The Legend Bruce Lee to be Honored via ‘Fists of Fury’ NFT Drop

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Recently, in a significant update, Fungy announced the arrival of digital collectibles of the iconic movie, Fists of Fury. Since the announcement of the forthcoming launch of the futuristic NFT marketplace Fungy, NFT investors and collectors are anticipating this announcement. 

fist of fury nft

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The populace can gauge the popularity of the movie Fists of Fury as this movie remains among the blockbusters in every country it was released. It garnered over 500 times its budget at the box office worldwide, shattering the records of previously released movies by Bruce Lee. 

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Bruce Lee: A Legend

Anyone with a modest enthusiasm for cinema is familiar with the name of Bruce Lee. He was the first influential figure from Asia who introduced Western Media to the east and revolutionized the perception of Americans towards Chinese Culture. As a pioneer of the Asian film scene before the popularity of present-day actors like Henry Golding or Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee was the most famous actor from Asia.

He is the modern grandfather of the field of Mixed Martial Arts. And his popularity in this field turned him into the golden boy of MMA and physical fitness. It is common to find his posters often with expressions straight out of a fight sequence and motivational quotes outside of gyms, fitness studios, self-defense training centers, and the bedroom of young martial arts enthusiasts. 

Among the many qualities of Bruce Lee, his agile reflexes and calculated movements in a fight sequence tops the list. When watching fight sequences of Bruce Lee, if you are distracted or blink even for a fraction of a second, you will miss his iconic punches. The genius of his game lay in the meticulousness and agility with which he could take the jabs without causing physical harm to his opponents or coworkers. 

Despite starring in only five other mainstream movies, he still influenced popular culture and is a lasting part of Hollywood history. After which, he won the hearts of countless martial arts devotees with the creation of his martial arts form, Jeet Kune Do. 

The Fame of Fists of Fury

The phenomenon of Fists and Fury (1971) goes beyond the box office collection. While another action movie by Bruce Lee, Enter the Dragon, is his more well-renowned work. The performance of Lee in the Fists of Fury made him an overnight star in Hong Kong and eventually in the western media. The release of this movie in the worldwide theatre placed Bruce Lee on the world map. 

fist of fury
Fist of Fury

Fists of Fury is an intense martial arts action flick. The movie makes good use of the agility and mastery of Bruce Lee in mixed martial art forms. A sequence in which Lee employs the nunchaku to defeat a karate master wielding a samurai sword is breathtaking to watch. 

The action movies of the present day rely on editing skills, over-the-top destruction, and high-tech gadgetry sequences. Whereas Fists of Fury, an action movie by Bruce Lee, relied on alternating elevated camera angles and powerful close-ups to capture the entire fight scene. During anticipation of an imminent attack from the enemy, the camera catches Lee in action from the vantage point of the enemy.

An Exclusive Celebration of Fists of Fury 

The excitement among the art collectors and investors knew no bounds when Valiant Eagle announced the purchase of all rights of the movie Fists of Fury starring Bruce Lee. They also released a sneak peek of the original artwork from the movie on their Twitter page. By transforming the movie Fists of Fury into an official NFT of movies, fans will have the chance to own a unique piece of artwork related to this spectacular movie. 

By releasing limited editions of the Bruce Lee Fists Of Fury NFT Collection, NFTs can be provided at a higher quality and with meaningful products to the NFT marketplace. Also, they provide exclusive access to the first 1000 people who register on the site. 


Fungy is a subsidiary of Valiant Eagle and an up-and-coming NFT marketplace for artists, collectors, investors, and everyone in between. The tokens for the phenomenal Fists of Fury and many other titles will become available in the coming days. Interested collectors can gather information about the drop from the official Fists of Fury NFT website


The potential of unique artworks on Fists of Fury available for NFT sales directly indicates the influence Bruce Lee made on the conscience of the population. His popularity did not diminish after his demise, and he is unlikely to leave soon. 

The Fungy NFT platform is officially launching on 7/29/2022. Their NFT collection of Bruce Lee’s Fists of Fury will be launched on the platform soon. You can sign up here to get exclusive access to timeless clips from Lee’s early career.