Inexpensive Christmas Gifts Ideas | Best 30 Ideas

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‘Tis the season. The season of togetherness and love. What it also is, is the season of spreading joy and happiness all around you. While Christmas’s spirit is intact, one cannot deny the age-old tradition that comes with it. Gifts. I think skills are a wonderful way of showing your love and care for someone, some may call it materialistic, but I see nothing wrong with it. Plus, like it or not, you cannot deny the utter joy of receiving a gift no matter the occasion. Yet, chances are you have a long list of relatives and friends who you have to gift this holiday season. And no matter the joy that presents bring, your loved ones would not want you to stretch yourself thin. So, if you’re looking to save this Christmas, well, lucky for you, we have come up with a list of inexpensive Christmas gifts you can buy this Christmas that are thoughtful, creative, meaningful, and handy. 

Worry not, no matter who you’re shopping for, your parents, siblings, better half, or coworkers; there is something here for everyone. The best part? Every item on this list lies under the 40$ price tag, with some costing less than 10$. Yes, you read that right. Though the cost may be low, there is no compromise in these items’ quality and luxury.

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Inexpensive Christmas Gifts To Get

Let’s take a look at the possible ideas for Christmas gifts. There are quite a few items on this list that are highly customizable and can be personalized to your heart’s content, so don’t be disheartened by the fact that you may be taking an easy and lazy route by buying cheap gifts. 


Shaking up my bag of things to get for Christmas, I’ve found a lovely little idea, Posters! Chances are you have a younger sibling or relative in their early 20s who has a favorite band, singer, or sports team. Gift them a printed poster of their beloved entertainer, and you are on your way to being their favorite member of the family.


Posters come in all sorts of shapes and sizes with interesting accessories; maybe go a bit dramatic by giving them a life-size poster or pair them with ancillaries like bobbleheads and Vinyl. Click to Buy from Amazon

Wallet or Handbag

Of all the things to get for Christmas, a wallet or a handbag is one of the most practical yet cheap Christmas gift ideas. At a budget of 25$, you can find yourself some premium wallets and purses that your loved ones will appreciate and use. 

Placing a handwritten card inside the wallet or handbag can add a personal touch to your gift, making it a wholesome experience. 

Gift card

If you’re still wondering what to get for Christmas, I have the perfect little thing for you. Gift Cards are awesome cheap gifts that families will be thrilled to receive. From Amazon shopping gift cards to an iTunes subscription gift card, the possibilities are endless. The cards come at a wide range of prices, so choose the one you think is the best and wrap it up in a neat box to spread some happiness. 

Gift Card
Gift Card

Don’t forget to add a bit of character to your gift because while a gift card is a great gift, a Christmas present needs to be more personal and loving. Buy from Amazon

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Mini Waffle Maker

Now breakfasts are going to be even more delicious! WIth the mini waffle maker, you can gift someone a solution to delicious breakfasts and a quick snack. Gift it to your “foodie” cousin or an aunt that’s always on the go.  

mini waffle maker
mini waffle maker

The waffle maker is a handy present and something your relative will be happy to receive. Buy from Amazon

Wine Glass Set

Stay classy and give your family member a chic wine glass set. These sets are easy to find and look sophisticated, even at a pretty low price.

wine glass
Wine Glass


At a reasonable budget, you can present someone with an assorted collection of different wine glasses like a tumbler or a tulip glass or a simple yet elegant set of a single type. Buy from Amazon

Faux Fur Slippers

Keep your loved ones warm this holiday season with a comfortable pair of faux fur slippers. The fuzzy material keeps you relaxed, while the non-slip sole keeps you safe (especially when you’ve had a little too much).

faux slipper
faux slipper

The slippers are a great add on to a warm cup of cocoa on a cold day. Buy from Amazon

Scented Candle Jars

Scented candles are a flavorsome way of presenting someone with warmth and peace through good fragrance. Moreover, the candles are cheap and multi-functional, i.e., their good aesthetics make it the perfect showcase, while the sweet aroma creates a positive environment for everyone around. 

centered candle jar
centered candle jar

If we’re talking money, then scented candles are the perfect cheap Christmas gifts meaningful in being so. They could cost you from 10$ to 25$, offering a wide variety in design, scents, and sets, making it an easy pick for inexpensive Christmas gifts. Buy from Amazon

Eye mask and Neck Pillow

No more aching necks and broken sleep; give them an eye mask and a neck pillow and gift them a comfortable travel experience.

