How to Make Money Without a Job (25 Super Easy Ways)

Need Easy Extra $350+/Month For Free?

Have is it ever crossed your mind to make some extra money and do a real job? I know the follow-up question will be like how to get money without a job? Or how to make money without a job?

It might be surprising that there is actually much easy maybe time taking ways of making money without a job. Below are some of the best ways you can learn to make money without a job.

make money without a job



25 Ways to Make Money Without a Job

Filling out Surveys

If you don’t want to do a job and yet want to make money without a job, then this might be the easiest way of earning money. All you need is to invest a few minutes in filling surveys.

There are multiple sites out there that pay people for filling surveys, as they have to conduct market research from big brands.

Just start by registering, fill surveys, earn points, or direct cash and cash them out as gift cards or in your PayPal account.

Some of the most popular online survey sites include Earnably, Survey Junkie, National Consumer Panel, Swagbucks Surveys, Pinecone. 

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Testing Websites

Another option to make money without a job is by testing websites for people.

The owners want unbiased opinions from direct users and hence offer opportunities for testing their website and paying in return.

Website testers browse the website and record their opinions regarding usability and design. With UserTesting, you can earn $10 for testing one website, and it only takes about twenty minutes.

Payments are made daily via PayPal, beginning seven days after you complete your first assignment.

Refer to Apps and Earn

This is not a very new concept and another option to make money without a job. In fact, referring apps to friends has been started since Apps started getting developed.

Suppose you use a lot of Apps what bad is it to earn credits by referring. Some examples of apps offering some credit for every person referred to who uses the same app to make a purchase.

Uber and Lyft (ride-sharing), Seamless (food), Touch of Modern (clothes), etc.

Rent your Apartment or Room

Well, if you are going for a long vacation or have an extra room or just an extra apartment, then you have got an option to make money without a job.

There are sites like Airbnb and VRBO that let turn your room into a hotel.

All you need to do is register yourself, set up a profile with rental availabilities and prices.  How much you can make depends on the rental market in your area.

Initially, you may not get tenants, but once you start getting ratings or someone shows interest, you can earn good cash in a short time.

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Invest in High-Dividend Stocks.

If you are into investing, then how about investing in some high-dividend stocks.

Dividends are given for different reasons, but they’re ways that companies reward shareholders for holding on to a stock.

The list of companies giving out dividends sometimes changes, but you can find some on financial sites like The Motley Fool.

Make money by playing Video Games.

Would it not sound like a dream if someone says that you will be paid for watching videos or better for playing games?

Yes, this is an easy option to make money without a job.

There are sites like InboxDollars and Cascrate that offer different kinds of gigs, out of which main ones are watching certain videos or series of shows on TV and updating your routine.

And if not, these then ask you to monitor your video game playing habits, then all you have to do is take surveys to give your feedback, and they’ll pay you.

The money comes from research firms that want to understand consumer habits. We also have a guide on how to make money while playing games. 

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Participate as a Guinee Pig for Cosmetic/Clinical Trials

Yes, becoming a guinea pig for a clinical trial is another way to make money without a job.

Many beauty brands and clinics of dental and medical varieties, constantly looking for people to participate in their product or medical tests before they can release a study or a product.

In return for this, they compensate by paying to the participants.

Generally, you are required to sign a form accepting all the terms and conditions indicating all the consequences that may occur during a trial.

Hospitals and universities are also a good place to seek out this type of money-making opportunity.

The L’Oréal Consumer Testing Program,, GuineaPigsGetPaid, etc. are some examples where you can apply as a participant.

Share Your Opinions to Make Money

Today social media offers an open platform to post your opinions on whether you like it or not. But there are also platforms that ask for people’s opinions, and they pay in return, hence giving you a choice to make money without a job.

Companies conduct these tasks to perform market research polls and surveys for various companies.

The platforms usually pay in the form of points that you can later cash out as gift cards or in for of cash from PayPal.

If you want extra points, you can earn the same by just registering and referring the site to friends.

Some examples of such platforms are MyPoints, VIP Voice, OpinionOutpost, etc.

