What is VeriFLY? Why and How to Use it?

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When boarding an airplane, a safer alternative to using standard paper boarding tickets is to do so with the VeriFLY mobile app rather than paper tickets. You can use this instead of traditional paper boarding passes if you choose.

What is VeriFLY?

VeriFLY is a product of Daon. It will investigate to determine whether or not you comply with all of the necessary travel regulations for the nation you will be visiting. If it is found that you comply with all of these regulations, the app will verify them. 

VeriFLY’s only requirement is that you upload all of your pertinent travel documents for it to validate those documents before you board your flight. It won’t be able to validate your papers if you don’t follow these criteria. It will be able to examine your papers’ state and ensure they are in good order.


Rules of Conduct:

Please review Damon’s privacy statement and terms of service, as the VeriFLY Application is entirely separate from Aer Lingus since you are providing documentation to Daon directly (who is serving as the relevant authority).

Only the U.S. affirmation and accompanying metadata are subjected to AER Lingus’ terms of service and are acquired by Daon (working as data controller) in favor of Aer Lingus. Aer Lingus won’t disclose your registration information to verify.

You are still bound by the Aer Lingus Rules of Carriage, which apply to your reservation and cover issues like being turned away from a flight because of unmet entrance criteria.

Why use VeriFLY?

Let us first gather knowledge on how to use VeriFLY. It will examine the travel documents you have uploaded to determine whether or not they fulfill the requirements necessary for travel and provide you with a report showing their findings.

Because of this, you will have the chance to use a dedicated lane at the airport to skip the long lines typically found there. Due to this, you can check in there and board the aircraft considerably more swiftly. In addition, there is little to no learning curve involved in using it and no fee to obtain it.

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How does VeriFLY work?

VeriFLY will look over your Covid-19 travel documents to determine whether or not they are authentic, and if they are, they will provide you with a green authorization tick to indicate that it is okay for you to fly. So now you may relate what VeriFLY is and how important it is.

Important: If any of your proper documentation can’t be validated, your boarding pass may be withdrawn, and you won’t be allowed to board the plane.

  • Step 1: 

Installing the VeriFLY program is your first task.

To view the travel requirements, you must create a secure account and be asked to provide your flight details.

  • Step 2: 

The second step is to upload all of your files to the server.

VeriFLY will thoroughly assess and validate the travel documents you have supplied before your trip takes off.

  • Step 3: 

Travel permission has been given.

Get a checkmark that says you’ve been given permission to do it, and then verify your identity online. To make your trips more accessible and comfortable, we kindly ask that you provide this at the airport.

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Is the VeriFly app secure to use?

First, you need to know what VeriFLY is. Then the question comes: is it safe and secure to use?

According to VeriFLY, the software complies with stringent privacy and data protection laws and the European government’s strict GDR restrictions. Clients have total control over their data thanks to the software, and the developer promises to delete all their personages immediately if they sign it.

The business is a branch of Daon that has nearly 20 years of experience developing online identity solutions for businesses, organizations, and governments.

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Who Uses VeriFly for Cruise Lines?

It is now highly in use by Carnival Cruise Industry, Holland America Industry, and Viking. In March, Holland America introduced VeriFly on the Rotterdam platform. It was also available as a choice for supplying tests and vaccinations in all transfer sites in the United States, Canada, and Europe. Viking uses the app to check the immunization status of visitors.

Summing up:

Nowadays, traveling internationally is absurdly tricky due to the paperwork, testing, and entrance procedures. It is a free resource that collaborates with particular airlines to verify travel to particular places.

VeriFLY is not required. However, it does make your check-in simpler. Before leaving for the airports, VeriFLY American airlines can confirm passengers’ location and negative coronavirus screening., and they are accurate.

Although the app is cumbersome, this is something that is advised to use if your travel company asks you to. This will lessen anxiety when it comes to departure time and lighten the strain on check-in staff. So now you know what VeriFLY is.


What occurs if VeriFLY is not used?

You would be needed to present your boarding passes at the terminal, and they'll be confirmed on your behalf at the check-in counter or departure gate unless you use VeriFLY. Due to this, you can see long lines and disruptions as you navigate the airline. You cannot verify online for trips to the USA until you've gone through the VeriFLY procedure.

How far in advance should I use VeriFLY?

We advise that you submit your papers no later than four hours well before leaving time of your scheduled flight. Your traveling documentation can be reviewed and verified during this time.

Is it free to use VeriFLY?

Mobile users can download the VeriFLY application for free, providing peace of mind before travel. The app enables you to submit any Covid-19-related travel-related documentation, such as immunization records and Covid-19 test results that are negative.

What does VeriFLY accomplish?

You can submit your crucial papers to the VeriFLY app preceding your journey to have them on hand. You must enter your flight plus passenger information, upload the necessary documentation into the application, and finish a pre-departure checklist before leaving for the airports.

How soon does VeriFly need to analyze documents that have been uploaded?

Paperwork will be confirmed, according to VeriFly, within 1 day. The business promised to contact customers immediately if there were issues. Additionally, for a fee of $8.99 per individual and otherwise $14.99, including all travelers in a gang, it provides a priority review function that validates information on vaccinations and screening in 15 minutes.

Is VeriFLY required?

VeriFLY is a tool designed to save passengers (as well as the airline) minutes once you're at the terminal; however, its use isn't required for flying in any aviation industry.

Is a Q.R. code required to use VeriFLY?

You must scan your Q.R. code that is visible on display at a VeriFLY Inspection kiosk. You can then proceed with your trip after validating your Permit.

Why is a selfie required during enrollment?

VeriFLY uses your 'selfie' to create a flashed pass. Your information is never transferred outside of the gadget, and you alone decide to whom it is disclosed.