18 Prominent Places to Get Paid to Read Books

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If you love reading books and want to earn through it, then you’re on the right page that will take you through the places where you can get paid to read books!

Yes! You read it absolutely right. Books-your best friend and your partner in making money. It is, without a doubt, an exciting and interesting way of earning a few bucks through something that you really love. Out there are many companies that will let you do the reviewing work, and you will get paid to read the books. Cool isn’t’ it!?

If you are amongst those who do not like reading ‘that much’ but casually you do it, then here is your golden chance. Now you may think about how? First thing, reading books will help you expand your knowledge in various fields.

Also, it helps you understand the world around you better. The second thing is that in schools and universities we have to pay from our pockets in order to learn, whereas here we are getting paid to learn. That is indeed cool! There are certain websites that pay you to review their books. All you need to do is be quick to read and give an honest review.

How Will You Get Paid to Read Books?

There are many authors who are newbies and would want to review their book(s). They are in search of reviewers who can read their work and give them good feedback. For the ones who would love to make a couple of bucks along with getting information and stuff, this is a very good way indeed. Though the returns are not in thousands of dollars, it’s beneficial in two ways.

reading books online

One, you will get paid to read books and two, you get to learn new things. This job/responsibility demands attention, and it is not very easy.

Also, it is not impossible. Also, a heads up, there are few companies that will pay you to review their book, whereas there are few who may not pay. You will enjoy this task if you love reading. So my friend, without much ado, lets us now see what the best places to get paid to read books are.

How to Get Paid to Read Books (Offline & Online)


UpWork is a site to work as a freelancer. There are many genres that you can work part-time. These jobs include reviewing and proofreading tasks too. Clients recruit freelancers through this site and take their help to review their work. You can write the review for their site or blogs. When the work is done, you will get paid to read books by the client.

The U.S. Review of Books

One of the companies that publish reviews for books belonging to diverse genres is The U.S. Review of Books. Get registered with them through their process, then as a subscriber (or reviewer) request to review the books when the company puts up the list online of the available ones to be reviewed.

The review is a set of 200-300 words with quotes from the book. Hence they are crisp and clear without any jargon. They are to be submitted within 2-3 weeks of when it was assigned. These reviews are then put up by the company on its official website. You will get paid to read books on a monthly basis, and it will be for those(books) that you have reviewed the last month.

Any Subject Books

If looking for a not so long commitment to reading and get paid to read books, Any Subject Books is fitting for you. The book which you will be reviewing is provided to you by the company along with its précis/abstract.

They will assign you the genre which you are familiar with and enjoy reading because, in the end, they want to get an honest review from you. Make sure the review is as per their format.

The authors collect the reviews and post them online as it is without any amendment in the text. Besides reviewing the books, you can also make money by writing stories, E-Books, editing book covers, formatting them, etc.

Net Gally

This company endorses new books and help readers to discover them easily, also helping authors to get their book’s review.

They promote books (which haven’t been published yet) on their site and are in a constant search for a blogger, librarian, reviewers, educators, etc., to read and review them online.

Though you will not get paid to read books here instead, they give out free books in return for a book review. These free books are E-Books or digital books.

Bethany House

If you have good knowledge related to the Christian religion (and Bible) and its history, then you are likely to review the books from Bethany House publishing company. This company has been publishing books of Christian fiction for over five decades now.

Each month the company releases a list of fiction and non-fiction books for the reviewers to review. One can request one title to review every month, and the company follows the first-come, first-serve rule.

The review that is to be written should be at least 75 words free of the book’s outline or plot. The company refers to people who have their own blog and are willing to post the review on their blog and as well as on the retailer site.

Wellesley Centers For Women

The Wellesley Centers For Women Institute is in the US and focuses on women’s welfare at Wellesley College. The Women’s Review of Books site (on the Wellesley Center’s site) supports the publication of the books which are written about a woman and written by a woman.

They do not publish the list online; instead, you have to send in an email to them. The company has certain requirements for reviewers. You need to have the experience, submit your resume along with a cover letter and a copy or sample of your previous work/review.

get paid to read books

They focus on the fact that the review which the reviewer will be providing them with is interesting, easy to get to, and vibrant. Also, they make sure that the reviewers of the book are not related to the author in any manner, for instance, friends, colleagues, relatives, etc.

They go by the motto that a world that is good for a woman is good for everyone. You will get paid to read books they publish with the rate per review of $100 or 14 cents per word.

Kirkus Media

They handle a variety of genres such as thrillers, romance, mysterious, non-fiction, fiction, etc. This media house is for those who are self-published authors and has a huge client base editing almost 10,000 books every year. Kirkus Media prefers candidates to review who know English and Spanish well.

They also focus on maintaining a standard for their reviews which you got to submit every two weeks of 350 words. They seldom hire editors and copy editors, if selected you will get paid to read books!

Book Browse

This publication company is a US-based one, and it appoints not only US citizens as their reviewers but also international people. To review their books, you have to submit your resume, cover letter highlighting your interests and previous work of quality as a sample to them.

If you are selected, you will receive the book to be reviewed for free. If you stay outside the USA, you are likely to receive a digital copy of the book/e-book instead of an actual paper book. The review opportunities come in every two to three months. It is notified to you through email stating that the list is open.

The review is to be submitted within four weeks of the receipt. You won’t get paid to read books instead you get books for free in return for a review then. If you are excited about those free books, then Book Browse is apt for you!

