42 Best Small Scale Business Ideas with low Investments

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The fast speed fo life, people cannot take care of their stuff, that’s is where the businessmen make a profit by doing their work. Here are the best small scale business ideas that you can start to make money without going too harsh on your pocket.

42 Best Small Scale Business Ideas

Bookkeeping Services

If you like playing with numbers, and you are fantastic with them. Is it hard for you to crack through Charted Accounted? Freelance bookkeeping is the thing for you.

For this, you need to be useful in accounting and numbers. It can be done from your home and is one easy small scale business idea.

Become a Personal or Virtual assistant

This job sounds lame, but you can become a virtual assistant. This might not be as awesome as it sounds, but the pay is kind of well. If you are already in an office working as an assistant, the virtual assistant broadens your perspective, and it has more freedom.

Try using the portal like UpWork.com You can find your clients, flexible hours. Here you can decide your pay. Being it monthly, weekly or hourly!

Be a Reviewer or a Tester

All the fans of Unbox Therapy, all these people do is to test or review products of different companies and show it to the world. This happens when you become an influencer.

It is best to have your portal from where you can post or review everything. Once you have a vast audience, you make big bucks out of just evaluating. People make $100,000 out of becoming a product tester or reviewer.

Application Developer

In this growing world of IT, where Jobs and Gates maybe outdated and their updates are created by newcomers. New applications are the new best start-up.

code websites

GrubHub and many of this application were not known to us five years back; now they are at the rise. The today application developer is the, a land where IT pros are rising. Creating an app is way less consuming than any 9 to 5 job.

You need to launch an app and use the correct marketing strategy, and you will be making money while you dream. You can do this anywhere in the world.

Website Developer

In this digital era, every business needs a site; many people make money out of blogging on a site. With the right knowledge and abilities, you can create a great site; this can be a great startup.

Think about it, GoDaddy, Wix, WordPress all these were startups, and now they lead the market. There are a variety of ideas, like feedback forms, product pages, blogs and lots more.

Internet Security Consultant

Not every hacker gets to work with the CIA or FBI. This doesn’t mean they cannot work somewhere else. The best is to start your internet security consultancy. This is the best way for any IT pro or a hacker to earn money ethically.

Graphic Designer

Do you want to boost your creativity to a whole different level? Graphic Designer can become a great help to any startup for their marketing.

If any brand doesn’t have a logo, no one knows them. You go to their rescue. A graphic designer has a lot of jobs; they create fliers, newsletter, advertisements and all for new brands.

Desktop Publisher

Here you need to use publishing software to create a bunch of stuff. You create Magazines, books, marketing newsletters, and much more stuff. One of the simplest small scales business idea.

Tax Consultant

Big, small every business needs tax consultancy, all of them requires to file their taxes. Not every businessperson is good with taxation. They need to focus more on the running of their business. They hire tax consultants. A simple small scale business idea.

Blogger or Vlogger

You love to travel, become travel blogger/vlogger. Is cooking your thing? Take it to great heights by just spreading your recipes all over the internet.

This is one of the simplest ideas of small scale business idea; it merely requires passion and keen interest and some of your time. All you need is a good camera and a laptop. You can learn how to start blogging or how to become a digital nomad through these amazing guides.

Resume Writer

This is a straightforward idea, that can allow you to make big bucks. Many people give a handsome fee to resume writers.

You need to excellent and professional in the field of making resumes. True in today’s market people don’t see resume printed, but they always want a digital one.

write an ebook


This can be counted amongst the easiest small scale business ideas. If you are proficient in many or at least two languages, then this is your thing.

A translator and earn up to a salary $40,000 a year least. For this you don’t need capital or anything, you just need to be right in more than one language.

Financial Advisor

There was a time when just people in business used to invest their money; normal people used just to earn and save. Now every person in this world who is earning some money requires a financial advisor.

People love money, and they love to save and increase, here you come to their rescue helping them where to put money which bank to be used and what should be done. For this you first need to be a Certified Financial Planner, to show that you can be trusted.

