turmoil subsides. Consider devoting 10-15% of your whole asset base to gold and holding it for a long stretch of time.  

Invest strategically in gold by purchasing gold ETFs or IRAs. Gold will keep performing well as an investment diversifier and a repository of wealth during times of economic turmoil.

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