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Invest in Real Estate even if Not Rich

The above may sound not only absurd but also crazy. It is true that real estate does demand good monetary investment, but without a doubt, it is an option to make money without a job.

So, want to try real estate investment with less money and risk?

You can do this through the Fundrise Starter Portfolio, where they will divide your money into two portfolios. After this, they buy private real estate all over the U.S., and then you can start with a minimum investment of $500.

Through Fundrise’s online dashboard, investors can see exactly which properties are available in their portfolios.

Declutter Your Closet

If you have boxes of old CDs, DVDs or video games, and even clothes that have not seen the daylight yet, then how about going crazy and pulling everything out and make money without a job.

Exactly! Pile and list out all that is not used and can be sold. And start selling.

Consider selling them on a buyback site like Decluttr and Letgo. You can also enter coupon FREE5 at checkout to get an extra $5 for your trade-ins!

If this doesn’t suit you, then you can even give a visit to your local markets with your stuff.

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Sell Your Photographs

Are you one of those who loves to take a snap of everything and love to upload? Then how about converting your likes into money.

Uploading photos that look professional is another way to make money without a job. You won’t become rich instantly, but you can earn decently every day.

Some sites that offer such services are Shutterstock, Photoshelter, Fotolia, DreamsTime, Foam, etc.

Hang Out with Fur Babies to Earn

If you don’t mind being around furry creatures, then pet sitting is a gig that can help you make money without a job.

It does not discriminate between dogs or cats, and all are available.

Just create registered and set your own rates and market yourself to others in your area. You can opt for simple dog-walking or go all in and stay the night, it all up to you to set up your schedule.

Pet-sitting is easier than ever with apps out there like Rover and DogVacay.

Sell Your Stuff Through Amazon Fulfilment

If you have a stock of toys or other items that you can sell and be useful to others, then you could make money without a job by selling them through Fulfilment by Amazon.

Just list the goods, choose from Amazon’s categories to sell anything you want, and FBA handles the rest, from storage and shipping to customer satisfaction.

FBA if perfect if you want to clear your basement and clear out those old collections. By just doing a little bit of work.

Do Odd Tasks

Suppose you are not a fan of filling surveys and watching only videos and still want to make money without a job from anywhere. Then sites like TaskRabbit, Zaarly, Field Agent, Gigwalk for iOS, Gigwalk for Android, etc.

These apps post gigs and small tasks posted by various people, and then they seek out people who can complete these tasks, and they are willing to pay in return for this.

Tasks include anything from picking up groceries and returning a book to the library, to visiting a nearby restaurant and taking a picture of its menu, to whatever else you can do for them.

All you need to do is sign up for these gigs, choose the tasks you like, complete them, and make money without a job.

Sell your Old Clothes

Well, just like your toys and unused stuff, if you have loads of clothes around that are not being used or can be used by others.

Then they can be sold to make money without a job. Depending on what you sell and the site you use, you can make some pretty good cash.

And a lot of sites include a free shipping label, which makes the process pretty easy. Some sites that let you sell your clothes super easy are Poshmark, ThredUp, eBay, Tradesy, etc.

Upload Videos to YouTube

Can you make impressions? or can you sing well? Each something? Or just have babies and dogs that are hilarious? How about uploading a video about the above to YouTube?

It’s simple; you need to think of something interest or just up shine your talent in a video recording and then upload a video.

Then later, as the no of views your video gain, your videos may get ads that will pay you for showing their ads during your videos.

Plus, you reach a good number of views, subscriptions, and shares, then you get to make money directly by YouTube also! It may take time initially but no bad option to make money without a job.

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Download Apps to Make Money

Apps collect data and help companies better understand the web and mobile usage, and a number of companies will actually pay you for downloading apps on your smartphone.

The data collected helps to understand different things like what times of day people browse, how long they stay on websites and use apps, and what types of sites and apps are popular.

Sites like Nielsen Panel, MobileXpressions for iPhones, and MobileXpressions for Android let you download apps and earn money without a job. If you have a PC, laptop, or smartphone, you have to install apps for one week, and you start earning.

