How Old of an RV Can You Finance?

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Are you dreaming of owning your RV? Discover the key to financing your ideal recreational vehicle- a vintage gem or a well-maintained used RV. In this article, we’ll explore the world of RV financing and answer the burning question: “How old of an RV can you finance?” Get ready to turn your RV dreams into a reality.

When financing older RVs, the age restrictions can vary depending on the lender. RVs between 10 and 15 years old often qualify for financing from traditional banks and credit unions. However, specialized RV lenders could provide greater flexibility and much older financing options, potentially lasting up to 20 years or more. 

Private financing and online lenders can also be viable options. Now, let’s dive into the details! Discover the factors lenders consider when financing older RVs and learn how to increase your chances of securing a loan.

To help you comfortably navigate the world of RV finance, we’ll also provide relevant information and address frequently asked questions. Stick around to explore the options available and take the first step towards making your RV dreams a reality.

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Financing Options for Older RVs

There are various choices available to finance an old RV. Let’s look at some of the techniques most frequently employed by potential RV buyers.

Banks and credit unions with a long history

RV loans are available from conventional banks and credit unions and can be used to finance new and old RVs. The funding age restrictions, though, can change.

banks and credit unions

Banks frequently examine models at most 10-15 years old when financing modern RVs. In contrast, depending on their lending standards, credit unions might provide more flexibility and consider financing older RVs.

Specialized RV Lenders

specialized RV lenders

Many financial institutions specialize in RV loans and have a better understanding of the RV market. These lenders often have more flexible options for financing older RVs, and they may be willing to finance significantly older models, sometimes even up to 20 years or more.

Working with specialized RV lenders can be beneficial, as they have extensive knowledge of the RV industry and can offer tailored financing solutions.

Online Lenders

Over the past few years, online lenders have grown in popularity as a source of RV financing. These lenders typically have streamlined application processes and may offer competitive rates.

online lenders

While some online lenders may have age restrictions similar to traditional banks, others may be more lenient in financing older RVs. It is essential to undertake in-depth research and comparisons of numerous lenders to find the online lender that best matches your needs.

Private Financing

A different option to consider when financing an older RV is private financing. It involves borrowing money from a person or private entity instead of a financial institution.

private financing

Private funding could be beneficial if you have a reliable source willing to lend you the money. To avoid potential complications, it’s essential to approach private financing carefully and ensure that both parties agree on the loan’s terms and circumstances.

Remember, when exploring options on how old an RV you can finance, it’s essential to consider factors such as age, condition, value, and down payment. You may make an informed choice and get the funding required to start your RV adventures by investigating various lenders and contrasting loan terms and interest rates.

Factors Affecting Financing for Older RVs

Several variables can affect the availability and terms of your loan when financing older RVs, and you can better navigate the financing process by being aware of these factors. The following are the main factors lenders consider when financing older RVs.

The RV’s age

Lenders carefully consider several factors, including the RV’s age. It may take more work to acquire finance for an older RV. Lenders frequently worry about the deterioration of older models and the potential dangers posed by their state.

RV's age

Older models may, however, be more amenable to financing from private lenders or specialized RV lenders, particularly if they have been well-maintained and have held their value.

Condition and Value

In addition to age, lenders also assess the condition and value of the RV. A well-maintained older RV that retains its value may have a better chance of being financed.

conditions and value

Lenders may require an appraisal or inspection to assess the condition and determine the market value of the RV. It’s important to note that lenders may be more cautious when financing RVs with signs of significant wear and tear or structural issues.

Down payment

The down payment you can offer is a significant factor in getting approved for financing on an older RV. A more substantial down payment demonstrates your commitment, lowers the lender’s risk, and helps dispel any worries regarding the RV’s age or condition.

down payment

Saving up and being prepared to provide a substantial down payment can improve your chances of obtaining financing for an older RV.

Loan Conditions and Interest Rates

Financing an older RV occasionally has different loan conditions and interest rates than funding a new RV. Lenders may offer shorter loan terms for older RVs and adjust interest rates accordingly.

It’s important to carefully review the loan terms and compare interest rates from distinct lenders to ensure you secure the most favorable financing option for your specific situation.

interest rates

When it comes to financing an RV, one common concern is the age of the vehicle. Many people wonder, How old of an RV can you finance?

You can more successfully navigate the financing procedure for older RVs by keeping these things in mind and being organized. Do thorough research, explore different lenders, and gather all necessary documentation to increase your chances of securing a loan for your dream RV.

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Can I finance an old RV that is more than 30 years old?

While traditional banks may be reluctant to finance vintage RVs over 30 years old, specialized RV lenders or private financing options may consider providing loans for such unique vehicles.

Will my credit score affect my chances of financing an older RV?

Yes, lenders consider your credit score when assessing whether you qualify for RV financing. Your chances of achieving a loan with favorable terms and circumstances increase if you have a high credit score.

Are interest rates higher to finance an old RV?

Interest rates for financing older RVs may be higher than new ones. The exact rates depend on various factors, including the lender, loan term, credit history, and the age and condition of the RV.

If I have an existing loan, should I think about refinancing an older RV?

Refinancing an older RV can be an excellent choice if you get a lower interest rate or better credit terms. But before making a refinancing decision, weighing the advantages and disadvantages is critical.


While financing an older RV comes with specific challenges, it is possible to find suitable options. By exploring traditional banks, credit unions, specialized RV lenders, online lenders, or private financing, you can increase your chances of financing the older RV of your dreams.

Consider the age, condition, value, and down payment when seeking financing, and remember to compare different lenders to find the most favorable terms. So, how old of an RV can you finance?

It ultimately depends on the lender and their specific criteria. You can embark on your RV adventures with the perfect older RV in town with in-depth research and careful consideration.

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