20 Best Work-From-Home Jobs with Paid Training

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Working from home has become the new normal since the pandemic invaded our world. Moreover, with the increasing pandemic and convenience, work-from-home jobs are the most trending globally. Further, people are looking for work-from-home jobs with paid training to ensure that they get training in the desired field and proper pay for the same. However, Is the work from the job with training and pay worth it?

Why choose work from jobs with paid training?

Most people are looking for work-from-home jobs with paid training when they are planning to start a career. Because only with prior training can one gain the experience of working in their desiring field. Moreover, with good pay, they can get paid for their work during the training period itself. 

work from job

Further, paid training jobs that we can work from the convenience of our home are the best investment for those who are looking for a bright future in terms of their career. 

Top work-from-home jobs with paid training

Many work-from-jobs with paid training opportunities are available out there. Of them, the 20 best work-from-home jobs come with training opportunities and good pay; they are:


Being an accountant is something that most of us think of as an in-office job. However, on the contrary, it can be both an in-office and work-from-home job.


Further, an accountant can help every business to function smoothly. Hence, the job of an accountant is an in-demand one across the globe. Moreover, their pay is superior compared to others. They can earn up to $ 38.23 per hour or $ 79,250 per year with pay while training opportunities. 

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Customer service representative

Many companies sell retail products and services to their customers, and these customers might have after-purchase questions. Further, hiring customer care representatives is essential to cater to the after-purchase needs of the customers.

customer service representative

Moreover, customer care representatives can work from anywhere if they have stable internet connectivity and less training. A customer service representative gets paid around $ 17.94 per hour and $ 37,320 per year with the training process. 

Data Entry

Data entry is essential for a business to keep track of anything that should be essentially measured. Moreover, a data entry job is another most in-demand job globally.

data entry1

Initially, these jobs are project-based that can be done on flexible schedules and from the comfort space of the employee. On average, a data entry specialist gets paid around $ 17.52 per hour and $ 36 440 per year and is trained before entering jobs. 

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Medical coder

Most healthcare jobs require us to work with patients except for a medical coder. Their work includes taking notes from patients’ appointments and assigning them a billing code that allows insurance companies to take care of their expenses.

medical coder

Medical coders can work from anywhere from their space of convenience. And they get paid around $ 19.53 per hour and $ 40,620 per year. Further, they also have the opportunity to avail prior training before getting started with the job. 

Online marketer

Being an online marketer is one of the perfect work-from-home jobs with paid training for those looking to promote their ideas about a brand to consumers through excellent communication skills.

Digital marketer

Moreover, if they have an idea about SEO, PPC, or anything affiliated with marketing, it is equivalent to the icing on the cake. An experienced online marketer with basic training can get around $ 68.91 per hour and $ 14,330 per year. 

Freelance Content writer

One of the most preferred and best work-from-jobs with paid training is that of the Freelance Content writer. Moreover, it is something we can do within our comfort spaces. All it takes to be a good Freelance content writer is a pinch of creativity and a knack for bringing good language flow to the content.

content writer

Furthermore, Freelance content writers can work as per their schedules without compromising their workspace. A full-time freelance content writer can easily earn around $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 a year. 

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Suppose an individual is looking for a work-from-home job with paid training in checking and analyzing errors in content, including grammatical mistakes.


In that case, Proofreading is the perfect job for them. And if they are keen on improving the quality of promotional content, they can earn around $ 43,000 in their first month. Moreover, they can get prior training before beginning their proofreading journey. 

Virtual bookkeeper

Another popular work-from-home job with paid training is that of a Virtual bookkeeper. By being virtual bookkeepers, we can keep tabs on the financial transactions of small businesses. Moreover, once they have undergone initial training and course, they can earn up to $ 2000 per month. Further, they can pay $ 15-60 per hour as well.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is another popular profession that comes under work-from-home jobs with paid training.

virtual assistant

Moreover, if the individual is interested in completing tasks and has skills in social media management, editing, graphic designing, or tutoring, they can work as a virtual assistant. The earnings of a virtual assistant are around $25 to $100 per hour. Furthermore, they can get prior training before beginning their profession. 

Property Preservation Contractor.

Work-from-home jobs in Real estate are something very new that we can imagine; however, it is something we can try.

property preservation contractor

Property preservation and repairing foreclosed homes is one of the areas of real estate that allows us to work from home. Further, being a property preservation contractor allows one to easily outsource their work and manage only the administration part online. They can earn around $100k or more in approximately 18 months, depending on their monthly clientele. 

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Starting a blog is another profession that can be considered one of the best work-from-home jobs with paid training. Moreover, if we work as an affiliate with other companies, we can do more than any other regular 9 to 5 jobs and earn more.


By being individual bloggers, we can earn around $ 400 to $ 4000 per month. Further, in affiliation with other companies, we can earn more than $ 4000 per month, approx. With basic training, knowledge, and skills, we can earn more. 

Online reselling of products

Everybody loves shopping and looking for a good deal. But if an individual is passionate about the same, they can consider reselling products online.

resell online

Moreover, they can get the best deal in brick-or-mortar stores or online stores and resell their products for good deals through different e-commerce websites that comes with reselling feature. By doing so, they can earn $ 2000 per month or around $100,000 a year. 

Make and sell crafts printables online.

People skilled in making crafts/printables and selling them online can opt for work-from-home jobs with paid training in the same field.

sell crafts

This way, they can earn from their skills. Moreover, with paid training options, we can get additional experience making interesting crafts and selling them online for affordable prices. By making and selling crafts and printables online, we can earn up to $8000 per month or more, depending upon their skills.

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Online tutor

Imparting knowledge to the needy is the best karma one can do during their lifetime. And becoming an online tutor is one way we can do the same.

online tutor

Moreover, it is an excellent work-from-home job with paid training. Further, we can get the satisfaction of making a needy educated along with a pay of around $10.50 to $60 per hour. 

Life coach

Other popular work-from-home jobs with paid training that we can try are that of the Life coach. If the individual is keen on personal development and teaching other people the same, then they can get trained as a Life coach and work as an online life coach. Moreover, an online life coach can earn up to $47 to $297 per hour. 

Travel agent

To work as a travel agent online is another work-from job we can do with paid training. Moreover, we can run an individual business or work for an agency, earning $ 29000 to $ 58000 per year. 

Social media evaluator

Another popular work-from-home job with paid training is that of the social media evaluator. We can work with our comfort space and evaluate the rate of relevant social media ads and search engine results, earning $12 to $14 or more per hour. 

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Software Developer

Software developers are one of the most sort after work-from-home jobs with paid training.

web developer

If we are skilled and qualified software developers, we can work from our comfort space and earn around $ 51.44 per hour and $ 106 980 per year. Moreover, we can get training in the same before venturing into the job. 


If we have perfect typing skills and a keen detailed oriented nature, we can try being virtual transcriptionists. All we have to do is understand the audio’s content and type as per the speaker’s language. Moreover, we can earn up to $ 16.93 per hour and $35,210 per year with training. 

Website tester

Being a website tester is another popular work-from-home job with paid training opportunities.

website tester

Moreover, we can earn $10 per test from a professional website tester, which usually takes around 15-20 minutes each. 


Do work-from-home jobs come with paid training?

Yes, work-from-home jobs do come with paid training.

Which are the highest-paid work-from-home jobs with paid training?

Accountants, bloggers, and more are the highest-paid work-from-home jobs with paid training.

Is getting a remote dream job difficult?

Getting a remote dream job is easy, but we must be patient.


Thus, work-from-home jobs with paid training are something we need to try to enhance our knowledge and increase our experience and get paid.