How to Get Paid For a Workout? Make Money Exercising

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

Exercise has numerous advantages, including weight loss, increased energy, and stress reduction. But what if someone offered you to get paid to exercise?

The reality is that most of us ought to exercise more frequently, but we don’t because we have yet to discover the correct motivation. The possibility of receiving compensation for exercising may be possible.

get paid

You will gain a lot of advantages from exercising. However, stress makes you feel unmotivated. Some adore exercising, and some of us need additional inspiration to exercise. What if someone promised to pay you a certain amount if you lost weight within a week?

I’ll be talking specifically about this today. It seems too fantastic to be accurate.

How to get paid out for money? 

If you work out at the gym or home for even a short while, you can reap your efforts’ financial, physical, and mental benefits. Additionally, staying healthy can generally help you save money.

These legal methods will allow you to be compensated for exercising.

Balance Rewards at Walgreens

With the My Walgreens program, you may increase your rewards points when you shop at Walgreens.

By setting objectives, fulfilling goals, and connecting health gadgets, you can accumulate up to 250 points.

balance reward

Even blood pressure and blood sugar checks, stopping smoking, and exercising (of course) can win you points.

You’ll be able to receive WebMD’s professional guidance in addition to earning Walgreens Balance points, which will provide you with additional incentives to live a healthy lifestyle.

Charity Miles 

Through Charity Miles, you can give back to the community with every workout.

If you routinely donate to charities, this app can increase your donation and allow you to raise money for them.

It would help if you made an initial wager before doing your first activity since Commit’s research shows that when their own money is on the line, people are 72% more likely to succeed.

charity miles

According to Commit, the ordinary person (like you and I) is 33% more likely to achieve their goals when they share their fitness aspirations with others.

With Commit, getting paid to exercise takes on a fun new dimension; whether you win the fitness bet and receive payment or lose, your wager benefits the charity of your choice.

Commit is only at this time accessible on iOS devices.

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An app called HealthyWage allows you to make investments in your capacity to shed pounds. That includes having a balanced diet and leading an active lifestyle.

Losing weight should be your ultimate fitness objective, and HealthyWage will challenge and compensate you if you succeed.


You need to enter your desired weight reduction, the anticipated length of your weight loss journey, and the monthly investment amount. 

The amount of cash prize you stand to earn will then be determined by Healthy Wage.

You’ll succeed more if you put more money into it and want to lose weight more urgently. Additionally, you will only lose the money you staked if you achieve your objectives.

Along the road, HealthyWage presents challenges and inspirational advice. It’s an enjoyable approach to making money and finding the motivation to work out.

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You can convert your steps into cryptocurrency with Sweatcoin. You receive 0.95 Sweatcoins from this app for every 1,000 outside steps you log.


Unfortunately, Sweatcoins are worthless in money. Sweatcoins can be redeemed for products like Amazon gift cards, fitness classes, and expensive gadgets like iPhones.

Through a website like CardCash, you might exchange vouchers for cash if you’d like to have additional cash than a gift card.


More than twenty popular apps, including Fitbit, Apple Health, and Runkeeper, are compatible with Achievement. 

By integrating with these apps, this app allows you to earn rewards points for taking part in fitness and wellness activities like tracking your meals and meditating.

For every 10,000 points you score using Achievement; you’ll receive $10. These reward points can be redeemed through PayPal or by direct deposit. 

Additionally, you can support your preferred neighborhood charities if you’re in the mood to give.


MapMyFitness is an Under Armour app that allows you to log your fitness activities, map routes, and earn points.


You can exchange your points for enjoyable fitness incentives as you accrue them. Other fitness-related websites run by MapMyFitness include MapMyRide, MapMyRun, and MapMyWalk.


One of the more recent entries to the fitness app market, Lympo, just released their app as a means of rewarding users for exercising.

Like the other fitness apps on our list, Lympo encourages users to lead healthy lives in exchange for user data collection and ongoing marketing to them.


Lympo works with organizations in the health and fitness sector. Users will be able to accumulate LYM Tokens as they work out, and they’ll be able to use their hard-earned tokens at a variety of online fitness and wellness stores.

Through the Lympo app, businesses can also create fitness challenges that give users a chance to gain extra coins by fulfilling specific criteria.

From a broader perspective, Lympo is working to provide a platform where companies and customers can communicate with one another with the shared objective of enhancing global health.

The Dallas Mavericks and owner Mark Cuban are partners with Lympo, so there may be some exciting ideas for this app’s future. 

If you want to get paid to walk or exercise, Lympo is undoubtedly an app you should consider since it has many excellent ratings.

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Use the Rover app as a side business to earn money as you walk.

You may earn $20 for walking a dog for 30 minutes with Rover, which also offers pet-sitting jobs in your neighborhood. Getting paid to exercise is a good option. 


Boarding Animals at home could make you earn more money.  Rover also provides the following advantages to assist you in operating your dog-walking business:

  • Including veterinary assistance, 24/7 support
  • being able to decide your rates and timetables
  • $1,000,000 in liability insurance coverage
  • ongoing instruction on pet care


Are fitness apps secure?

Generally speaking, yes. However, the big worry is the quantity of data that fitness applications may access. Do some advanced study on each app so you know the data it is gathering and when it is actively tracking your activities. Of course, before beginning any workout program, ensure your doctor gives the all-clear. This is vital if you are physically limited or have health difficulties.

Are legitimate fitness app rewards for exercising available?

The fitness app firms' offers differ, with some proving to be more well-liked than others. Even with modest incentives, getting paid to work out can be a solid motivator to help you achieve your weekly objectives. Additionally, many applications can help you maintain a healthy weight without having to shell out cash for a personal trainer or a gym subscription.

Which are app rewards for walking the most?

Apps that reward you for walking and exercising are Sweatcoin. Evidation (previously Achievement) and DoorDash. Earn Money Walking.

How can I launch a fitness company without any money?

Start modest and give your business time to expand. You can cross-promote with other businesses via social media. Marketing should be free (this can also include free trials or passes for some or all of your services)


Since “health is wealth,” it only makes sense to maintain fitness by being active and working out frequently.

The walking-paying applications are yet another justification for continuing to lead an active lifestyle.

You won’t believe this, but some businesses will pay you to exercise. Thus, you stand to gain from it, losing the extra weight and earning money. These are ways to be compensated for working out.

Even if you already work full-time and think you need more time for a side business, these fitness applications can be a terrific option to get paid to exercise.