Eye mask and pillow
Eye mask and pillow

The two can be bought as a pair and, in the current pandemic, are great inexpensive Christmas gifts for Christmas. These are also ideal for frequent travelers.

Handwarmer Mug

A two-in-one mug to hold your favorite warm drink while warming your hands. The handwarmer mug comes with a glove-like compartment instead of a mug holder.

handwarmer mug
handwarmer mug

The glove compartment is where you place your hand to hold the cup and enjoy that hot drink on a snowy day. Buy from Amazon

Journal Diary

A journal is a simple yet elegant and meaningful gift. And if you are looking for cheap gifts, then a diary is a no-brainer. To make it personal.


Maybe customize the gift by adding some private photos or writings before gifting it to your loved one. Buy from Amazon

Board Games

Board games are crazy fun and an amusing way of spending some quality time with your family.


Gift your younger relatives a game of ‘Monopoly’ or ‘Guess Who?’ and rest assured that the whole family will love it. Buy from Amazon

Spa Kit

It might be the season of spreading happiness, but it can get a bit tense and stressful.

spa kit
spa kit

So, why not present your family with an adorable spa kit and help them kick back and relax. 

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Crochet Warmers

The best inexpensive Christmas gifts you can get someone this winter is traditional clothing made from crochet.


Crochet warmer is ideal for the occasion and the season of all the things to get for Christmas. Best of all, you can get a custom warmer with someone’s initial for just under 30$. Get this from Amazon

Mini Lip Kit

A convenient lip kit that contains multiple shades of lipsticks packed in a mini box is a useful small gift idea to give to your friend or relative.

It offers a selective range of colors good for everyday use, while the compact packaging makes it easy to carry.

lip kit
lip kit

The best part, you give it to anyone from ages 15 to 50. Buy from Amazon

Baking Set

I love desserts, and I know quite a few that love baking them. So this festive season gives your gifted baker friend or relative a handy baking set.

baking set
baking set

They are quite cheap and come with all the basic components one requires to bake a delicious dessert. Buy from Amazon

Photo Calendar

Photos are a beautiful way of cherishing memories of the past. So gift them a photo calendar to help your loved ones relive those memories every time they look at a calendar.

photo calender
photo calendar

And if you are looking for inexpensive Christmas gifts, then the photo calendar is superb. Inexpensive only in its cost and tiny only its size, big and beautiful in the message they convey. Buy from Amazon

Skin Care Kit

Winter’s here, and so is dry and cracked skin. While some of you might not bother looking after your skin, most of us do, and a skincare kit is an ideal gift for the season.

skin care

Budget-wise, these kits are faultless inexpensive Christmas gifts and available ubiquitously. Buy from Amazon

Mermaid Blanket

You don’t have the heart to tell your child that they can never become a mermaid, but you can give them something that ‘technically’ makes it possible.

mermaid blanket inexpensive Christmas gifts
mermaid blanket

A mermaid blanket is a warm fuzzy crochet blanket stitched in the shape of a mermaid’s tail with an opening that lets you slip into it like a sleeping bag. The gift is adorable and perfect for giving to a child for the snowy holidays. Buy from Amazon

Magic Kit

Abracadabra! Woosh! And now you know what to get for Christmas. Magic is great fun both for adults and for kids. While you cannot gift a Magic Kit to a full-grown adult, a child would leap over the moon at the sight of one.

magic kit inexpensive Christmas gifts
magic kit

Give the kids a magic kit and watch them spread a magical effect on the family. These kits are premium quality, inexpensive Christmas gifts that come with a host of magic acts and may persuade your child to become the next David Copperfield. Buy from Amazon

3 in 1 Charging Station

Most of us have smartwatches, phones, and wireless earbuds, so why not give someone a practical gift, i.e., a 3 in 1 charging station.

3 in 1 charger
3 in 1 charger

The station charges devices wirelessly and can charge upto three electronics at once. Moreover, reliable companies such as Belkin and Qi provide affordable solutions, so you do not have to worry about the price and device quality. 

Quirky Socks

When you search for cheap gifts or small gift ideas, or affordable Christmas gifts, the one product you’ll find in common is a pair of socks.

quirky socks inexpensive Christmas gifts
quirky socks

Socks are considered lame and a lazy gift, but if you add a bit of spice and fun to them, they can also be a cool way of spreading joy. Buy a pair of socks that have quirky prints such as pizzas, avocados, or licorice. Choose patterns that are off track and unique to get the lameness out and some surprise in. Buy from Amazon

Phone Camera Lenses

For the photographer in your family, a good quality phone camera lens is the perfect gift. With the current technology, our phones can work wonders while taking photos and videos. Accentuate those features by giving them a phone camera lens and motivate them to pursue their passion. 

