online jobs for college students
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It’s high time we take a bite of the reality sandwich- most student jobs are overrated. If you’re planning on taking up a part-time job that fits in perfectly with your college schedule, then it’s likely that you will end up working in the tertiary sector. Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying, but believe me there are tonnes of amazing Online Jobs for College Students that are fun too.

One such way is to earn money online as a student using your persistent skills and experience. Discover your strength and work for it passionately because that can genuinely help you sooner or later in the long run.

online jobs college students

Making money isn’t a difficult job, but doing it in a smart way using your talent is a gift. The best way to work online would be to start your own business or sell your productive work online.

These options give you a golden opportunity to not just develop critical skills that will help you earn a lot of money while you’re studying, but will also fetch you a great job once you graduate.

Now, let’s take a look at best online jobs for college students that will definitely assist you to land upon a fantastic job in the future:

26+ Best Online Jobs for College Students

Boost your success as a Blogger

Starting a blog, of course, offers you tons of money making opportunities but it is essential to know why are you doing it. It is in fact, one of the best online jobs for a college student. For people who are new to this term, it’s not something that you type that’s already present and showcase it.

First, reflect on why before you decide on how to start a blog. Once you figure that out, nobody can stop you from earning money along with which you’re giving yourself a competitive edge over others once you start hunting for a job.

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Great blogging does not happen overnight, give it some time to develop as a quality blogger. Although money is the biggest motivator here, well there are many other justifications as to why blogging is considered to be one of the best online jobs.

One is, your blog could be a positive characteristic once you start applying for jobs in the future because that’s something that will help you stand out from the crowd.

In addition to that, it offers you the best platform to showcase your eminent talent but also proves the amount of hard work and dedication put in it which automatically impresses the industry professionals in the future.

Getting a job once you could be a hard row to hoe, so you would want to get in touch with the right connection and build up a reputation before you hit the workplace. Thus, not only can you use it to earn some extra penny, but you can also use your blog to acquire skills and make valuable connections.

Earn Money with SurveyJunkie

When it comes to secure online jobs for college students, the only thing that first comes to my mind is doing online surveys.

All you have to do is fill out the online surveys in your leisure time. The significant advantage of this is that you don’t need to have any background skills and you make money in cash.

Register on SurveyJunkie

Register on SurveyJunkie to get started. Just sit on your couch, fill online surveys, participate in Focus Groups and try out new products.

In fact, it is one of the cushy jobs for college students where you can effortlessly work from home. You can do it from wherever you have access to a WiFi connection.


Talking about surveys, MySurvey is, in fact, one of the best-paid survey websites. You can take surveys anytime and anywhere from your home through your smartphone. MySurvey platform is accessible from PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone Apps.

Sign Up on MySurvey

The surveys are quite interesting and don’t take much time to fill. You can start by signing up on this website and make money. It is one of the best online jobs for college students.

Social Media Marketing – A New Trend

It’s no wonder that colleges have incorporated social media. Present day students have grown up promulgating and exchanging ideas on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and are now helping to expand the popularity of newer platforms.

If you’re an active person on social media or perhaps you even own a blog, you can earn a lot of money instantly by promoting an array of companies, products or services online. And this is definitely considered to be one of the great online jobs for college students.

Skillful? Start an Online Course

If you have proficiency in any subject or any skill, you can teach others. It’s practical to set up an online course you can market online. You can find online courses that teach anything from cooking to architecture or even content writing.

Trust us, and it is one of the good paying online jobs for college students. All you have to do is present your skill to some viewers so that they learn from you. You can start by register yourself as a tutor on Teachable, Udemy, and Skillshare

Good at Writing?

Writing is another desirable way to earn money on the internet by writing distinct kinds of content. I personally feel this is one of the good paying jobs for college students.

You can prove your writing skills by writing for blogs, companies, institutions, individual people, etc. Various types of writers get paid differently based on their technique and content.

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Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube channel is basically your personal presence on YouTube where all you have to do is upload your quality content which is not too lengthy and is on point. Even if your content is not as high as such, do not worry! Keep practicing until it gets better.

Use a better camera and other delicate equipment that would be required to film your video. Make it a point to upload your video on a frequent basis to have a strong subscriber base.

Ensure that you use as many keywords as possible which can drive people to your YouTube channel. It is unquestionably one of the best paying jobs for college students.

Sell Study Notes

Money is an everyday battle for most of the college going students these days. I genuinely think, selling study notes online is one of the best jobs for college students as you are not just working hard but also your productivity gets doubled.

There are a lot of online platforms that give you the opportunity to upload your study notes which can be accessed by the students residing across the country.

Whenever a fellow student downloads your notes, you benefit out of it, and your money will be transferred to your account as per the number of downloads. In simple words, earn money for good.

Earn money from your Smartphone Apps

Downloading money making apps on your smartphone can give you extra income, all you have to do is complete some simple tasks like taking surveys, play games, watch videos, etc. on your smartphone.

It can give you a minimum income of 200$-300$, which is pretty good and is definitely one of the flexible jobs for college students.

Why keep the old stuff? Replace it with new.

I’m quite sure most of you will have plenty of old unused things at home which is just lying out there for over a year or so. It’s high time you earn some good money out of it as it is assuredly one of the best online jobs you can think of.

Clicking high-quality pictures of your old stuff and listing these items on sites like eBay will do the trick. In addition to that, you can also assist your friends and relatives sell these items and ask for a commission.

Make money from Photography

Using your smartphone smartly can make you a millionaire someday! On a serious note, if you think you are good at photography, then use your smartphone to click high-quality images of various things nearby.

It could be nature, animals, food, anything that fascinates you and sell them online. We’re sure most of you are really skillful at this. It is a really good one among online jobs for college students.

