20 Ideas to Start a Business for Under 5k in 2023

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With 2023 around the corner, most of us are looking for the best profitable business ideas under 5k. Further, starting a business and finding the right business concept is a difficult task for budding entrepreneurs. Most people wonder what business I can start with 5k. The answer to this question is simple. Figure out what we are enthusiastic about and what we intend to provide. Next, analyze the potential risks involved and understand the market. Then we can get the answer to the question, what business can I start with 5000?

What Business Can I Start With 5000?

There are multiple business ideas under 5k. Of them, the 20 best ideas are as follows:

Create and sell products

One business to start with 5k is creating and selling crafts and products. If we have the knack for making beautiful crafts and products to meet the needs of the people, then it is the best idea to start a business with 5k.

create and sell products

After all, arts and crafts are always the most intriguing and in-demand products that most people want to invest their time and money in. for example, Knitting, jewelry making, pottery, quilling, candle making, and more are some of the arts and crafts making and selling ideas we can try!

Auto repair

Another exciting business to start with 5k is auto repairing. In many instances, our vehicles need minor repairs, and we have to look for an auto repair shop nearby. Further, even if we get to know an auto repair shop, we may end up wasting more money than we can afford.

auto repair

So, a mobile auto repair service is the ideal business solution for solving this problem. So, next time we think about what business, can I start with 5k? Opt for a mobile auto repair business. After all, we always need to find out when a customer might come to get our help. 

Online tutoring or courses

The next best lucrative business we can start for 5k is online tutoring and learning. Further, if we have extensive knowledge of arithmetic, language, or any other subject that requires tutoring, we can impart the knowledge to the people who need our help.

online tutoring

Moreover, we can prepare the design and package tutorials for a course of our expertise. We need a laptop, proper planning, and monetary assistance to kickstart the online tutoring or courses. 

Consulting business

Another business idea under 5k is the consulting business. If we have expertise in a field and are ready to help potential clients build a strong business, consulting is the best business to start with 5k.

consulting business

However, ensure that our consulting ideas are beneficial and valuable for the clients. We can also print business cards and hand them out to the clients. Moreover, we can also build an excellent social media presence for our consulting business. Be it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more. 

Food truck service

The next most popular business idea that has the potential to expand is the Food truck service. From selling our grandmother’s dumpling recipe to out-of-the-box dessert ideas, we can make everything into a profit-earning business with more crowd appeal.

food truck service

All we need to do is follow all the regulations and safety standards per the local district management authority and build a food truck service. 

Venture into digital marketing

Another business idea we can try under 5k is by venturing into digital marketing. Digital marketing is one of those ideas that can help us market our products to increase their reach and attract more customers.

digital marketing

After all, we need a good laptop with a stable internet connection and a promising marketing idea. Then we can start a business with 5k or even less. 

Personal trainer

The next best business idea under 5k is to become a personal trainer. Further, if we are fitness enthusiasts or trainers willing to help people understand the importance of being fit, we can work as their trainers.

personal trainer

Moreover, we can create customized workout plans for our potential clients and make their fitness journey easier by analyzing their strengths and weaknesses. 

Car wash services

Suppose we are wondering what business can I start with 5k? that can potentially become profitable. Then starting a car wash service is the answer to the same.

car wash services

After all, some people need a car wash service but are hesitant to go for it. And we are ready to provide car washing services under 5000. Then it is the ideal business to start. 


Dropshipping is an excellent option for another business idea under 5000. We need to start an e-commerce store through a third-party e-commerce platform and find suppliers willing to provide their services.


Then dropshipping is the best business idea for under 5k. 

Electronic repair services

The next in-demand under 5k business idea is starting an electronic repair service. From broken Iphone to damaged laptop batteries, everything comes under the electronic repair service.

electronic repair

And if we have the skill to repair the same at an affordable cost, electronic repair service is the best business under 5k. Moreover, if the repair/service shop’s location is viable, we can earn more profit. 

Freelance writer

Another popular 5k business is freelance writing. And we have a knack for sell-off products through our writing skills. Then we can work as freelance writers.

freelance writing

Moreover, we all need to understand tools like Grammarly, Yoast SEO, and more. And we can easily earn money for our daily needs by selling off different products through freelance writing. 

Virtual Assistant

Working as a virtual assistant is another business we can start under 5k. And if we have a computer with a stable internet connection and excellent communication skills.

virtual assistant

Then, In that case, we can become virtual assistants to our potential clients and become full-time or part-time jobs. Moreover, we can earn more by investing minimum capital of 5k or less.

Seo expert

Almost all companies across the globe are in dire need of an SEO expert who can help their websites to reach the top ranking, thereby improving the businesses.

seo expert

And we have the potential to start an SEO-assisting company that helps such businesses progress, then working as an SEO expert is the best business we can start under 5k. 

Language Training courses

The next best business to start under 5k is by providing a language training course. After all, everybody loves to learn a new language, and we have enough fluency in any language people want to learn.

language training courses

Then, providing language training courses is the ideal business we can start under 5000. 


Another 5k business we can start is blogging. All we need to do is to create a blog based on any theme, from fashion to travel.


Moreover, we can also use SEO tools to make our blogs perfect. And once there are decent visitors to our website, we can try monetizing the blog with the help of affiliated links. 

Delivery services

The next best business we can start under 5k is delivery services because food delivery services are one of the fast-growing businesses across the globe. And most people are looking for affordable delivery services.

delivery services

If we have the skill to provide delivery services to the people, then it is the best business to start under 5000.

App or Game development

Another 5k business idea is app or game development. After all, the thirst for digital entertainment has increased more than ever.

app or game development

And if they can get the services of an app or game development company at affordable rates, then it is the best business idea we can have under 5k. 

Event planning business

From birthdays to weddings, event planning has become an unavoidable part of almost all functions. And if we have the skill to start our own event planning business under 5k, more people will call us for their events.

event planning

Moreover, with the knack for presenting unique ideas and themes for the events of potential clients, we can have a successful event management business. 

Social media management services

As we know, the majority of today’s generation and the next gens will be growing along with social media, so there is a dire need for outstanding social media management services in the progression of businesses.

social media management

Moreover, we have the skill to assist multiple companies in handling their social media marketing through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. In that case, a social media management service is the ideal business idea for under 5k.

Home & Commercial Cleaning services

Cleanliness has become the most critical factor in maintaining hygiene, especially during the pandemic.

cleaning services

If we are ready to invest in keeping our surroundings neat and clean, then Home & Commercial cleaning services is the ideal business that we can start for under 5k. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is 5k enough to start a business in 2023?

Yes, we can start a business in 2023 with a capital of 5k or less.

What business should I start with 5k?

From creating & selling products to home & commercial cleaning services, we can start any business with a capital of 5k.

Can we start a business part-time or full-time for under 5k?

We can start both part-time or full-time businesses under 5k.


Overall, we don’t need lakhs or billions to be an entrepreneur. But we only need a minimum of 5K, and we can start any part-time or full-time business we like. So, if there is a question, “What business can I start with 5k?” this article will help you know the 20 best ideas we can try.