15 Best Apps to Make Free International Calls in 2020

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Do you have your family or friends who live outside your country? Are you planning to travel and worried about how to connect with your loved ones? And having questions on how to make free international calls?

Though all the mobile number operators have launched many of the cheapest talk-time plans, including SMS and Internet pack, these plans and packages are limited to domestic calls. And when it comes to international calls, it seems quite expensive and not affordable for all. 

But fortunately, we are blessed with many of the ways which allow making free international calls and available almost to every place across the World. And all the credit goes to technology that helped us to reach everyone across the globe. 

Today, I am going to share the top apps to make free international calls. And I am sure you must have used one of these apps at some point in your life. You can use any of the apps and get benefitted from it, with free WiFi Hotspot. To use any of the apps to make an international call, you are required to have the Internet. 

All of the apps provide a facility to make free international calls as well as video calls. We are fortunate enough as technology has provided us the free international calling app. 

How to make free International Calls?

Free International calling apps are running with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology. And this technology is growing and implementing day-by-day. The technology of VOIP technology is using by many of the industries nowadays, such as Education, Marketing, YouTube Videos, etc. 

Other than that, the Internet has become the most excellent source for emailing; learning, watching movies and TV dramas, and free international calling app is another modern marvel of the Internet. 

Here is the list of 15 Best apps to make free international calls. These apps are elementary to use, which means they all are user-friendly and work either Smartphone or computer. Read below and get answered for how to call international for free.

#1 WhatsApp

In recent years, WhatsApp is the most commonly used app by people and available almost in every country of the World. It is a Facebook-owned app and has reached more than 1.5 billion active user bases every month as of 2019.

The app not only works well for personal use but also works pretty good for business purposes. It allows you to send SMS, Voice Call, and Video calls and these benefits help personally more than professionally.

free whatsapp calls

Along with SMS and Voice/Video calls, it has an exclusive system that allows you to send images, documents (up to 100 MB), and voice notes. Which helps you to grow more with your business; this is one of the easiest ways to connect a company to their clients. 

#2 Skype

Skype is one of the most usable app and online platforms more for professional calls, meetings, and conferences. Though, it won’t stop you from connecting someone personally using Skype. So, whether you need Skype professionally or personally, you can use it. It allows you to make free international calls, from Skype to Skype. 


It works pretty well for all the Androids, Apple, and Windows devices. Skype charges when you need to send text messages or call on a cell phone. While having video calls, it allows you to share a screen and send files. 

#3 WeChat

WeChat is also known as the sister of WhatsApp. Apart from WhatsApp, WeChat is the only app that has the second-highest number of active userbase every month. And it is one which is more popular and usable by the people of China. If you have any of your loved one who lives in China, then you must consider WeChat first for free international calls.

WeChat is popular amongst all the apps of the china and the preferable one. It allows making free voice as well as video calls across the World.   

#4 Viber

It is a Japan-based instant messaging software, which allows everyone to connect instantly across the World. Unlike to WhatsApp, Viber allows you to chat, call, and share pictures to a person who is also on Viber for free of cost.

Only one thing is required, which is the Internet. And, even you can also call to those who are not available on Viber for free of cost. 

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#5 FaceTime

Are you an Apple user and getting worried about how to make free international calls? Don’t be concerned, because FaceTime is here. It is an exclusive feature of Apple devices. This means You and your loved one have to be an Apple user. It works quite well for free audio and video calls. 

So, anyone who is an Apple user can use the FaceTime app exclusively to call another Apple user using a WIFI connection. 

#6 Rebtel App

Would you like to know an app that runs without an internet connection? There don’t skip to read about this fantastic app, Rebtel

Rebtel works without an Internet connection, and that’s what makes this app different from others. It allows making free international calls across the globe. Rebtel covers more than 53 countries and enables them to make calls in all of them without WIFI. 

You can also call a person who may not live in any of the supported countries with an Internet connection, but your device must support 3G or above data connection.

#7 IMO

As we all are aware that most of the free calling apps work with an Internet connection and that too with 3G or above data connection, but IMO is a calling app that works quite good with 2G data connection only. 

It allows making free international calls as well as video calls. The app is also supportive of all the encrypted calls but only up to six participants. 

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#8 Line

Unlike another social media platform, Line has all the benefits in it. The only benefits are different, i.e., it will let you make a five-minute free international call to any of the contact numbers in the World. This is an excellent all-in-one platform that offers several benefits, along with free international calls

It allows sending messages, photos, videos, and exciting stickers with your loved ones, who all are available inside the app. Line app also contains some exciting content to read, such as news, offers, etc. 

#9 PopTox

PopTox is one of the perfect apps to make calls internationally. This is not an app to app calling; this more a call from the app to a regular mobile or landline number for free of cost. Your loved one doesn’t need to have the PopTox software downloaded in your device. 

You can download PopTox on your mobile and computer, and call using WIFI. It has limited free international calls for each day. But you can also go unlimited calls, and you can pay for per minute after reaching your daily limit. 

#10 Vonage

Vonage is an app that still provides free international calls to residential and business landlines. And it works with cloud communications. You can make voice calls, video calls, and send messages to other Vonage Mobile users. Vonage is available to download for Android and Apple. And a person can use with a minimum data connection of 3G. 

#11 Tango

Tango is an app, which is easy to download and supported four of the countries as of now, including the United States, India, Mexico, and Canada. Which means you can make free international calls to any of these countries. 

Along with Voice calling, one can do video calls, send texts, share photos, and videos, unlike WhatsApp. You can also play games with others when you need to have some change from your routine life. It charges a minimal amount if you would like to call any other international place. 

#12 Fring

This app works pretty well for group video calls. People are using Fring across the World, especially to have group video calls, as they can connect different friends from different locations at once place. Fring also allows making 2-way video/voice free international calls.  

#13 VoipBuster

VoipBuster only supports international voice calls, and it does not support text messages and video calls. It provides an option to make free international calls pc-to-pc and international mobile calls. 

To connect a person internationally over a voice, VoipBuster can be an excellent option to use. 

#14 Google Voice

An app from a well-known browser, Google. There is no doubt that Google has taken over a market, and almost every country across the world is aware of Google.

Google Voice works quiet well for google users, and it allows you to make free calls, receive calls, send texts, read, and listen to voicemails. And you can use Google Voice on your phone, tablet, or computer. Only one condition applies to Google Voice i.e., and it is only available in the U.S. 

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#15 Voxofon

Voxofon is working since when smartphones were not so familiar among people. It started providing its free and fantastic services in 2008, and it is still popular among people whenever they have to make free international calls. 

Voxofon works with any smartphone and computer to make calls between the app users for free. Unlike another messaging platform, it allows sending texts, sharing pictures and videos for free. It charges a minimal amount when a person is required to call any international cell phones and landline. 

Summing Up

All in all, these were the best free international apps that allow you to make calls. There are some other great apps that are restricted to some countries and pricings. However, the apps that we listed are enough to help you out with long calls with your loved ones.

Do let us know if you’re aware of any other great apps or services to make calls internationally.


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