Earn money via PTC sites

If you are really in need of money or if you want to have an extra income, then there are lot many secure jobs for college students out there. One of which is making money by viewing limited ads on trustable PTC sites.

You must view the ads on a regular basis, along with which you’ll have to refer these sites to your friends and others because that can multiply your income.

In addition to that, take the premium membership, by this, you’ll earn double commission for viewing the ads and also a double commission for referring these sites to others.

Become a Tutor – Online Tutoring Jobs

If you’re a college student having immense interest in academics and you have decent marks, sharing your knowledge on the internet with others during your spare time is an excellent way of earning money.

Online tutoring jobs for college students are legit and is a home based job through which you can earn quite a lot of money. allows you to work 5 to 29 hours a week, depending on your flexibility.

Love music? Review Musicians Online

If you’re really passionate about music, then own it as your business by reviewing unsigned bands and artists online for extra income.

You cannot gain a good name instantly, but yes, it will take a while to gain reputation. I wouldn’t say it is one of the good paying jobs for college students but if it is something you enjoy doing, then go for it!

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Shopping for more money

This is not just a way to make money but also to save money as it is one of the best jobs for college students. It’s not a direct way of earning money but in a way you’re making money with every purchase, maybe 5% or 10% cashback.

There are numerous shopping sites out there which pay you the commission which they would’ve earned otherwise.

Earn money by selling second-hand course books

One fantastic way to earn money is to buy other students textbooks at the end of the academic year. You can then sell them when the freshers need it.

These are the best place to sell old textbooks that you can check out to get started. You can either advertise on campus or list them in some online site like DirectTextBook.

User testing- what’s all the buzz about?

User testing basically lets you visit websites or apps, complete a set of tasks assigned and gives you an opportunity to express your thoughts aloud. A more descriptive job around this to become a product tester or a review.

All you have to do is visit a website or an app, complete a set of tasks that are assigned to you and earn 10$. User testing definitely is one of the flexible jobs for college students that can help you earn a little pocket money on the side.

Be a Tech Support Expert

For all the geeky students out there, here’s an opportunity for you all to make the right use of your knowledge at Fixya.

It is a website where you can earn $2 to $6 for answering a question. Also, $6 to $10 for assisting someone in chat, and $10-$15 if you do it using your phone. There are other variable payouts for written tips and how-to guide. So do check it out.

Online data entry jobs

Online data entry jobs are considered to be the most common online jobs for college students, and I suggest this is one of the good jobs for college students who do not have freelance skills.

This job is specifically meant for those people who are not particularly skilled at anything and are just looking out for a way to earn money.

All that is expected of you is to have basic computer knowledge with decent typing speed. You can earn about $9-16$ per hour.

Interested in self-employment?

If you are interested in being self-employed and want to be free to work at your own availability, then Deliveroo Rider App is your easy way out.

deliveroo apply now

All you need is a scooter or bicycle and a smartphone which will fetch you an extra income whenever you have got leisure time. Companies like Deliveroo provide entirely flexible jobs for college students.

Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile phone cycling is not only the best online job for students but is also beneficial to the environment. Individual companies like Envirofone buy your old Mobile phones, pay you for it and send it for recycling.

You can check on the internet as there are various sites that do mobile recycling and you earn money for selling your old phones.

Resume writer

Know anyone who is looking out for a job? Then lend a helping hand to polish their resume to make it job-search-ready.

You can find plenty of online resume jobs through sites like WriterBay, UpWork, or Freelancer.

It gives you freelance resume writing job and additional income too. All you should have is creative ideas that could be significant to us.

Create PowerPoint presentations for others

Did you adept at PowerPoint for a project anytime soon? If yes, then turn that mastery into a moneymaker!

When businesses or keynote speakers run out of time to create presentations for their events, do the best presentation for them.

We wouldn’t say it is one of the best-paying online jobs for college students, but it can make you more creative and skillful at it.


A unique way of making money where you have to study or investigate the ancestry and family trees. Few of you might have this subject in your curriculum.

You can charge $70-160$ as per the project. Genealogy is one of those online jobs for college students which people rarely choose.

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Too much into social media? Start managing!

Managing a company’s social media accounts can be a super fun way to earn money. You won’t have a strict schedule, and it is one of the flexible online jobs for college students!

It’s also a fantastic way to bind with businesses you wish to work for. A social media manager performs as the voice and face of business on several engagement platforms.

CareerBuilder has few open jobs ready to be taken by energetic Teenagers. Apply Now!

In addition to that, you can also promote deals, content and socialize with followers. All you need to do is contact some influencers or an agency to get the gig.

Search Engine Evaluator

You can certainly earn up to 15$ an hour cleaning up search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. In spite of frequent updates to their algorithms, search engines are still faulty.

They require manual help by us to look at search results and offer feedback on quality, precision, and adequacy. Here are few best companies where you can look up for Search Engine Evaluator jobs –

Love dogs? Go for dog walking and Pet-sitting.

Looking after other dog is definitely not an easy job. But if you love the company of dogs, then yes, this is a perfect job.

become a petsitter

Now it is not among the online jobs for college students, but it is pretty popular. Now, since a lot of people do it, why not you?

You can earn a lot of money by taking care of other dogs in your leisure time. You can bag nearly 7$ an hour per dog you take care of.

The average wage for a dog walker is 13.27$ per hour, and we think this is one of the best online jobs for college students.

You can do it after attending your college, and you’ll make money by doing a fun job.

Final Words

There are a lot of other Online Jobs for College Students. However, the ones that we have here are the best online jobs for college students.

These full time and side jobs pay well and have flexible work hours not affecting your studies in any way! But we’ll also like to hear from you.

If you do or know any other online jobs for college students, then let us know. You can also comment down below your favorite ones.


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