Camera Lens inexpensive Christmas gifts
Camera Lens

The phone camera lenses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From macro lenses to telephoto, the options are unbelievable. Maybe buy them a small set or a single piece. They will appreciate it no matter what. Buy from Amazon

Mini Bluetooth Speaker

I know what you’re thinking: a Bluetooth speaker doing in a list of cheap gifts. Well, you’ll be surprised at how affordable they are. Most premium speakers are available for under 40$ and provide great sound quality with good build and life. 

Mini Bluetooth Speaker inexpensive Christmas gifts
Mini Bluetooth Speaker

The gift may have been intended for a single person, but if they live in a house full of people, it is a gift that everyone will cherish. Buy from Amazon

Custom Phone Case

A simple phone case as a Christmas gift can be considered lazy and boring, but make that a custom case with a print of their favorite singer, team, person, whoever, or whatever, and you’ve changed the outlook on it as a gift. 

custom phone case inexpensive Christmas gifts
custom phone case

You could even make it personal by adding a small unique polaroid of their favorite picture to the phone case with an option to change the photo in the future. Buy from Amazon

Mini Jewellery 

Jewelry like studs and mini pendants are as beautiful as small Christmas gifts. Make it personal by giving your loved one a charm with their name on it or an ear stud made of their birthstone.

mini jewelleryc inexpensive Christmas gifts
mini jewelry

They are inexpensive and ideal if you’re looking for cheap gifts that are elegant and beautiful. 

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PlayDough Set

Kids love playing with clay. So while you can’t gift them clay, I do have a better alternative. PlayDough!

play doh inexpensive Christmas gifts
play doh

A PlayDough Set is a stellar present for a child and quite inexpensive to buy. The synthetic clay is extremely moldable and comes with components that create a wide range of items. And if you’re concerned about the kids’ safety, the synthetic clay is perfectly safe for children and not harmful if ingested on accident. Buy from Amazon

Star Night Light Projector

For the aspiring astronaut, the star night light projector is a beautiful replacement for a night lamp. The night light projects images of stars, galaxies, and planets onto the room’s walls from a single source. With features that allow it to change colors and create an effect of moving planets and galaxies, the star night light projector is an amazing present.  

Star Night Light Projector inexpensive Christmas gifts
Star Night Light Projector

The projector sounds expensive but isn’t. Making it one of the best cheap gifts available in the market. Buy from Amazon

Assorted Candies and Chocolates

You can never go wrong with a big hamper of assorted chocolates and candies. Pick and select a range of premium chocolates and candies and pack them into a beautiful hamper to gift someone a sweet surprise. 

chocolates inexpensive Christmas gifts
Assorted Candies and Chocolates

And if you’re still confused, then the stores are already filled with a range of assorted chocolates. All you got to do is choose one and pair it with a nice handwritten personal card, and you’re done. Buy from Amazon

Quartz and Jade Face Roller

If you’ve scrolled down this far into the list, then you’re looking for that perfect cheap Christmas gift idea. Well, a jade roller is not perfect, but it can be a very handy gift, especially to someone who is into makeup, beauty, skincare, and all that. 

Quartz and Jade Face Roller
Quartz and Jade Face Roller

Maybe you could also gift it to someone that runs a beauty channel, blog, or account. The jade adds great aesthetics to the product, while its properties add to its effectiveness. Buy from Amazon

Plush Toys

You cannot go wrong with plush toys if you are opting for inexpensive Christmas gifts. They’re soft, plushy, fuzzy, and extremely cute. Plush toys come in different shapes and sizes, and when I say measures, I mean animals, maybe other cartoon characters, or superheroes. The list is big. Maybe take it a step further and buy an oversized plush toy to surprise that person. 

Plush Toys inexpensive Christmas gifts
Plush Toys

There are other ways to make your holiday budget go further. For instance, use a credit card that offers great discounts and cashback rewards on buying a certain product or buying from a certain store. Additionally, some cards offer 0% interest to the end of the year, perfect for the holiday season. Buy from Amazon

Summing Up

These 30 cheap inexpensive Christmas gifts are an awesome way of showing your love to your loved ones while avoiding burning a hole in your pocket. Some may say that the saying, “It’s the thought that matters,” is a facile excuse for lazy buying; I disagree. No matter the price tag, if the present you give means something to the person receiving it, then you’ve done your part in spreading the message of happiness.