15 Evergreen Ways To Get Internet Without Cable

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Internet is the most used service in today’s world. It has become such a critical need and want of the consumers that the more they have it, the less it feels. Due to more and more internet usage and the emergence of smartphones, the old telephones with cables have lost their track in the market, so people prefer wireless connections. People have also started watching all the shows and series on their phones, making the number of TV subscriptions less. This has led to a phenomenon – cord-cutting, in which people cancel their subscriptions to telephones and televisions. Cord-cutting also leads to cost-cutting as the customer focuses more on getting internet without cable rather than TV or telephone.

As far as streaming and calls are concerned, we can do both via smartphones. Also, handling wires in the house can be slightly tricky. Either you have to call an electrician to fix them on your walls leading to damage to the walls, or they keep lying and flowing on the floor or tables.


Ways to Get Internet Without Cable

There are few evergreen ways you can get internet without cable or a phone line-

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Dial-up Internet

Dial-up utilizes a modem (internal or external) that connects to the internet after the computer dials a phone number given by your internet service provider. This category is cheap but slow, with speeds ranging from 56k.

dial up connection
Dial up connection

The analog signal is converted to digital through the modem and sent over a landline. Another drawback to this is its regular interference. The lines regularly experience interference, hence affecting their speed. Dial-up is widely available, although fewer and fewer people use it. 

Remember that you cannot use the phone and internet simultaneously, which is cost-friendly. 

Fixed Wireless Internet 

More visible in rural areas, fixed wireless uses radio wave signals to bring you internet access. It requires you to have an antenna installed around your home. Fixed wireless doesn’t require cables or wires.

fixed wireless internet
Fixed wireless internet

It is pretty expensive because it comes with caps( artificial restrictions on the amount of data transmitted on a network, i.e., the maximum amount of data allowed in a month) on the amount of data you can download each month. Then extra charges will follow if you exceed your allowance depending on your usage. 

Also, fixed wireless provides you with excellent download speeds, although weather conditions and obstructions affect data quality. 

Satellite Internet 

This wireless connection uses strategically placed dishes to send and receive signals from a base station (Internet Service Provider’s hub) through a satellite orbiting the earth. It is widely available and can be expensive depending on your location. 

satellite internet
Satellite internet

It requires the installation of a satellite dish around your house to get internet without cable. Compared to dial-up, it’s quite faster and does not require a telephone line. It’s not robust enough for modern applications. 

Satellite Internet connection is laggy and prone to disruption. It’s also not compatible with Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). 

Fiber-Optic Internet 

Fiber-Optic internet service delivers the quickest and most reliable internet connection. It uses small, flexible glass wires to deliver data through light signals. One downside is the very limited availability as a result of having fewer providers for this service. It also requires professional installation.

fiber optic
Fiber optic

It uses fiber optic cables as opposed to copper cables in other internet connection services. With connection speeds up to 1000Mbps, it provides a feature of symmetrical speeds( same upload and download speed) not seen in many other services. 

Fiber-Optic Internet boasts high signal strength and very low latency. It is a good option for video streaming and gaming. 

DSL Internet 

Short for digital subscriber networks, DSL Internet seems more like an improved version of the Dial-up Internet. It simultaneously allows for calls and internet access compared to the Dial-up Internet through a splitter device. 

DSL is a relatively inexpensive and widely available option for internet without cable. It has multiple providers, and speed depends on your proximity to your internet service provider ). Like Dial-up, it runs on telephone infrastructure. 

dsl internet
DSL internet

DSL Internet provides two kinds of connections – symmetrical and asymmetrical. The former allows for equivalent download and upload speeds, and the latter offers faster download speeds than uploading. 

Naked DSL Internet 

Also known as freestanding or standalone DSL, Naked DSL Internet is simply a digital subscriber line without a phone line connection. It runs through a phone line to provide network access. It is similar to DSL, the only exception being the absence of voice service. 

The primary advantage of the Naked DSL Internet is its cost friendliness. Customers get to save the expense of a phone line which may not be necessary. 

Starry Internet

 Starry Internet is one of my favorite Internet connections that provides lightning-fast services with no extra fee bundles. They are using millimeter band LMDS connections to experience high-speed wireless broadband Internet service, which is also in price that people can afford.

starry internet
Starry internet

It is faster because the system operates on 38.2 GHz to 38.6 GHz, but it has its disadvantages of millimeter broadband. Which is not able to penetrate through buildings and windows and is also degraded by foliage and rain

So, people are finding other resources other than that one exemption. It is one of the best internet service providers.

