How To Manage a Remote Team? Best Remote Working Tools

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As we are moving ahead towards flexible jobs and gigs, no one likes to work a standard 9 to 5 job in the job. But more now than ever, due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, almost every possible company is working remotely. So here is our take on the best remote working tools that you should introduce to your team. 

Introduction to Remote Working

Think about it like this: Virtual workers will perform their tasks and meet their targets every day out of a dedicated computer rather than heading in a way for a workplace to operate.

People might be planning about their life to observe so they can live their professional and personal life peacefully together to the fullest extent. In what culture is considered to be an acceptable workforce, it was a moment where a modem shift- and remote job model capitalized upon new freedom. In fact, almost every successful digital nomad works remotely.

How is a collaborative team managed?

1. Promote Independence 

Be Translucent. Participate in every area of the business, communicate the mission and priorities with them, and encourage them to represent that. Then set clear goals and let them chat about something other than work. Tell them a few things about you. This is when it comes to simulated conferences.

2. Conduct sessions daily

Digital interactions have many benefits. Whether the far labor force drive, at the house, at a co-working area or on the job does not matter. The thinking is about the login to the app which you use for these meetings and relax for about half an hour. You’re going to connect and will sound more like a squad.

3. Set the job together 

A proper structure improves any enterprise. It can only do a job into confusion if you handle people all over the world without having knowledge of what everyone is focused on and many ventures. This is the reason to build and enforce project management programs, lay down guidelines, and communicate them with all the team members.

4. Use a Method to Chart Time

A device for recording time is another item you need in your arsenal. This is a simple method of tracking the workers, analyzing their efficiency, establishing consistent objectives, and increasing group productivity.

5. To Build a strong culture of the industry 

Finally, the goal should be to build a strong culture of the business and not only to have a team that has an autonomous position. This can happen by knowing each other, striving for the same reasons, sharing time, and appreciating the skills and talents of everyone.

Top 15 Best Remote Working Tools To Use

Now that we know enough about remote working, we should now dive into the best remote working tools that you can adopt for your company.

A. Project Management Tools – Best remote working tools

1. GanttPRO

GanttPRO is an online Gantt chart-based project management tool designed to provide efficient planning and management for all teams, regardless of their location.

However, in its core, GanttPRO is far more than just a Gantt chart. Besides the Gantt chart timeline view, managers and teams can also switch to a Board view that is very close to the Kanban approach, or open only personal tasks in the “My tasks” dashboard.

Gantt Pro

GanttPRO’s intuitive interface, a short learning curve, and a number of robust features turned the tool into a popular and working solution for companies of all sizes.

This Gantt chart maker can easily become a central space for project teams. Here, they can work on tasks, personal or project schedules, collaborate and communicate, get updates and notifications, manage resources and cost, log time, and track progress.

2. ProofHub

ProofHub is automated supervision of programs confident in delivering all to everyone in a specific area through several f interactive groups. Group members can interact easily with colleagues and customers.

ProofHub provides many functionalities like digital verification, forums, interaction, and just online control of the program in a central location. ProofHub is a program for online management that includes everything. It is necessary for groups needing higher administration competence.

3. Basecamp

Basecamp’s easy accessibility, clear design along with stylish usage, make a choice between managers, staff, entrepreneurs a common one. It is a tool you can use to handle tasks and interact meaningfully with stakeholders, through control of the mission and staff coordination. It had various equipment along with resources to exchange thoughts, to arrange talks, and to hold everybody on a similar platform.

Similarly, you face limitations such as no time tracking, no archiving of subjects, no subtasks, no professional team structure, incorporation outside only, etc. That is why businesses and teams are finding the right choices for Basecamp. Okay, there’s no perfect tool. In the end, your particular interests can determine if a commodity is appropriate for your business or not. And, if you think Basecamp is a fair choice, try it.

4. Instagantt

Instagantt is a broad system in project management that supports you to schedule, organize, and prepare yourself for tasks visually. This is much other than a maker of one Gantt map. You will soon notice when trying with that, and you are dealing with a nicely designed and ultra-intuitive applications that can be built with an exact concept of your program.

Instagantt is also an essential part of communication. This program helps you relate to your teammates to make it easier and to make things ideal for online operation. The tool also provides many helpful functions such as, work-making and subtasks, models for programs of various kinds, maps, deadlines, updates, basic information, a vital route, and automated program planning, which all help to ensure that your teams still feel perfectly sure about the thing happening.

B. Time Management Tools – Best remote working tools

5. Hub Staff

The staff at the core will raise the productivity to act for yourself. You’re going to track the time employees spend along with the tasks they rely on every time. Hub Staff has breath-taking applications include electronic time tables, workforce forecasting, scheduling, personal supervision, payroll tools, GPS tracking, online invoicing, project budgeting, and many more.

6. Time Doctor

This application allows users to continuously monitor time, which can sometimes be more useful for remote teams as automation facilitates greater flexibility. Time Doctor considers blogs and apps used by staff and provides information on how time is spent employed.

The software also automatically takes photos of the workstations of staff. Therefore, administrators can use a Time Doctor to test the efficiency of each team member’s day-to-day activities and then develop strategies on a strong basis.