Monetize Your Phone Addiction

There is no time when our parents and teachers do not blame us for our Cell phone addiction. But it’s not always a problem. You can get paid for it. Apps like Slidejoy presents ads for various products and services. 

Swipe left on the ad if you like it for it to go straight to the advertiser’s website, YouTube video, or app download page. Simply swipe right to go to your phone at the original state if you don’t like it or just want to skip it.  

You can earn up to $60 a year just by using your phone as you normally would. Not bad if you want to make money without a job.

Get Paid to Post on Forums

Okay, this is as simple as it gets, just like the survey filling and downloading of apps.

New forums online often need a way to build their reputation, and one way of doing this is to hire people to make quality posts on their forums to draw people’s attention.

A good example of such a site is They employ a number of writers who post regularly on the forums. It is definitely a sort of side-income that can help you to make money without a job.

Complete Offers for Cash

There are such things like getting paid to sites that offer you money in return for completing tasks that their sponsors offer.

The tasks can be to subscribe to a newsletter or provide your traffic to a website. But you also might be asked to do something like try a trial of a service or purchase a month of some product.

Surely you will need to put your money towards the task. But the site reimburses it to you in which varies from site to site.

It might sound a little risky, but it’s a good way to make money without a job. Some sites offering such tasks are CashCrate, InboxDollars, SendEarnings, QuickRewards, etc.

Become a Ghost Shopper

Ghost Shopping?? I know it may sound confusing but don’t have to go Halloween shopping.

Ghost shopping is a service where people hire other people when they are low on time but have the cash to spare.

In short, it means that people hire you to go out on a shopping spree for themselves, and instead, you get to make money out of it!

Don’t google Ghost shopping as they confuse it with the jobs of a mystery shopper. It’s a safe way to make money without a job.

This is mostly a person-to-person activity, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use it to build up your client base so you can expand it to a nice little side business.

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Sell your art

Just like your photographs, creativity is also something that you can you to make money without a job.

If you make clothes, accessories, or even visual art, people can buy it if you get yourself out there.

There are sites like ArtFire, MadeItMyself, Bonanza, and ShopHandmade, that offer platforms to the artist and make money. You need to market your artworks initially to get a word out surely.

If you are not against donating blood just for good then you are a lifesaver, and you can earn some bucks!

But if you’re afraid of needles or blood, maybe you would want to know that there is still a way to make money without a job.

Donating plasma could net you $50 easily. However, you may require to take good care of you afterward as you may feel a little weak and dizzy.

Plasma is very important for making many types of medicines. And hence is needed by many research clinics. You can visit sites like Biolife for such an option.

Enter contests

Contests are fascinating, but there is a thing to remember that the rewards may seem good, but the chance of winning is low.

So, enter EVERY contest you can come across!

There are low chances that you might win every contest, so why not increase your odds to win and make money without a job.

Some sites to easily enter the contest are Online Sweepstakes and Contests – Contest Girl and Sweepstakes & Contests to Enter –

Recycle to earn

It may sound like a school project to you, but Recycling facilities are a huge thing nowadays.

The recycling facility takes in the materials and sell them or reprocess them into something new.

The facilities or sites pay you for the recycling you bring in by weight, so you can expect to get a decent amount for a container full of goods or a completely recycled good.

Some sites offering such services are, Recyclebank, Gazelle, BoxCycle, and Usell.

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Ending Note

The above options and ways are just ways of making money without a job in the form of small perks daily or on a monthly basis. Although never rely on only one option as there is no one good choice to solve the problem of how to make money without a job or how to get money without a job.

Making money without a job can be easy but will not make you instantly rich. So, look try out a number of gigs and options. Keep earning. Good Luck!

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How can one make money without a job?

One of the best ways to make money without a job is by selling items on eBay, Facebook, etc. Doing surveys, Investing, Participating in competitions, etc. It can help you earn quite a lot of money.

How does one make $100 a day?

A few ways may include completing surveys, selling goods online,blogging,blood/plasma donation,etc.

How to make money without a job as a kid?

Here are a few ways: 1. Do surveys 2. Sell goods online. 3. Dog Walking 4. Make YouTube videos. 5. Create Blogs