10 Best Ways To Recycle Old Computers For Cash

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Electronics have become part and parcel of people’s lives. Gone are those days when one could survive without a phone or a laptop. With the advancements taking place and everything becoming digital gradually, surviving without a phone or a laptop sounds something alien! It will not be off beam to say that children born in these modern days find the past fascinating where virtuality was at its infant stage. Companies from all corners of the sphere invest in the latest technology and extensive research and development daily, and the outcome of the same are more and more advanced electronic devices. How to recycle old computers for cash?

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With new technology coming into the market every three months on average, people tend to upgrade with the advancing technology quickly. And this lifestyle of changing electronic items at the speed of light has also resulted from the EMI system, which is prevailing in the market. One tends to owe the thing first and pay later for the same. It has lead to an increase in the amount of global E-waste as a thunderstorm speed.

Here is where the idea to recycle computers for cash comes into the picture. People are now stressing more on recycling these electronics so that they do not add to the E-waste and cause grave problems for the coming generations. Recycling old electronics has become a whole new market globally. Companies are making huge profits and saving the environment by recycling various electronics. Governments of various nations have also made policies at the national level that relate to the safe discarding of electronics to save nature as a whole.

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Recycle Old Computers For Cash

Below-mentioned is a list of the top ways to recycle old computers for cash. People can follow the same and contribute efficiently towards managing the E-waste at their very own level.

Fix And Resell The Computer

Purchasing a new computer is an exciting business. However, it additionally represents an issue- what do you do with your old one? Putting your old computer out with the containers is not a good choice and also isn’t the best utilization of innovation that was once at the front line. It won’t pay you greatly. Rather than paying someone else to take your old computer, think of making money by recycling your old computer.

fix and resell
Fix and resell

What is in a PC that makes it so important? That old hardware may not appear to be important, but its makeup is interesting. Your computer contains important metals like gold, silver, and platinum that can be recuperated and reused. If a computer is still reusable in its present form, the best choice is to restore it and reuse it. Commonly, computers that are no longer working need a basic and modest new part or a decent cleaning. Before recycling your computer, you must take precautions such as removing all your data from your computer, taking back up to external hard disk, virus scanning, unplugging the peripherals such as a keyboard, mouse, etc., from your computer.

It would be better to take your computer to a local retailer with a computer recycling program to ensure your computer is properly recycled. This is the easiest way. After fixing all the things, sell your computer at a good price at a physical store or online websites like eBay, Olx.

Sell Parts of The Computer

Computer parts include memory chips, hard disks, keyboard, mouse, speakers, motherboard, processors, cables, and many more. Before you start, it is necessary to check out a few things to see if the whole process is worth the effort. If the whole computer system is not using you can sell the parts of the computer individually. Before selling those parts, make sure the parts are working properly. You may start recycling computer parts for money at a physical store or online.

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While selling online, give a clear description of the product such as post photos, price, how old it is, and how long it can work more. This kind of recycling cuts down on the number of raw materials needed for manufacturing the new products. It can also benefit the people and organizations who cannot afford to buy new computer parts.

Selling To A Junkyard

Many junkyards or scrap yards can buy your used electronic devices and pay you for those devices. You can sell the whole computer or also can sell parts of computers. Every scrap yard pays different amounts of money to the same part. You may check the price of the same product as the other scrapyards and sell it to the one who pays you more. For example, recycle old tv for cash.

sell to a junkyard
Sell to a junkyard

It is important to be clear with the scrapyard on how much they will pay before selling the parts. You may sell it online or at a local store. If you are selling at a local store, most scrap yard pays on the spot. Even selling your product to scrap yards reduces your efforts to fix the computer or computer parts. Only you have to make sure whether the computer or parts are not completely unusable.  

Exchange The Old Computer

Where to sell old computers? It won’t always be easy and affordable to buy a new computer. So you can exchange your old computer for a new computer. Many online websites such as Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart offer an exchange of old products for new products. But it won’t be that easy.

When we exchange our old device, the company first checks whether the device is damaged or working well. If it is in good condition, then only your exchange is accepted. An easy way to recycle old computers for cash.

Sell To Your Friends Or Relatives

 It may require you to find a good store that can give you good money for your old used devices. You can also sell your computer to your friends or relatives who can buy it. You will not get a lot of money from it compared to selling at an online site or physical store.

sell to relatives recycle old computers for cash
Sell to relatives

But selling to your friends or relatives will be easy and secure. It will also be helpful to them if they don’t afford to buy a new device.

Sell Your Computer To The Organization 

When we sell our used old computer or its parts to the scrapyards, they fix the problems in our devices and sell them to organizations to make money. The scrap yards get more benefit than you by selling your devices. When you sell your device to the scrap yard, they will check if the device is working and can be recycled, and if it is worth it, they buy it from you. Then they fix the problems in your device and sell to the other organization with more prices they paid you as they have fixed the problems in your device.

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So it would be beneficial for you to fix the old devices on your own and sell them directly to the organizations to make more money and recycle electronics for cash.

Sell Online    

Suppose you are not comfortable selling your computer to the traders. In that case, you think that finding a buyer by yourself would be more profitable then, going online to sell your computers would be the most comfortable way to find a buyer yourself.

sell online recycle old computers for cash
sell online

Many e-commerce sites ease your way of selling things online. You can quote your price, give an attractive name to your product, post pictures of your device and mention its features. 

Once you enter the site, there are virtual aids that would guide you through the process. Sites such as OLX, QUIKR are major online selling platforms to recycle old computers for cash.

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Mining Gold

This process would seem a little peculiar. In this, you can mine gold out of your computer. When you have judged that your device is good for nothing, you can still earn a sum out of it. 

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mining gold recycle old computers for cash
Mining gold

Different instructions guide you through the gold extraction process, technically termed as “Cupellation” this is a term used in metallurgy to specify a refining process. 

This process is dangerous and requires lab-graded safety measures because the chemicals used in the extraction process will cause the production of metal vapors. There is a risk of inhaling the metal vapors. Thus you should ensure proper safety measurements.

The gold particles are mostly set up in the ISA and PCI cards.

Rent It Out

You may feel that your system is outdated because of its non-compatibility to your increasing load of purpose. Others could make efficient use of your system. You can rent out these systems for a suitable amount and earn regularly.

rent it out recycle old computers for cash
rent it out

You will have to frame proper terms and conditions before renting out your system. Agreeing on the rent details would make the deal rigid ethically. 

If you are not willing to either sell or rent your computer, you just want to dispose of it, you can donate it to the needy instead of dumping it into the pile of e-waste. This would not profit you in any way, but this is both environmentally and socially friendly.

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Security measures become the most important of, before selling, renting, or even donating your data that has been stored in the computer must be deleted. You should back up your data stored in the computer and format before moving it. Check the device thoroughly before recycling it. The data security of the individual recycling the computer must be their responsibility. This was our article on how to recycle old computers for cash.

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Why should I recycle my old electronics?

The metals and chemicals in these electronics are very harmful and damage the environment when discarded and need to be recycled to prevent damage to the earth. Unfortunately, this is done on a very small scale these days.

Which is a better option, to sell/recycle?

If you need money or know someone who might need a computer, it's always advised to sell it and use it well. However, if you want to discard it, make sure to recycle it by giving it to recycling centers, and they'll do it the right way.

How to calculate the resale value fo the computer?

This differs from every computer and shop. Some shops may offer a higher price for the same computer while one lower rate. The older your computer is, the lesser money you'll receive for it. These rates also decrease based on the damage and performance of computers.