AirDNA Review- Should You Use It?

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Knowing the market well and keeping up with the most recent developments is essential if you work in the vacation rental management industry, and AirDNA can help in that situation. In this AirDNA review, we’ll go into great detail about what AirDNA is, what it does, its key features, and how various user types, such as property managers and investors, can utilize it. A detailed tutorial on using AirDNA will also be supplied, along with an explanation of the data sources, metrics, and points offered. 

This AirDNA review also discusses the various pricing packages that AirDNA offers and contrasts them with some of AirDNA’s alternatives. Finally, we’ll get a rundown of AirDNA’s customer service, share our impressions on the software, and make recommendations for future users. This AirDNA review will assist you in determining whether this product is suitable for you, regardless of your experience with holiday rentals or inexperience.

What is AirDNA?

With AirDNA, a vacation rental data analytics platform, property managers and investors can gain market insights. The platform gathers information from over 10 million vacation rental listings worldwide and analyzes them using its algorithms. Users may get a complete picture of the industry thanks to data collected from platforms like Airbnb, Vrbo, and others that cater to vacation rental owners.


The following are some of AirDNA review highlights:

  1. Data analytics: AirDNA gathers and examines data on vacation rental properties to give users helpful market information. Various indicators are available on the platform, including average nightly rates, rental income, and occupancy rates.
  2. Market information: AirDNA offers market information on more than 80,000 cities worldwide, enabling customers to understand their area’s vacation rental market better.
  3. Property Analysis: Using the site, users can examine specific vacation rentals, including information on rental revenue, occupancy rates, and other vital indicators.
  4. Investment Analysis: AirDNA offers information on the holiday rental sector to assist investors in making wise choices. Before investing, it enables users to assess a property’s profitability.

Who can use AirDNA?

Property managers, investors, and other players in the vacation rental business can use the data analytics platform AirDNA. Property managers may optimize their pricing and occupancy rates with the help of AirDNA’s insightful knowledge of the neighborhood market. Investors may use the platform’s data-driven research to assess potential properties and make sensible investment choices.

Who can use AirDNA

It is important to note that everyone interested in the vacation rental market can gain from AirDNA’s comprehensive data and analytics, which don’t just apply to specialists in the field. Whether you’re a landlord, an investor, or a curious bystander, AirDNA may offer insightful information about the vacation rental market, enabling you to make more informed decisions using data-driven analysis.

How does AirDNA work?

Utilizing AirDNA is relatively easy. Users can use the platform by creating an account and selecting a pricing option. Users can access various features and tools, such as market reporting, competition analysis, and investment analysis, once they have signed in.

AirDNA work

AirDNA gathers data from various sources, such as Airbnb and other marketplaces for vacation rentals. The software analyzes the data and offers insights into the holiday rental market using machine learning algorithms. 

These are some of their references:

  • Occupancy rates
  • Average daily rates (ADR)
  • Revenue per available room (RevPAR)
  • Number of bookings
  • Competitor analysis
  • Investment scorecards

AirDNA Pricing

To accommodate diverse customer needs, AirDNA offers several pricing tiers. The prices and features of the different plans range, with the most expensive one delivering complete data and analytics.

AirDNA Pricing

The plans they offer are:

  • Professional: $49/month
  • Starter: $19/month
  • Business: $99/month
  • Enterprise: Contact for pricing

The Starter plan provides basic market reports. However, the Professional program includes extra capabilities like competition and investment analysis. The Business and Enterprise plans provide more detailed data and comments for investors and property managers with more extensive portfolios.


  • To accommodate diverse customer needs, AirDNA provides a variety of price tiers.
  • Small investors and property managers can use the programs due to their affordability.
  • Users can increase or lower their subscription level with AirDNA’s variable price plans as their needs change.


  • The costlier, more comprehensive programs may need to be within reach for individual consumers.
  • The Starter plan might need more data for many users to find helpful.

AirDNA Customer Support

To help consumers get the most out of their platform, AirDNA takes pleasure in providing a range of customer support alternatives. A thorough help center, round-the-clock email support, and phone support during business hours are some alternatives offered. A help center is a valuable tool that provides users with clear answers to frequent concerns through its extensive collection of articles and FAQs.

AirDNA Customer Support

AirDNA’s email support is always available to give users prompt assistance, day or night. Finally, during regular business hours, AirDNA’s phone support is accessible for individuals who require more immediate help. Real consumers have overwhelmingly lovely things to say about AirDNA’s customer service, with many praising the platform for its prompt and helpful assistance.

AirDNA alternatives

In addition to AirDNA, there are other data analytics tools for holiday rentals on the market. Mashvisor is one such choice, which uses predictive analytics to give customers information on prospective investment and rental income options.


Another well-known software that optimizes Price and occupancy rates using machine learning algorithms is Beyond Price.

Beyond Price

Hence, PriceLabs is a dynamic pricing and revenue management platform that increases rental revenues through data-driven insights.

Comparison of AirDNA with some of the main alternatives:

Unlike its rivals, AirDNA provides thorough data analysis that considers market trends, property performance, and investment potential. Mashvisor is a good choice if you need predictive analytics to evaluate potential rental income and investment options, whereas Beyond Pricing is more concerned with dynamic pricing optimization. Even though each platform has its benefits, AirDNA’s local market data and insights are on the demands of investors and property managers. 


What is AirDNA?

A data analytics tool called AirDNA provides information about the vacation rental sector. It uses algorithms to compile data from more than 10 million vacation rental listings on websites like Airbnb and Vrbo worldwide.

What is AirDNA, and what does it do?

Property managers, investors, and other vacation rental industry participants can access market information from AirDNA, a platform for data analytics used in the vacation rental industry. It compiles data from over 10 million vacation rental listings globally. It analyzes algorithms to give consumers helpful market information like average nightly rates, rental income, and occupancy rates.

Who can use AirDNA?

AirDNA is available to property managers, investors, and other vacation rental industry participants. However, the detailed data and analytics provided by AirDNA are helpful for anybody interested in the vacation rental sector and are open to more than just experts in the area.

How does AirDNA work?

By creating an account and choosing a pricing option, users can access AirDNA's features and capabilities, including market reporting, competitive research, and investment analysis—data from various sources, including Airbnb and other vacation rental marketplaces. Using machine learning techniques analyzes the software data and provides insights into the vacation rental market.


In conclusion, AirDNA is a valuable data analytics tool for landlords, investors, and other vacation rental market participants. Many people favor its thorough data analysis, local market insights, and user-friendly interface. Despite possible drawbacks like expensive pricing plans and few data sources, AirDNA’s capabilities and advantages outweigh the Price. Also, This AirDNA review concludes that AirDNA is a reliable and valuable tool for users who wish to examine investment opportunities, optimize pricing, and make data-driven decisions. We advise prospective users searching for a complete data analytics platform for their vacation rental business to check out AirDNA.

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