Editorial Services

Editorial services are business simple to start and require no investment but have a vast scope for increasing. You can start with small businesses, students and authors. Also, your clientage can be varied from bottom to top.

You can provide a variety of services, like copywriting, proofreading, editing, indexing, newspaper article writing, content writing and what not. This article has also gone through editorial services.

Meal Planning

A world where foodies are filled, but most require a great meal to keep them fit. Eating anything won’t make anyone fit. That can result in a reshaped body, who doesn’t want good physique.

Meal planning is another simple small scale business idea; people want a meal plan more than a gym routine. Here you help for creating their meals, what to eat, how to cook, ingredients, recipes, and whatnot. You can also suggest fro where to eat and what to eat.

E-Commerce Store

If you manufacture products, but cannot find a place to sell or your store isn’t going well. Sell it Online! The marketing is endless, and you have a much wider population to send your goods to. You will be able to sell your products to the world; promotions become easy and quick. Shopify is a great way to start these days.

Dog Trainer

Everyone loves dogs and, everyone wants to pet one. Some who pet a dog, they don’t have time to train their dogs. This started as; people used to walk other dogs of the neighborhood. become a petsitter

This can be turned into a business. All you need is to be friendly with dogs and know how to train them and groom them.

Travel Planner/Organizer

Travel booking platforms are also a click away. This makes travel organizing and planning easy and one simple and best small scale business idea.

You have to go through the requirements of the customer and plan through a variety of tours, hotels, activities, transportation, and everything.

Event and Project Planning

Event management is the next big thing. This is one simple idea for small scale business, but this has reached some heights. The elite class requires a great plan and a big thing.

A small scale business becomes hard for it. It is similar to the planning where everything is just one call away.

Professional Photographer

Professional Photographer, this is not as simple as it seems. You should be passionate about photography, and you should know about the camera.

The major investment you need is on the camera and the attachments and all your camera gear. This small scale business idea works when you need to work on weddings, events, business, modeling and many more. You can start freelancing on various platforms like Upwork, Shutterstock, etc.


Ever taught the neighbors child, and he/she scored great marks. Are you good at certain subjects? Then teaching could be your thing. Tutor, not teacher! This business can be great, and it has some handsome money. Some people pay a lot of money to teach certain subjects to their children.

You have two choices, a home tutor or a tuition center. Home Tutor requires, less capital and tuition center requires some capital.

small scale business ideas

Personal Trainer

Are you a fitness fanatic, this would turn into a great business for yourself.

You just need to have a certification in anatomy and nutrition; there are certain courses for personal trainers. This result in a great business startup. It can start from one to one, and later you can recruit some people to start your agency.

Personal Chef

Have a passion for cooking, why don’t turn it into a small scale business idea? Become a personal chef. You cook for people who cannot cook for themselves or those who can’t have time to do so.


They allow you to cook, and pay for it. Some people give the ingredients for the food too. This requires very minimal capital or investment.

Babysitting Services

In the 9 to 5 job, some people don’t even have time to sit their babies, so there is a business for nannies. But there can be a simple idea of the business of babysitting.

You should know how to take care of babies. Baby nutrition and how to make baby food. You can also be certified in the baby business.

Personal Driver

Big business tycoons and people prefer a driver over driving themselves, why? They need to take calls and schedule meetings. Those who make big bucks use every second to work.

In those seconds you can also make money by becoming their driver. Or you can become an Uber Driver.

You have more money in becoming a personal driver than an Uber driver. All you need is a clean driving record, license, 21 years older, and a decent car.

Tour Guide

Are you a history enthusiast, you can become a tour guide in a history museum. Are you well aware of your city and love your city? Become a city tour guide. You can also become your guide agency.

Electronics Repair Services

This electronic era, where everything runs of electricity, the gift of Nikola Tesla. Every person owns at least two appliances. Everyone requires a repair to it after a few time.