7. Teamwork

Achieve each hour to increase the efficiency of your staff. The Teamwork app helps you to invoice your time and expenses monitored. You will create customized time reports on the job. As Excel, CSV, or fax upload your documents and time log joins.

It’s a great addition to your inventory, even if you’re a freelancer or someone who usually works with an international clientele.

C. Time zone management tools – Best remote working tools

8. Figure It Out

Figure it out is for those who work and communicate with people who live in various time zones. It senses the positions automatically and shows time either 24-hour or in AM/PM formats around the globe.

It also shows national holidays in different countries and can be separated into time zones up to three places. Such apps help you well if you need to learn who operates and who has days off easily, thus simplifying the management of different business operations.

9. World Time Buddy

Regulation of local time and availability of team members in various countries will quickly become a nightmare, taking hours and keeping them from important tasks. World Time Buddy is an automatic preparation device that has tremendous benefits.

It has a world timepiece which enables the current time to be compared in certain locations and the optimum time for video and audio calls. The software decreases the effort required for electronic conferences and meetings. It can, therefore, greatly accelerate the business transformation to the remote model.

10. Timefinder

This tool provides a world map with local time in each area. It has a simple interface that allows you to find the necessary information regarding time zones instantly. You may insert the name of the city in the search bar on the Timefinder page for the further facilitation of the operation.

All you need to learn about the chosen position then falls in the separate window. As simple and basic as it is, this method gives managers of multinational remote teams valuable time zone information.

D. Remote Access Software – Best remote working tools

11. Zoho Assist

This cloud-based application is perfectly suited to the needs of businesses or customer service teams. It facilitates the sharing of files and data between connected devices and helps you to chat with other users.

It is very simple to customize and use Zoho Assists on any kind of program and application, so your customers won’t even need to go through the installation process, all you have to do is to submit an exclusive session URL in order to connect your app with them. The app’s functionality ensures you are able to achieve a higher level of customer interaction.

12. Splashtop

Splashtop provides optimized design and design integration. This is an excellent solution for those engaged in remote desktop interaction and for those interested in supporting clients worldwide. Prices of Splashtops are among the market’s most appealing.

However, 60 days of free coverage are now available for companies in the most affected countries. Therefore Splashtop is more than perfect if you are a citizen in China, Hong Kong, Macao, or Taiwan and want a chance to operate a company in your hometown when linking to your workplace.

13. AeroAdmin

This software is perfectly suited for administrators and workers who need simple remote computer incorporation without cofounding additional functions and functionality. You need not install, or modification to the router is needed to AeroAdmin, so it’s’s ideal for inappropriate usage.

In addition, concurrent periods, unattended connectivity, and an infinite amount of from wired online device and also a basic file transfer are enabled. All these features not only make AeroAdmin ideal for work from home but also for remote team monitoring.

E. Video Conferencing and Meeting Tools – Best remote working tools

14. Zoom

Zoom is a calling party application with incredible video efficiency. The standard is simple to use, the lowest, and the perfect. One can capture each call with a complete-length video during online workshops and visual chat.

For joint conversations, you need to swap the computer with colleagues. Optional zooms provide video webinars, meetings, zoom spaces, IM, and voice communication.

15. Doodle

Arranging meetings in a unit (especially while it is sufficiently big) could be a very tough job. As each leader has to be asked involvement personally in the conversation and function difficult to ensure all are present at the right time. The arranging of online conferences is now made simple due to Doodle.

This approach will require you to run a survey tank to see if any group members are required and eligible to arrange a conference in just a few minutes. It also monitors the latest tests and potential plans, so you don’t need to say a reason to skip an essential Conference.

16. High Five

High Five is a video conference application for cloud conferences that manages group conferences. You don’t have to make a complicated update, activation, and also setup phase before beginning to use it as High Five deals with simplicity and ease of use.

The app allows you to configure the links you want to enter without the need for any pin codes or passwords. It also simplifies the exchange of displays and allows access from any system and network. In the end, High Five will chat from your house, work area, or be on the go with you through the laptop and Android application.


What tools are needed to work remotely?

1.Mobile hotspots.

2.Remote desktop software.

3.Team chat apps.

4.Screen sharing software.

5.Screen recording tools.

6.Video conferencing apps.

7.Online office suites.

8.Cloud storage.

What is a remote platform?

Platforms for remote work are instruments that help scattered teams collaborate online. Such as Slack, Google Drive, and Zoom. These tools enable distributed teams to work together without any issues.

How can you make a remote work easier?

1.Set a time limit for availability.

2.Promoting self-care

3.Integrate health into your team's activities (e.g., host regular mindfulness breaks)

4.Talk about your personal hobbies or family life outside of work.

5.Demand periodic rest periods from the screen.

The Takeaways

Therefore, Online employment has several benefits as it facilitates sustainability and happiness for workers. Online groups are difficult to manage: it will be much easier to coordinate a cohesive operation, to oversee the moments of group members and to keep track of job processes. Just obey a few rules, and you’re able to do that.

You will, therefore, have a committed, hard-working, and successful group of people to help you reach the dream of the organization faster.