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Google Fiber

 Google Fiber Moto is faster, fairer, and kinder by its words. We can say that it is faster with uploading speed, and the downloading speed is about 1000 Mbps, as same as satellite internet service.

This makes sharing very easier these also help watch no buffering TV channels and use no interrupting cloud gaming. Because of less cost and many high-speed people, US cities use this network.

google fiber
Google fiber

but due to some privacy reasons and consumers are not able to use full bandwidth all the time, and when Watching TV, many connection problems are being faced, so people are finding other resources better than this

AT &T 

 AT &T is one of the biggest and fastest Internet service providers in the US, which provides high-speed Internet for the best experience of tv, Game streaming without any waiting. And can connect to 10 devices at a time, and all can experience the same high speed because it works on radio frequency signals.

Due to that, you can have the freedom to use wireless internet around your home. Another best feature is that it owns a DirectTV family of satellite and streaming providers that supply no buffering TV channels. 

at &t

Increasing more subscribers lead a result in poor network quality, and set one of the drawback lead to a fall. 

Charter Spectrum

Charter communications are one of the fastest internet providers with the highest quality services and entertainment. They have many quality services like spectrum TV, spectrum internet, spectrum mobile, etc.

Charter spectrum
Charter spectrum

Spectrum internet’s highest available internet speed starts at 100 Mbps as we can easily download and stream videos. But poor connection at a longer distance made this stand back from the above internet providers.

Xfinity Internet

It is Comcast broadband, which is one of the best internet service providers in the US. It is faster than AT&T and has many budget-friendly plans, which made people crazy to use this internet service. 


But after some days, there are reasons for the slowdown of internet speed like a problem in modem or Wi-Fi router, etc. and the major drawback is that the congestion management system has reduced its internet speed. 

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Mobile phone 

Mobile broadband is also known as a wireless internet provider. It provides the internet the cell tower given to nearby devices in the hotspot, and the devices can use this internet to run their programs.

mobile broadband internet without cable
Mobile Broadband

Nowadays, everyone is using this technology to run their daily means, but the speed is limit to some extent in streaming Netflix HD, which requires 5-6 Mbps, which may buffer in viewing this network, so this has its own limitations. 

Visit A Coffee Shop

Coffee shops remain one of the most evergreen ways to get access to the internet without cable. Coffee shops also provide a great atmosphere for work. You can do your work while enjoying a cup of cappuccino.

coffee shop internet without cable
Coffee shop

Most of the time, coffee shop WiFi is free, but you will need to order something that can cost you some bucks. One can’t sit idle in a coffee shop to access WiFi.

If you have a coffee shop just beside your home, this is a great way to get an internet connection. Although public connections are not always secure, and one shouldn’t access confidential data through it.

Hit A Local Library

This is one of the best options available to get internet access without cable. Local libraries generally offer açcess to the internet free of cost. Just get your library card made and hit the library. Library also provides a working calm and quiet working environment.

library internet without cable

In addition to that, libraries also provide you computers and printing services if you have not got your laptop. Although there are minimal charges for printing, access to computers is generally free.

Although you can’t take the library connecting home and the internet, it also provides a favorable working environment. If you have a library nearby, this is the best option to be considered for getting access to the Internet without worrying about cables.

Ask A Neighbour

Many people resort to this option, which is one of the easiest and worthy options that can solve your problem. 

Just turn on your WiFi and look for strong wifi signals you are getting in your home. If you have a neighbor whose wifi signals are strong enough in your home, you can ask your neighbor for the wifi password. If needed, you can also contribute some amount to his monthly bill so that your neighbor remains happy too.

ask a neighbor
Ask a neighbor

This is the most hassle-free way to get the internet with no strings attached. You also need not worry about the initial setup charges and cancelation charges if you move on. This remains one of the most evergreen ways ever.

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Dial-up connection or Fiber-optic connection? Which one is better?

Obvious answer is Fiber-optic connection as it provides more bandwidth and internet speed in terms than Dial-up connection.

Which one is affordable for the users that are on bad terms on money?

Mobile network as it costs less than a dial up network or fiber optic or any other connection also which is portable and seamless in every way than any other connections.

Is these connections are reliable and efficient?

Yes, these are reliable and are more than efficient as these connections are not all perfect and also all these have their own pros and cons in it.

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These options presented give us a wealth of alternatives to choose from. Click here to get a list of internet service providers with the capacity to fulfill your needs in terms of internet access. 

Keep in mind that your best option will take your location, your devices, budget, internet speeds you’ll be needing, and the type of cell phone service you have into consideration. Enjoy as you explore your options. 

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