Chicago Book Review

Want to be featured on the ‘Meet the Reviewers’ page on the official Chicago Book Review’s site? Then buckle up to write down an astounding book review that includes your detailed, honest, thoughtful, and pure words that sum up to the quality they look for in a review.

Well-written, qualitative, unique, and insightful reviews are sought after by the company. If you do all that is mentioned above, then become a reviewer by submitting your resume, sample work, etc., to Chicago Book Review. The site hosts book reviews from over 120 book publishing companies in Chicago.

It also highlights the world of the Chicago publishing world and also the excellent books they publish. In return for the review, you do not get paid to read books, but you are given books for free. Exciting isn’t it!?

Publishers Weekly

The Publishers Weekly is perfect for if you are an author and want your work to get noticed. This is a perfect training ground if you are interested in this field. They occasionally lookout for reviewers. It is so because they focus only on publishing books.

They publish a mix of both fiction and non-fiction books which are authored by traditional authors and the independent ones. On their site, you will not find the “Career” page, but they seldom lookout for reviewers to review their books. Also, they hire copy editors and editors.

In order to review their book and be their selected potential candidate, you need to send in your resume through mail along with a previously written book review of roughly 200 pages as your sample work.

They search for the reviewers who will review books that are self-published as well as traditionally published. The hired reviewers are paid an honorarium, and it is not disclosed online.

BookLook Bloggers

The reviewer of this site is required to have an active blog with a minimum of 30 followers with at least one post per week. You will not get paid to read books.

Instead, you will have to write a review of about 200 words and post it on your blog. They will reward you with free books when you are eligible to earn them through posting reviews on your blog.

Online Book Club

The Online Book Club company looks up to the reviews which are honest. To review a book, you can sign-up for free as a reviewer. The first review is not paid in cash, but you will get paid to read books. How!? For your first book review, you are awarded a book in return. It is to evaluate your work and to consider you as a reviewer to review their next book.

Basically, it is your trial. From the next task onwards you get paid in cash. The money depends on the type of book, the review, your experience in reviewing, etc., and the range is between $5 to $60.

If you are a new author besides being a reviewer, then this site is best to get your own book evaluated by the other reviewers. You will become more dynamic when you receive honest feedback about your work.

Booklist Online

Booklist Online is a book review magazine of the American Library Association. It helps the US librarians in the selection of books for their library and also for their list of recommended books to read.

It publishes over 8,000 book reviews every year. In order to publish this enormous number of reviews, this company hires freelancers to review their books.

As a reviewer, you are bound to write a short and crisp review of only 175 words. The length of the review can be increased up to 225 words but with the approval of the editor. You do get paid to read books and write reviews here.

It is a win-win situation to write a review for this company as it pays $15 for the reviews that are accepted and $5 for the ones that are rejected. To join as a reviewer, send your resume and sample work to them.


To get started with reviewing books on Swagbucks, you have to create a free account first. After you sign up, put the Swagbucks tools to use and find the offer called ‘Audible,.

One of the top book sites run by Amazon is Audible, and it has 150, 000 titles. These titles can be downloaded with the help of your smartphone too. When you sign-up on Audible Swagbucks reward you with 600SB points.

Using PayPal, you can convert them into $5. Also, continuing the Audible membership will result in more 1200SB points, and converting them will give you $10. Interesting isn’t it!?

New Pages

If you are passionate about reading and more reading and also interested in writing creatively, then New Pages is searching for you! The company is on a constant hunt for the reviewers who can write an engaging, simple yet creative and zealous review.

They have their site, especially for the ones who are riveted readers and dedicated writers. If interested then you can send them an email requesting to write a review on the books you would like to read and review.

When they accept the reviewing request, they will be sending out a copy of the book to you. An honest review of a book you love is more appreciated by them and not the one (book) which is not that great. You will not get paid to read books, instead of that, you get free books in return for the review.


Get paid to read books online with OnceWritten with $5 per review. Reviews are published in both their Off the Press Newsletter and on their site’s Book Reviews Page.

This site focus on publishing those reviews, which makes a book come under the ‘recommended read’ category. It discards those reviews which do not reflect positivity regarding the reviewed book. The review that you will write must be well-written, precise, and at least 350 words.

Writerful Books

If you want to begin your journey as a reviewer here, then initially you will be working as a non-paid reviewer. Depending on your quality of work, they will level you up to paid status.

Depending on the length and depth of the book and review respectively, they will pay you $10-$50. The top reviewers are rewarded with Amazon gift vouchers of $100.

Isn’t it exciting to get paid to read books!? This company also accepts book review jobs from authors belonging to Britain, Australia, New Zealand, America, Canada, and Ireland.


This website hires freelancers to write articles that pays them in cash for the article on any topic they provide. You need to be a member in order to start earning and the membership lasts for a month.

Back to You

When one earns through a hobby or working what they like, work doesn’t seem to work. You enjoy your work rather than feeling burdened. If you love reading books and want to earn a few bucks and books, then the above-mentioned sites and companies are of great help.

You will actually get paid to read books and write a review. That review will either fetch you cash or books. Different companies have different methods of rewarding their hired freelancers.

If you are planning on to start reading to earn a few bucks and to expand the horizon of your knowledge then this one of the best win-win methods to go for. All the best with your endeavor!