People prefer to get their stuff repair from the companies but to save a few bucks they go to normal stores, here you come with a small scale business idea. This requires too much knowledge about electronic appliances. You should be proficient with all kind of appliances.

small scale business ideas

Bicycle Repairs

Bicycling is seasonal, but the funds are small but not huge. There are a few places where it goes all year long and has a good steady income. It seems to repair a bicycle easy but isn’t, that’s why you have created a small scale business idea of bicycle repair.

Looking at the waste of fossil fuels, and pollution levels, bicycle repair is good business. Maybe everyone will be cycling everywhere.

Auto Repairs

An auto repair shop is a small scale business, but it has its reputation. If you know how to repair every part of a car, you have the tools and the skills.

You have two ays to start an auto repair, wither have a pace for business, or you can start from your home, and get some capital and expand. Auto repair is already in work, but with the right marketing strategy, it will work.

Lawn Care

Don’t confuse this with Lawn Mowing. Lawn care comes with everything, planting seeds watering plants and what not. There is no need for specialized training, but it does require precision.

You can start this firstly by with the people in your neighborhood.
Later expand with services such as herb farming, gardening, snow removal and what not.

Massage Therapist

The massage therapist has licensed, and not everyone can become one. The licensing differs from state to state.

You will have to complete a course for the masseuse, and after that, it is your choice, set up a clinic, take to the home orders. Your major investment will be a massage bed and essential oils.

Online Dating Consultant

Yes, there is something like an online dating consultant. If you are an influencer and have a great play with words. This is like becoming someone’s wingman or women and help them date people. Not this, you can even make money by flirting online.

Your task will be simple, act as an account manager on sites devoted to dating. Start writing their profiles.

Senior Home Companion

There is a huge population of seniors in the US; they have special needs. You come to the rescue, saying that creating this a business is not good, but think about it, helping an old person in his day-to-day activities will give them happiness, and it will give you money. At the end both sides are happy.

Music Classes

If you are great at playing an instrument and you have no way in a band, and your voice isn’t great for songs, start classes. All you need to buy is an instrument, and later you can decide whether you will give home classes or have your center.

Airbnb Host

Do you live alone? Do you have a few rooms that are of no use to you? Become an Airbnb host, the money is not a lot, but you can earn some.

This some can be an extra in your normal income. It is easy to post your address on Airbnb, and there you can find many people looking for space to live.

Yoga instructor

Yoga is the next thing for peace and fitness. People nowadays inclined to yoga to attain what they miss from their life. You just need to be a certified yoga instructor, and you can start from home to home or take classes at your own place


Many local matches happen in the neighborhood, and everyone requires a referee. If you have an interest in sports and have a lot of knowledge of the sport.

You can be a referee, for the small scale you might not need any certification but don’t take chances. You simply have to go through a few series of test to become a certified referee.

Interview preparation

There are lots of people out there, with talent and caliber for the job, but they lack in self-confidence and fail in the interview round for the jobs. You come to their rescue!

You can help them to be more confident and teach them the tricks to crack interviews. This doesn’t take any qualifications but, it sure does require experience.

Freelance Coder

Can you make through the codes of Java, C++, MySQL? You can be a freelance coder, and you simply need to be great in coding language at different platforms.

This might take a while to learn these languages, but it is worth it. The quick digitalizing world is gonna need more coders.

SEO Consultant

Every blog or web article requires to have a strong SEO, and when every solution and earthing is online, an SEO consultant can be one of the best small scale business idea.

New bloggers and content writers need to learn SEO, and this requires the knowledge of SEO, you will be at a rescue.

Audiobook Narrator

Do you have a good voice that can intimidate anyone? Can you make any book sound so good that people will listen to you? You can be an audiobook narrator or poem narrator.

You don’t need any qualification for this, and you only require a great voice. Not everyone reads novels or poems. You help them listen to them.

Final Words

All in All, There are various more small scale business ideas; it is in you. Anything you are good at can become a business. If you think any other way, you can also contact us or become a contributor at FinancePolice.

For instance, if you like pranks, create a booby trap obstacle course and make money out of it. It will be adventurous for others and fun for you. It all begins in you!